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bring water to dry

The trend has continued for many years. More heat less rain. Many wish for a small ice age and it has been proven that it has occurred every few thousand years in history. You look at the maps and quickly realize that the earth is gradually drying out. Many regions are drier than ever, says the moderator on all channels, always using the same wording. Just a few decades ago, you always had a view of Africa and the deserts. They are symbolic of the regions where little rain has changed the soil and life there. Man has always been inventive in the search for solutions. When it comes to questions about the state of health of the earth, investors and financiers are exceptionally not looking for an answer, how can we make money with it. If you build something with which you can save lives, then the question does not arise. At least in most cases. Helping nature with this work is left to universities and private foundations. It is clean money that is consumed here by hard-working people who pay their taxes dutifully and smartly, sometimes more or less with a smile and a wink. In recent years, seawater desalination plants have become more and more efficient. Due to mass production, the unit price has also fallen significantly. Connected to the right pumps, they can transport vast amounts of water to all regions of the world. Why hasn't this happened a long time ago? So there are two ways to break ground here. In the human world it is called planting a seed for a tree. Do we start where humans live and forests are the refuge and home of millions of animals and living beings, or do we slowly build laboratories and test regions in the desert. So do you allow 5 years or 1825 days to collect data to measure how water being transported to arid regions is slowly but surely renewing life and soil? After this time, a would-be elected committee comes together that plays and makes it important to then initiate a round of financing. Which then long and laboriously makes its way through everyone's mind. Let's start yesterday, and while the machines are on their way, we all write plans in real time and react to the circumstances in the now. So start immediately. One speaks for the part of the earth densely inhabited by people on which the drought has destroyed large areas of land, above all by fire but also by mismanagement of the forests. Only a few countries have managed to ensure sustainable forest management in the long term. If I have my way, everything should be allowed to grow naturally. Stop the clearing and deforestation of trees immediately and condemn all furniture stores for the next 20 years to process the plastic fished out of the seas into furniture. Act directly when the earth gives us the signs to do so. In 20 years of natural growth, a lot is happening on the planet. With immediate action, the amount of deforestation in South America's known rainforests would also be drastically reduced. If not even bring to a standstill.

The prices for freshly felled wood have fallen to an all-time low. Now the coup de grace by such a campaign, even an article about it in Time or Science Magazine would clearly increase the fear among investors and thus cause the price to tumble significantly. The somersaults would symbolically be an event from yesterday. So what exactly can we do? We just start supplying the forests with water. That's all. In principle, we pay our debt to nature, which provides us with life and oxygen, by giving back what we have taken from it. We'll bring your water. We bring water back to the dry regions. Today we know more than ever before how a forest and the soil work. What is particularly interesting is the fact that the many root systems of the many trees and forests work together over many square kilometers. That means if at the beginning of one hectare there is a lack of water in a group of trees, which was detected here by measurements coming from the signal research. Each tree communicates the lack of water via the natural language network, nature's underground internet. In no time, other trees will begin to divert the supplies of water stored in roots and redistribute the water supplies. It is roughly comparable to filling a battery. The only difference is that today, thanks to the latest generation, you can control which parts of the battery should be filled and emptied. One can speak of sectors here. So you can see that everything we have today already existed in nature before. And vice versa ! What nature controls itself, man first had to understand for his own technology and then build modules, programs and chips for it. What makes it all so special? Trees help each other when it comes to survival. water is shared. We also see the same thing when there are disasters in the countries. Suddenly everyone is there and all the neighbors you only knew from the phone book appear.

Planners and coordinators from civil protection distribute and guide every citizen who wants to help. This joy of the communal experience then lasts for a while and is still pro-actively pushed through the media. So on TV you can really get feedback on how good you are. After 90 days, roughly the cycle in which powerful events that go through the media slowly fade away, the joy of togetherness also fades away. It just goes away. Reality returns and the neighbors vanish into thin air again. That's the cycle. The trees and plants on the one hectare behave the same way. Why is this important to understand? When it comes to carrying water into the forests, you only have to irrigate one point at a time. This knowledge enriches and facilitates the planning of such projects immensely. In a hectare you need a point where water seeps into the ground. Saxon Switzerland is currently the victim of fire. Out of 90 square kilometers, 1.5 square kilometers went up in smoke. Based on this forest area and modern cartography, one can calculate where and where the whole year needs to be irrigated. So if you lay a resilient water transport system, you can prepare the forests for everything that is to come in the short term and, above all, in the long term. Regions already abandoned and dead forests will be repopulated with new water sources of life. Diversity in the form of biodiversity is the result. Here and there you can help out and add animals and insects freely. In the water itself lives life.

