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design thinking developer and creator Studio

today people go out and want to build their own business, usually to fix problems in the existing market. Some are based on an application and some represent a new product, a tool that makes something easier. Of course a lot of things they are just copies and come with a different brand and a new design into the business. Platform Building is one of the easiest way to push a service. 


What`s next? 


Everybody can go with the idea , the concept to some office  and hopefully investors open the gates for the money-truck.  The Standard way. My way, a Studio that creates and builds new startups. A team of some people check and look into everything in the market, the daily work.  With own tools and existing tools from previous inventors ,developer, engineers and designers how to find and to create new companies the mission starts. After the days with a finished product on a papyrus a casting can start. People get invited, from one country or from many countries. The more colorful the kitchen, the happier the world. But of course there is room to test what kind of individuals fit the best over time. New strangers need time to grow, to a living and working group. The creator studio can give the task to the next chosen. The Investors, the Group or the Partners with the money give a signature and the story can go on.  This kind of job is missing in the market.  The Architecture today is upside down. You bring something into, and then you stay in a line of hundred other and with a event you get a ticket or not.  Innovation under the umbrella from a entertainment show. Really ? Whats wrong with that world of innovations ? Efficient ways, look different.

My way is simple, for them they have no own ideas but have the dream of a own business and get fast self employment.  To make things new keep the wheel a life.


With this kind of New Studio we create the business of future.  It`s not only that we just create something new. No, it's more than that. We give people the opportunity to have a income and a new job. We create Jobs on that way. The more bigger the company goes into the more jobs will be available. This Point sounds like music, for the country that will have the first creator studio for startups like this. But there is more, property owner can rent the whole floor for the new Business-Builder. The chain has more in the box. The Hardware Equipment that the people need , the licensed software. A lot of other branches in the business-world profit from that. Especially when behind the idea is a gadget or a hardware that needs to be produced.  A creator Studio like this can be a very interesting client for other .


The Production time for creating new business on papyrus can be reduced. We bring the future to the street.


You are interesting to make that, are you an investor with resources ? Check the engine and start to contact me. 

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