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the donate and donuts

why is the donation important and is immensely popular on all sides. It's very simple, you do what everyone else does. One started at the top and later more and more people lined up behind them.

The individual in a community who can sit or stand anywhere on the planet today gives something away. He believes in an action that is staged by others, the others usually want to do something good. Wherever good is done, the state has failed or has shied away from its duty to provide care. Everyone knows you, the countless calls for donations. Poverty, food, animal welfare, nature, rainforest, oceans, research health and yes the list is much longer.

You want to solve problems that others haven't figured out yet. But fixed costs can also be covered. As well as material and tools that are necessary. In research, equipment can quickly become expensive.

Sometimes social projects are only developed when the donation account has a sufficient reserve.

It is not possible to help everyone, you have to see a certain meaning behind the work.

What can a freelance inventor do with this money?

Well, the chain for this can be built long. But essentially. This can be used to pay for patent research costs. This costs an average of 400 euros per idea/invention submitted. If you want to realize inventions, you work with very different companies. That depends on the basic idea and the concept written behind it. Workshops that are needed for preparation can quickly cost several thousand euros. It's about deepening the projects and the detailed feasibility, but basically both sides always learn something new. Inventions are often very complex, so there is a lot to think about. The bottom line is that these workshops based on donations are also a form of further education. The patent costs in general in the first year usually amount to a medium 4-digit euro amount. Other projects that can create added value for society, that can be developed and built independently of a patent, involve other sums. For example, consulting fees. Find out about costs / benefits.

One also speaks of scaling and timeline. Of course, you can also buy many of these high costs with an annual membership in inventor associations. The principle is something like this. Everyone shares the accumulated and usable knowledge in their field in order to turn the idea into a real invention.

In addition to the costs mentioned above, which are covered by donations and the associated support for creative projects, there is always a pool of legal questions. There are also many laws that have to be taken into account. Incidentally, many inventions also fail due to a whole series of regulations. So other countries suddenly become much more interesting to continue your work there. A blockade to shipwreck innovation. The sponsored danger that other countries weaken these declatants and use them to their advantage. This is of very little use to society for whom the invention was actually intended. In fact, not at all. One can also speak of administrative seepage and a lack of responsibility.


The emigration of an average of 100,000 original citizens with a German passport has been constant for years. Of course, not all of them went a different way for the reasons mentioned above, but 100 will probably be. In times of the CoVid pandemic, it is said to have been up to one million a year. Frightening and encouraging at the same time, which the citizen clearly shows. That's not how it works. The lines have been crossed so far that they have no other choice.


Therefore, in relation to inventor work, one can say that the larger and more extensive donations are, the easier it is for the inventor to achieve everything without obstacles. Independence from financial resources makes inventors freer than ever.

Many non-profit organizations raise incredibly large sums of money every year. Mostly private citizens but also institutional ones. So it is not uncommon for entire wills to be donated to organizations in their entirety with no descendants or survivors. How a government, the state and thus ultimately the citizen, deals with this tax money leaves a lot to be desired. 40 billion are officially wasted annually on this money, without the projects that benefit from the money being adequately and safely checked. The taxpayers' money is treated as if it were an unlimited resource that has no value. That is why private individuals and large companies are also pursuing completely different goals and are taking a close look. One can understand why people in badly governed countries don't want to pay taxes and run away to find a legal way to avoid taxes.

As you can see, it is worth setting up a donation account. You can collect donations for yourself or after you have founded a club, on behalf of the club.

The donations collected here are used exclusively for patent design. A patent search costs about 400 euros. to have a patent written about 3000 - 5000 euros. If a patent is recognized after all processes, additional costs will arise. The term of a registered patent is a maximum of 25 years after standing on 22/1/2023. The patents that are filed are always made in such a way that they receive international protection, and can therefore be offered to industries, universities, small and large companies as well as private people worldwide for use or sale.

Anyone who makes a donation here will receive a notification upon completion of which of the above options was actually supported by this money.

I thank you for the time and the trust that is invested in my work.

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