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Life is a act of balance, look how a salmon
life is builded

3650 day

school with degree         (87600 h = 5.256.000 min.)

1260 days

       schooling for crafts the plumber        (30.240 h = 1.814.400 min.)

  365 days

timecompany with a high variations of jobs   (8760 h = 525.600 min.)

   540 days

      military    (12960 h = 777.600 min.)

    730 days

supported trainee to get self-employment 

in commerce and trade       (17.520 h =  1.051.200 min.)

    180 days

sport and fitness merchant      (4320 h = 259.200 min.)

      60 days

lessons and instructions by security services  (1440 h = 86.400 min.)


from that point doing and teaching my self, in any topic, that falls to my desk and can be once helpful. library call people like me: "the autodidakt". 

it runs. it looks like a process that will never ends. samsara. a byproduct from all of this was I learned all details to create and to invent something new.

really new.  

sometimes a big box of data is helpful, but thats the smallest problem

in the 21 century.

no school can do it, in present. but programs how to teach with high efficiency, are for sure still in progress. we will find a way. like always. just check the books of humans history ;-)


my provided services


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