The microorganisms that are in the water will gradually create new life in the soil. This is a natural process and cannot be changed. So if you position a water fountain on every hectare, it will create a basic supply of water in a few weeks. The water fountain is constructed like a crossroads and can easily be lengthened or expanded if necessary. As is so often the case here. Man has enough reserves and he has all the necessary capacities at his disposal, but apparently it's like money, everything is just badly distributed. It's the same with food. the groceries. With the right organization and fair redistribution, everyone gets something to live on. Without detours and allowing oneself to be humiliated in a multi-class society created by others.

It is a task that will keep the planet in suspense for many years, but it is a project for the future if every single one and that makes a total of 8 billion wants to continue to live above the earth. Our life soon finds itself in caves in dark scenarios and simulations that are easy to build together. Deep in the mountains we must build cities to survive. The Neue Heimat will soon be the once lost Atlantis, if it wasn't just a myth and a legend. Life underground does have its perks, to be clear. The temperature is constantly pleasantly cool and the UV radiation, which is largely responsible for the damage and aging of our cells and human tissue, is also kept away. Even our ancestors recognized the advantages of living in caves unconsciously, possibly intuitively. It shows once again that primal instincts, gut feelings and intuition are powerful tools and have their justification. It is not for nothing that we have senses. Architectures only show their weaknesses when they are examined and checked again or, to put it bluntly, when the statics of a building are recalculated after it has collapsed. In principle, the templates of our ancestors are good guides and could help us to survive and to realize life better. Unfortunately, due to the capitalist architecture, worldwide economic interests are an obstacle in many areas to pulling together logically. One that is of use to the general public.


After we carry the water into the forests, everything will quickly return to normal. A major and crucial factor has not been taken into account in this expensive and labor intensive architecture. The new water levels that are reached here ensure that the evaporation of water starts again to a large extent. Here the natural cycle of rain closes over a wide area. Due to the increase in moisture in the irrigated forests, the air changes and thus the entire biotope for this quadrant of forest. From a distance you have to imagine it like this. If you irrigate a square kilometer of forest artificially, more water vapor rises out into the atmosphere over exactly that kilometer.

It changes this region permanently in its entirety. Using a simulation, one can clearly show today how the surrounding nature reserves will adapt and change in a timely manner. Although one can say that we are artificially changing the habitat by adding water, it is actually the other way around. We are only restoring the habitat as it was before humans started to alter forests and rivers for economic reasons. Remove forests to gain agricultural land. All that is seen today is the result of the intervention in the life of the planet. In the simulation today, by adding the forests that are artificially irrigated, it will be possible to calculate how many new clouds will form and where there is a high probability of rain falling. So it makes sense to start today. Assuming that this project would start in Saxon Switzerland, as mentioned above, the first successes could be visible on the weather map just 365 days after watering. With a strong wind coming from the west, the water-filled clouds would move further to the east and the neighboring regions could benefit from this. Of course, the same thing happens the other way around. If the wind comes from the east, the clouds move towards the west for the duration of the wind flow. North and south winds also play a role, but that shouldn't matter for this example. You have to make a decision, do you want northern weather, similarly pleasant to the Scandinavian regions, or do you prefer to experience the heat death of the Sahara. As a result, adjacent forests and regions where the New Type of Irrigation has not yet been established are already indirectly beneficiaries of the New Rain Clouds. With the ever more accurate recording of the newly gained clouds that carry water vapor and raindrops, you will distribute more and sometimes less water in the forests. After about 1825 days, a pattern should develop that would make steering easier here. Not to forget, it will also rain more where agriculture is actively practiced by farmers. There is never a better time to equip all forests with enough sensors and measuring devices at the same time. They will later help regulate the amount of water that is added. Here in this example it is only about a forest and in a living region. But coastal dry regions could benefit from this many times over. Thanks to long research in totally dry regions, the following has been found, which is typical for deserts. Where there was no life, water created life again. This becomes quickly understandable for every human being if you look at the regions around the rivers that are found in dry regions. The first hundred meters are rich in life. Then the percentage decreases significantly. In addition, if you expand irrigation to create arable land and cultivate it, other plants and creatures will also settle there. A process that can be multiplied. That means what? Even the often read lost Africa can be reawakened with enough power. Because that's the way it is. One cannot speak of dead land here. No country is dead, it has just been neglected. So you can also show here before you start the work in a simulation how the new regions that are supplied with water will change the surrounding regions. After just a few years, bird flight routes would change. Insects would settle there, carried by the wind to places that didn't exist before. The heat we are experiencing is mainly carried from the region of Africa to Europe. With the creation of new climate zones. A small forest planted and irrigated in Africa measurably changes adjacent and surrounding regions. Thinking on a large scale, this means that over time the temperatures will drop regionally. If you plant a forest of 10 hectares in an uninhabited region in Africa, the weather and temperature there will also adapt. With only 10 water pipes that are fed by a seawater desalination plant, you can open up whole regions. It is also the case that all the groundwater will make its way there. So if you think everything evaporates and fizzles out, you are wrong. Tiny processes that cannot be seen take place underground, deep in the ground. Depending on the start, old dried-up subterranean rivers are brought back to life, which may lead to other oases that have been waiting for new water for a long time and do not only fill up when monsoon-like rainfall occurs on a quarterly basis.

