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App 1/4       Camper on roads to silence

I`m not a camper in real life, but i like the way of that what the camper are going for. So in that case ,

i take time to rethink the experience of camper traveling through the cities. In What this app will go to assist you by your way ?  Easy to give you answer about that. But to program and to produce the app

( application ), it takes several time of work. 

Camper have always one thing that is unlikely, the noise, if they hold to rest for one (1) or two (2) days close to the street. Yes noise can be a enemy. Especially if camper have the pets by side. Dogs hear louder than the people. High Noise means a lot of traffic. That is also the center of the app, the app will assist you to find a street and a place were not much cars, trucks and railways cross. Not to forget the full experience if you stop your camper close to a major route of airplanes , usually near the airport.  This app will show you through the hole states in every city and every village were are places of high and less traffic.  Not just by a point. It will show you a statistic for the hole week , as precision other companies will be ready to share that data.  Understand ? So easy.  Later the app will give you a opportunity to set a mark for registered user, that you stay overnight there. So other Camper can see if in that place somebody will already stand. This opens a door for a drink, or some smalltalk.  But thats , like ever up to you outthere. Because, also privacy rights gets more and more a entry in the daily life.

The app will be for free in my roadmap. If you want leave a cup of coffee in my money box. Your welcome anytime. 

App 3/4          Cairo the Colossus who
governs himself

As many people know, Cairo is not a small city.

With my eye for new things sharpened by now, I looked around Cairo and Giza. Surely there is a mountain of apps that could be developed. I don't want to worry about the mountain, but there is an app that I would like to present here and explain what it will be good for.


As in every city and many other countries in the world, there is also street trading here. So you can find fruit and fruit dealers in the most varied of forms, who travel street by street and district by district day in and day out. The funny thing is that they are 3-wheeled motorcycles with a large pick-up loading area. These vehicles are the ants and workhorses of the Egyptians living here. Some are decorated and others simply have a large parasol wedged into the handlebar area.


Street vendors who sell sweets, e.g. cotton candy, are also common. These use a very stubborn horn that sounds like a VuVuzuela.


Even the newspaper is still sold by hand with loud calls in quiet areas in the streets.


There is definitely one or the other that you could list.

Much is self-administered in Cairo. There is no real organization, that's my impression.

At the same time, this means that there are huge opportunities to bring the services offered to the citizen via an application. A real developer's paradise.


Although you could certainly connect all dealers with each other, today I dedicate myself primarily to the scrap collectors. They use the same motorcycle. Usually in pairs because scrap can weigh quite a bit.


What should the application be able to do?

The app should be able to help the driver with his work.


What does the help look like in detail?

After the driver has gotten the app and completed the registration, he can tell his customers in the neighborhood and on his route about this app.

They should be informed automatically when the driver is nearby. For example via pop-up or on a map where the drivers can be found.


If a neighbor wants to dispose of an old washing machine, they can send the driver a direct message on the same day or shortly before they reach the road.

In the message you can then store the building number, for example.

The driver and collector is no longer just someone doing his job, but he has a face and a profile behind it.


A social bridge is created by supporting citizens and retailers with one application.


This is the basic principle of this application.


Of course, an application like a tree with all its branches can be further expanded.

If you want to implement the whole thing, just write to me if you need creative support for other projects.

App 2/4   protected pedestrian in public

In times that people are more and more in a hurry and keep not anymore attention to themselves , the result is. More accidents bei Metro, Busses , Tram and train happen between them. A second of being not mindful, can change a lot. Over the years more and more assistance systems protect people and pedestrians in all situations. A big move forward. Many statistics in the case of pedestrians show a more darker picture. 


What will the App do ? 


The idea behind is easy. keep also them save.  To build the idea in a realtime product takes up to 365 days since i get the first (1)  contact to a app ( application ) developer studio.  

Two (2) or three (3) scenarios to understand what the app do. 

If we the people get out and cross places between rail, where is not allowed to cross,or the ways are not clear the application

“ protection pedestrian “ gives a sign. A sign by ring, vibration , both or over the earphones. Of course a combination of sound and a voice is possible. Maybe something like that: "Attention Public Vehicle will cross your way soon."  Last one is one (1)  of the most situations why one of us get a accident. They listen to music and are totally deep into the world of it. If they die in this moment, they all die in the moment by doing something they like. They love.


A second situation is, that “we the people” cross a street and a tram or a train will pass in the next ten (10) seconds on your way, the app will gives you a sign.  To build this you need full access for synchronizing data from public traffic in real time and the shared position from everybody who will use this app.  Sounds easy. It is.  To be more precise it needs also a small extra cpu or a room of counter time in the app, that calculates your way of going into the next ten (10) seconds always. A Mini Simulation for daily life, and to survive. In a later version the app saves your daily routes. It can be more adjusted and work with more precision of course.  


I´m just present the goods and the pros of that product, that service.  Just bring you closer to the steps there are already done.  Application developer Team wanted 

for this job two hundred thousand dollar (200000).  Less details about the contract were untold. It looks like the developer team had no big interests, own interests to make daily life and life from other safer. No money no business no responsibility, you can interpret that like this. They did not respond yet.

A quarter (¼) of a year later I shared that work to a public transporter enterprise. Specialized in transport pedestrians by tram, bus, train and metro. No answer at this time. Did no answer mean no responsibility for the people who pay tickets and taxes ? Did they rob and steal everything already ? It would not be the first time that a worker does that, just to find a way for getting the next paycheck / Bonus. To climb up in a position.  Conscience is a foreign word.


The last situation when this app can be a good assistant is , when vehicles cross railways without barriers or without traffic lights.  To build and synchronize that data in real time it needs more permission.  Just to imagine. If the railway provider would set on every point a gadget , a hardware,  something that rebuilds the infrastructure to make public spaces safer, it would cost more money. More time.  Don't forget the resources needed to use hardware and the energy.  

program 4/4        Emoji Transformer

for so many years now, emojis have spread to all keyboards and apps.
As is so often the case, there are those who love her and those who hate her. At least most of them were
very enthusiastic at the beginning of their invention. So it's time for something new. That's how it happened. Due to the increasing number of messenger services, more and more comic figures and stories were added. Every week there are new packages that are thrown onto the market by artists. But they all have something in common. Each emoji is a product of another. It reflects nothing of one's own person deeply involved in conversations and conversations. Long and short conversations or conversations that are simply composed of pictures and emojis. Now you could say that everyone can build their own emojis. Well, not everyone wants that and the messenger services don't support it. So how can you keep up the joy of the writers so that people keep pressing the emoji button with a smile. I'll tell you and it's very simple. There must be a photo converter that turns every uploaded photo into a series of emojis. That's all. If you send the brooding or smiling emoji in the future, it will bear the face of the owner. From the writing. Integrating this shouldn't be difficult given the large number of complex programs on the market today. Your own face as an emoji gives a conversation the missing A grade.

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