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surf the right wave

Thanks to modern measuring devices, we are a big step closer to understanding when we work at what time and on what frequency.


It can be delivered in a few sentences.

Our brain works on alpha, beta, theta, delta and gamma waves. Gamma is relatively new and comes to the fore in peak performance. Our body produces these waves itself. The alpha waves are the standard waves in which most people reside and move. Beta waves can be found in creative people. Theta has been measurable in dreams but also in trance-like states. The last of the bunch are the sleeping waves. The Delta. Those who sleep and do not dream have the lowest frequency to offer. So Delta is when we sleep.


There are also a number of experiments in which people are artificially exposed to these waves. With a little training, it is therefore possible to switch between these waves independently and quickly adapt to the conditions and requirements. These insights can be used to train people in a completely different way in the future. It is also conceivable that euphoric and positive frequencies can be used at fairgrounds. It quickly becomes clear where all this can go.

Tomorrow's healthcare system relies on alternative and digital healing methods. The upsets of our societies are also hidden in this.


As a creative person, developer and inventor, but also as an artist across all backgrounds, beta waves and gamma waves are of particular interest to us.


It is fundamentally demonstrable that the brains work in these areas. Is the newly discovered, self-produced gamma wave already the end of the road? Or is it already to be assumed today that other frequencies will soon arise in us.

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