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Days come nights come, the rad of chronologies. It is no different in the world of experience. What about the business world ? The same. Once a standard has been established, it remains on the market for a long time. In an era where selection strongly influences social life, we are not far from the pigeonhole that influences our thinking. With so much hype and ever more short-lived trends, you have to look around to see what's missing and what's next.

Offers for the ideal were yesterday. Young and old sit at the same table. Sometimes they prefer to sit separately. But is exactly factor young and equal a little much come up short. Young people like to be among their own kind up to a certain age and up to a certain hour. Then it is time to build them their own business. The intoxication business. Rush in and simply, casually and with style do his shopping. Intoxicating should be here especially the speed. What you need is space and courage. In Europe, first and foremost the permit. A piece of paper that opens the gates and doors. I see already, Europe is still only running behind. Why is that actually so ? And why can't we change this in favor of our own visions ? Why look at what others are doing, until a country discovers itself and simply makes. Yes why, actually. Is there a book of unwritten laws that simply forbids this?  

Well, then Europe would be far from freedom.

How should it look now the business of tomorrow. Everything that has wheels can go into the store, into the supermarket of tomorrow. No matter what, young people want to take the vehicle with them. Do they really want that. No idea. But the point is that you can turn shopping into an experience. Whether a bike, unicycle, rollerblades, skateboard, bicycle, mountain bike, bmx bike, or manual and electric scooters. Just everything. So a dangerous bike can slide into the center of attention. Talking shop and smalltalk can be experienced in a different way. Apart from that it is simply practical and should bring fun. This is what it looks like. Huge entrances. Why not integrate pets ? A place in the basket ? Or on a leash ? Free game and let them run. So also four-legged friends have their daily extra experience. First and foremost, it will probably be the dog. If equal also the cats ever more often at leashes along-steered are. So the leashed dogs can not be stolen. Mostly also therefore, not only to the purchase is taken. What a pity, isn't it ? Yes. We live already in a terrible society, from time one would like to speak not at all. How now you can go shopping with your rolling vehicle just like that ? What is that for a kokoloris. You say only because such a supermarket does not exist yet. Wait and see when the thing is built.

So you move along endless corridors, rolling or pushing, sometimes several floors and with huge escalators through the many thousands of article canvases. Because the goods are not tangible for you. For us. We can only see the products in showcases and on walls and then scan them. Whether with a scanner that is in the store, or with their own device will then show. In each corner of the huge halls there is space to hang out. Bars, snacks and cold drinks from vending machines. One looks in vain for waiters. At best, a robot rolls by here and there without a murmur. Automation and self-service is today's tomorrow. Whether billiards, pinball, or just throw a few balls in the basket, there is something for everyone. This is then called theme corners. If you go to another corner, there is probably more of a library. Quietly and silently, you roll up to a double lock with noise protection. The engineers have to think of everything if they want it to be good. After all, anyone can build trash. There are many design options.How and what else can fill the other corners can be discussed, or simply chatted about. A corner with flicker boxes entertainment may not be missing of course. When shopping times fast the formula one pursue ? Is formula one at all still announced ? Isn't that rather yesterday's snow and only serves presentation purposes and captivates those who have stood still in time. Let's leave that.

Otherwise the sponsor phone will start ringing. Well, so you can just go shopping or just hang out with others and push ne quiet ball.

Why do you have to go to a supermarket for that ? Quite simply, while you have scanned and paid for your entire purchase, you can still place your order on the spot. A timer shows you the average waiting time for your purchase when you enter. This data is adjusted in real time. So you know in advance whether it is worth waiting for your purchase today. Shortly after you have placed your order. Your purchase. You will be given a time window. I think 15 minutes is realistic, as an upper limit. Exactly for this bridge you can move with your shopper or your scooter into the corners of the conversation. You can also just cycle to the roof and make yourself comfortable on one of the deck chairs and let the sun shine on your fur. Free water included. Or better take 20 cents for it ? The sun and the couch are in any case there and waiting. After you have got around the time, with hopefully exactly what you felt like, you get a message, or a timer of the clock wakes you up, if you had no own device for the purchase. With your 3 or 4 digit numeric code, the impatient can approach a monitor and check the status. So there you have it. I can now pick up my purchase. Up on the saddle and into the pedals. Once out of the building and make a 180 degree round around the complex. Wow, those are but large and many lockers in front of me and waiting for me. They are even refrigerated. You've chosen a bag, so your shopping will be in cloth bags. You can also choose cardboard, because your purchase can be picked up by car within the next 24 hours. Because it is like this. You don't have to take your shopping with you if you don't want to. After 120 minutes you will receive a reminder, after the goods have been properly packed in the locker by our employees. It is easy to lose track of time in the corners of our stores. You can then choose, oh just deliver my purchase home. I am too lazy. For a 5er more, the goods will then be delivered until night on the same day. What a comfort, right ?
As you can already see, a supermarket is only then super, if one models it freely after our desires and conceptions. If you now ask what is the with the older actually, well, of course older go shopping so, with the wheel, the rolling danger. But the probability is that young people will feel attracted to it. A scene of its own. As one can meet these today everywhere. I would like to help with the realization, but I see already, avarice and space will limit the spirit of freedom once more in Germany and in Europe. One can already speak of spirit handicap in the sense of unfolding the imagination of the ideals. The European ideals have apparently another hand on the clock, as those from other countries. Take what you are put there and not what you really want. That is why some countries have always remained what they have always been. Cold and boring. So the next one please. What do you have to say. Hello you there, you can now clear the stage for the next one. Thank you very much. And don't take the microphone with you.

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