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Escaping refugees need a eye for more attention

Here is a small plan to offer the refugees a real perspective in these times. To briefly explain how refugees are currently being dealt with. You will find a place in a boat, the boat then drives towards the border. According to the law, the people there must be helped. Since 2015/2016, many of the people have been stuck in camps that are overcrowded. What little dignity the United Nations is fighting for cannot be offered to the refugees.


The problem? In Europe, no agreement could be reached from the start. The opinions on how a community should act in exceptional situations are too different. It shows how weak the will is to offer real help to people. What you experience here is 1% of what rich industrialized countries would be capable of.


Since an agreement and further action is the root of all evil, let's do it like this.

Let's just park big club ships in the Mediterranean. Not the new ones that have been around for a few years. The capacities of these ships range from 3000-5000 people on average. A dream ship like this offers the best conditions to offer people an interim solution. Whether 6 months or 1 year doesn't matter, these ships are better than any refugee camp.


What has to happen for this?


First of all you have to get in touch with the shipping companies and find out which of the big cruise ships will be written off in the next few years anyway. You contact all providers to obtain offers. The reactions of the providers and shipping companies are each worth a story. But you only need one helper so that others will also jump into the boat of the Good People Company.

How to negotiate a rental plan. Here there are fixed plans as well as with airplanes.

A rental fee of 500,000 euros to 1,000,000 euros per month should be realistic.

In times of the corona pandemic, this is an opportunity for the shipping companies to earn money and at the same time improve their image with a medal. It is not clear when normal operation can be resumed. It is not clear when the pandemic will be over. It is not clear whether new pandemics will break out, but it is likely. So much is unclear that one should stand up for the clear things. The refugees are a clear matter. They're not like Schrödinger's cat, if you don't look, the problem isn't there. And let's be honest, things that just stand around and could help others serve such a purpose. The ships have not been sailing since March and damn high minus numbers are already being written today. Of course, that hurts a lot, but it certainly doesn't come close to the pain that refugees have experienced in recent years.


So what is a solution and how will negotiations continue afterwards?

The Coast Guard intercepts boats and takes the refugees onto a cruise ship. First aid is guaranteed there. In the long term, accommodation, food, sleep and hygiene are secured. Special teams that would otherwise have cared for the refugees on land when they first came into contact with them will be assigned to the cruise ship. The complete process of rescuing the refugees is continued at sea.


Now a ship is full, 3000-4000 people find space on it. So what?


You turn to the international community and ask which continents and countries will need employees in the future. Big data can be useful here and prove what BiG data was created for. Of course, according to the United Nations, humanitarian aid is a right that everyone is entitled to. Especially in these situations that have been experienced for a long time ( United Nations = United States = UN).

In my example, the following countries agree on this result: Australia accepts 3000 refugees. China takes in 3,000 refugees. America in the Liberal State of California e.g. San Francisco accepts 3000 refugees. Each of the 3 countries writes a plan of how help can look like.


In my scenario it looks like this. Trailer parks and container camps are set up in the countries on site before arrival. Anyone who has ever seen how well top logistics can work knows that such a village can be set up in 2 weeks. None of these refugee camps should accommodate more than 1000 people. They are strategically located in countries where there are industries, agriculture and jobs with simple activities. They should be built up like small villages.

There are shops, medical care, kindergarten, sports equipment and places as well as a leisure program. Small training rooms or tents in which the situation in the new homeland is explained to the people. It should convey a piece of Neue Heimat. Language training is taught. You want to present people with a schedule and thus a goal for the next 3-6 months. Not only do people have hope, they also see a path ahead of them. After 4 weeks of recovery and adjustment to the climate, region and the new situation, people are asked about their knowledge and whether they have skills that can be promoted or show an advantage to the receiving countries.

Statistically, there are 10 out of 100 people who can once again stand out in their skills. Of these 10, there are again 2 who will render special services to the country. For example in the areas of development, education and innovation. In order for people to stay on course, you have to get in touch with the surrounding industries and farmers. Here, above all, simple teachable activities will be looked out for. A radius from the refugee camp to the employers with driving time of 1 hour is okay. Buses bring organized small teams to the workplaces. This can be done by the employer, but also independently. Children stay in the camps and receive first lessons. With small children it is obvious that the mothers also stay in the camp.



Of course, the whole thing costs a lot of money, so I made the following calculation and it should only give you a small overview of what and how something like this can be financed afterwards.


