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every product a success

The winter is coming. Meteorologically it has already arrived.

Temperatures have already fallen sharply in Europe. So where does a new idea arise from which a new product or even an entire company can be built? A look at the processes of the different companies creates space for this. It's the same in Vienna. I'll take poverty again as an example and keep the construct in mind. For this type of citizen, things seem to have come to a standstill. Winter hasn't just been around for a year. Not just for 20 twenty years. Since time immemorial, people have lived outside and have to take care of a warm home. The chimney must stay on. The campfire of the nomads must not go out. A certain basic organization in the smallest societies made this possible. This was probably the first time division of labor came to the fore.

So what was the observation? and by what means can the problem be solved?

Citizens from the streets line up and snuggle their sleeping bags close together so that some warmth dampens the cold. Being cold is demonstrably more pleasant in a group. Not just mentally. As supposedly social beings, life in a community has grown into a kind of norm. On the other hand, citizens also live in many other corners under the open sky and do not have the favor of the group. You can find them at churches, parks and sheltered entrances.

The observation are freezing citizens. The problem is the cold. The solution a mobile product that can radiate heat. At the latest when the Christmas market was always open, you could be seen on every corner. The customer only stays at the wintry Christmas stand when modern radiant heaters are set up. A great economic success. So we stay longer when there is an artificially generated heat source in the cold. Some radiant heater models are supplied with electricity, others with propane gas bottles, would battery cells also be an option for such a project?


After all, the heat source only has to work one night or one day. After that, a replacement comes or it is exchanged.


As you can hopefully now guess, this type of product is the solution. A solution. Of course, these radiant heaters have to be adapted and modified. The mobile radiant heaters have to cover a much larger area with heat. For example 10m² ten square meters per installation site. But that's not the only adjustment to consider. Above all, the next generation must be one thing above all else. To be mobile. Easy to transport and fill, robust thanks to industrial quality and safe for public spaces. Employees of the city or other organizations can distribute the product to the right positions every day. If the city does it, then cleaning staff who do their daily work can set up these heaters and put them into operation. With a specially developed app, employees can mark where citizens who have no accommodation are located. This can also be done by social organizations and volunteers. Private sector and funds not excluded. As soon as the marking has been set, the mobile radiant heater can be distributed in the next step. A separate app for everyone could also show on the map where to go when the cold is unbearable. Citizens in the same situations can thus find each other. Not the conventional way of bringing people together, but it will be the result of it.

A whole branch of industry can design completely new products, thereby solving well-known problems. In these times, such fringe groups are also important for the order books. The calendar shows 2021, everyone knows what the hour has struck. Once you see the solution to a problem, you keep asking yourself why this type of product hasn't become standard long ago. Apart from the fact that there should also be countries where it is forbidden by law to live on the streets. These countries quickly provide everyone with a home. So there are still countries out there that have some catching up to do when it comes to understanding which tasks a state has to carry out. Such solutions are interim solutions and even if you were to start today, then two 2 winters would have to pass before the citizens of the street could benefit from this new warmth. So if you have created up to 100 artificial heat sources in a city like Vienna at the beginning, you fill a gap in a large architecture of a city. If you think small, you can zoom out to see the whole thing. If you draw 100 in every city around the world where it is uncomfortably cold, you will create one thing in particular. The spark to believe that humanity hasn't been totally eradicated yet.


Is the concept good? Nice ? You want to build it, great. Then let's just put it together. Creating something new together can be so exciting.


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