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the hunger for something new and different is always on top

The Roadmap 

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You like to work with me, good to know.

So keep going and read some basic rules for that.

We can first talk about what you will go for, or we talk later about your job and write some secret contract about the content we will go to share. It's up to you. It needs to write a contract with all that details. If our job ends with a patent, we will be always both the owner.

Mission can start.

If there is more to know from your position keep going.

Payment in advance to 100%. The VAT will be hold in the

country of doing the job.

In case you want to have a video-meeting before we work together.

Start by 500 + VAT 19%. ( without Time - Limit ) 


My work is discreet. 

That's all about Papyrus and what you can expect.


          UST-ID:   DE344819824        <   VAT and TAX no.

Digital nomad specializing in inventions

New products - new services - further development of products and services - idea development - elaboration of concepts - project takeover - project implementation.

Everything direct and in real time.

If you like new and different, then you've come to the right place.


Fee table for freelancers working together as inventors, there link*


workspaces available link*



rinaldo imperiale 

 January 2023 +  29/1/2023 )

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