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Life is a tightrope act, why else a salmon takes another way...

3650 Tage

School with a degree  (87600 h = 5.256.000 min.)

1260 Tage 

Training to  become a plumber  (30.240 h = 1.814.400 min.)

365 Tage

Timecompany with a high variations of jobs   (8760 h = 525.600 min.)

540 Tage

Military    (12960 h = 777.600 min.)

730 Tage

supported and advancement trainee to get self-employment 

in commerce and trade(17.520 h =  1.051.200 min.)

180 Tage

sport and fitness merchant (4320 h = 259.200 min.)

60 Tage

instructions and lessons by Security Services  (1440 h = 86.400 min.)


From that Point Doing and teaching my self in any Topic. The Autodidakt in me was grow and gets forward until today,  it Runs. It Looks like a process that will never ends.  A byproduct from all of this was I learned all details to create and to invent something new. Of course much more, and more to become..

No School until today can teach that.


my provided services


Photogaphy Services *

New: Lifeconsulting *

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