One could now stretch out the arms of further developments in all directions. Carrying water into forests is the right approach to adapt to changing climate conditions. Nature forces us to act. Now that you have understood the processes, you have to face the dynamics of nature. Isn't that what we do every day? Measure ourselves against everything and constantly. claim us. Here you can finally use the available energy properly and make it available.


If you don't do it, then the power of nature in the form of heat will take away our living space in the long term. The part of the map that has historically been called Europe for a short time. The time zone zero to plus two and minus two.


This time the focus is not on entertainment, but on what supplements can be used to combat real-world problems.


The + on letters, the extra mile = We've laid water mains around the planet. Have built sewage systems. The power lines go above and below ground, thus encircling the whole that has been called the earth. In addition, there are lines that supply the raw material gas. There are also power lines. In addition, there is the old copper network, the telephone network that was once laid by the post office. The network is still used, however, by Telekom. Then there was the new fiber optic cable. That works based on fiber optics. All in all, a whole lot of lines have been laid here that fulfill their tasks around the entire planet. If you were to look at a digital map of all the lines that have ever been laid on the monitor, it would show a huge spider's web. However, one thing has to be said about everything. Each of the cables and lines either makes a connection that is purely informational in nature. Person to person, or newspaper, TV, news to person. The other lines only remove raw materials or transport raw materials that have already been processed. So we only take. So we just take, it's the gentle, almost shameful "Only" whatever the price tags say. Only 9.99 euros. When do we actually give something back? Yes, we would if we could, but somewhere you only see barriers and distortions that don't allow everything to wave through what is good and right. A country will not get such large orders for pumps and pipe productions that transport water into the forests again so quickly!

It will take years to realize this task. Including entry in the so prestigious history books, lined up in a chronology of successes and failures. You can plan something like this in a few days. Every employee who can participate in such major projects will be proud to have made their contribution. If you can save the forest and nature, then you save millions of animals. That's not the same value by burning thousands of minutes of speaking time in the Bundestag. You see listeners, but they don't listen. They all do their time and follow a daily recurring protocol. Look at calendars in the schedules written by others. Swipe and swipe hundreds of times while others present your work. The never-ending school desk of old and blinded citizens. Those who see the world with different eyes and are far away from a life like real citizens experience the world, get to know the region. It is the citizens who change a country, the companies and associations that are founded every day or have existed for many years.

Last but not least: That reads so easy and it sounds logical. But in reality you would first have to get together with experts from dr research, or phone universities who are familiar with these areas. For example, obtaining water from seawater may be easy, but desalinated seawater is also poor in minerals. Not quite like distilled water, but it doesn't get through much anymore due to the strong and high-quality filtration. That means for such a project that you have to artificially add fabrics again. Furthermore, if you transport water over long distances, there is a loss in quality. The delivery length per hose to the dry areas or increasingly dry forests is therefore limited. If the areas to be irrigated are near the coast, it is of course much easier and cheaper.

So who is really thinking about tackling there and making preparations. Let's do it together. Or do you will wait for the day, that robots will do all that shit work.

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