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Make money with creativity. Just a few years ago, people had such a simple image of creative work as. Crafts, DIY, painting pictures with oil, watercolor, charcoal or acrylic. Making a sculpture here and an object there from natural materials. The entire art sector was able to stock up on creative work. It has always been said that you cannot make money with art. Rare in his lifetime, that's probably true. But a few make it. Mostly commissioned work and, as a result, one-offs, often called unique items, which sometimes take several weeks, months or years. The clientele is usually small and distributed across the planet. Art and creative work has long been an underestimated by-product for the economies of countries around the world. Today, creative work can be found in many areas. In my opinion, the creative ones are that salt in the soup. Every team and department should have at least one creative person on board, no matter what the job. The creatives break down all the doors of habit and normality in their own way, or with known means. The edge of the plate, and after the edge is something, is often recognized as a core competency. Abstract working methods as part of the ability to be creative.

So if you take the creative people from different areas, you can adapt the creativity to the actual project. The mainstream has different thought patterns and can therefore only create something new with difficulty. The expectations often remain below those in which creative people have actively participated. No matter which companies and industries are examined more closely, creative employees fully contribute their creativity to the project. With interdisciplinary cooperation, everyone can gain something for themselves. Over time, what used to be specialists will become small or large universal specialists. They are often called generalists, which of course has nothing to do with the military, even if the general finds himself there.


The whole film industry, for example, or the rail of the authors of books live from having a creative streak. There is a lot of money to be made in the first branch, but it spreads quickly due to the large number of employees. When it comes to writing books, only a few can really successfully cover their living expenses in the long term.


But what is new? Many of the new inventions, many of the new services, apps and products that have been created by start-ups are due to creative people who create with their own tools or use the key of imagination in a meaningful way. The team has proven itself in the conception and implementation and is finding its way back to unity. A few more years of developing artificial intelligence and you will be able to get everything off the ground independently with the digital employee. The learning potential of artificial intelligence to seamlessly support projects and developers still requires a few important logical components so that there is really a symbiosis between workers and artificial intelligence. Further physical employees will no longer be necessary.


Since the statistics today show that more and more service providers have emerged through creativity and that more and more money can be earned with them, it was a matter of time before the economy came up with a new term for it. Namely the creative industries. Today, many billions are implemented through you in almost every country in the world. More and more funding is being made available for these sectors today and tomorrow. Not only that the creative market has the potential to design beautiful and above all new things, no, it's also about the fact that a large number of future jobs can be found in this industry. In times when more and more jobs are disappearing, especially classic jobs, the whole thing is not entirely unimportant. The greatest advantage is found for people in the fact that new results are always delivered at the end of a job, while the technique, style and way of working changes and adapts. There is little scope for routine in the creative world. Every project is a challenge because you always have to face new tasks. In times when the world is full of problems, just the right strength to counteract this.


Here again in detail a list of all areas in which the creative economy converts money. Design industry, film industry, software and games industry, music industry, art and book market, advertising, broadcasting, architecture market, performing arts, of course the press as such.


If there is an area where something new is created, this is only possible in connection with creativity. An almost never-ending process that can set in motion. You just look at generation ones of something and then after many years the sequels of the many models. Two nice examples because everyone knows them and both have made history. The SMARTPHONE, be smart or not, or maybe. The Beetle, the car in time.  Both have reached near perfection today. But perfection is hardly thought of in the designer market.

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