This example assumes 7 ships with 3000* people each = 21,000 refugees


€500,000 rental fee per month per ship - with an approx. capacity of 3000 refugees, this makes a daily rate of €5.

with 7 ships, the cost plan adds up to less than €10,000,000 million per month.

You also have to take into account that with this step further funds that are made available to the countries that have taken care of the refugees so far will be stopped. Although Europe still pays contributions for active reception camps, there are no more new refugees. The funds saved can be redistributed. Old contracts are cancelled. That's the theory. According to the press, the actions of the countries and the associated humanitarian aid failed anyway. You don't have to attribute it to the helpers, but to the levels where planning and organization take place. It is also clear that such crises need practice in order to run smoothly.

In addition, there are personnel costs per ship, here you can choose your own forces that are permanently employed. Volunteers not excluded. You already take over a large part of the work where others collect a lot of money for it. Exact figures are not available.


In this example, a refugee for 5 years costs €33,333,

There is also a trailer / living container in the 1st year + various training courses and support.

In this example, an all-round package costs €50,000* for 5 years, only if the entire period is exhausted. If agreements have been reached beforehand, the sum is reduced by the corresponding time. Families or individuals can move out of the camps into apartments and thus strive for a middle-class life. These people then cost no more money, quite the opposite.

If the refugees are provided with a job, they pay taxes and bring culture and diversity to the country. The economy of the consumer market benefits from this.

So if 3 nations take in 3000 refugees each, and from the day a refugee pursues a taxable activity, then one can assume that in

1-2 decades the resulting costs are brought back in. That is fundable. What does a 750,000,000,000 billion Europe bailout program look like to support companies in the Corona crisis if you have a solution for 1,000,000,000 billion that relieves all 26 European countries.


If you divide the sum x as a flat rate of €1,000,000,000 over 5 years by 50 nations, this results in a contribution of just €20,000,000 per country. If you consider that the United Nations has 193 members and more would contribute to the costs, then the costs would be spread again.


In the context of the future of the United Nations, it makes perfect sense to build up your own fleet of ships. If that is too expensive, you can also buy used ships. The streams of refugees that are to be expected will not stop anytime soon. But creating an infrastructure that works internationally in the long term is the task and the challenge that the UN can face. In this way, the UN organization secures more freedom of action and independence. This is very important.

The UNITED NATIONS should have changed ways long ago to earn their own money so that other UN countries would no longer be fooling around.


The ships. In times of crisis like the pandemic, the big shipping companies are shaken anyway. The first shipping companies to provide ships are making history. Some stories from the past millennia still inspire humanity today. Every marketing department of a shipping company can draw conclusions from this, an interesting matter. Those who are faced with the choice of booking a cruise from a shipping company with an image have helped refugees or looked the other way. Where would you book a trip? Will there be a rush of bookings here! An image of the shipping company will emerge that will be in the books for a long time to come. Reputation and image are the gold in the premier class of global players.


Historically, a new chapter would begin for the UN. She intervenes where others fail or block themselves. The UN does not need to stand idly by and doubt the tasks and goals it has set itself. It's bad enough that the United Nation is being treated like a pawn.

The sea is free and ideal for making plans with the international community.

Often there are territorial issues, just give the United Nations a piece of land somewhere in the world. It can thus independently grant all victims access to this country. This is a simple solution.

New Cairo, which is being built for 50 billion, could serve as an example.

A city built from nothing.




In the event that no cruise ship should be found among the dozens of shipping companies.

Is there PLAN B) Of course it makes sense. So I trust some countries to design its own container ships in a short time, which are designed to only carry people At a much lower price than others can do. The capacity would be a multiple, however, at the cost of luxury and the charm of cruise ships. 



The wave of refugees yet to face the world is in the range of several hundred millions in the 21st century if the simulations and forecasts are true. In this context, venturing into larger dimensions and thinking beyond Europe makes sense. These events show whether an international community is really acting or only exists on paper.

To bring a plus into the story: Thing about that.   Why the hole organizations do not fight for peace in the regions from the refugees ?  They all loose the Homeland.

If they take a ride into a new future and save there life, in case they believe to save there life.  What means that for the weak economy and worker statistics where refugees Gert into ?  The deeper we the people look into, the more you can see there are high interests of a economy level.  In the daily news nobody talks and write about that. After the years of integration they are a part of a economy and they will be used for work.  This gives me a total different view of the hole. 

They create and design problems that all involved organizations have a reason to exist and stuff to do.  The media level can food the rest. As You can see they all are a part of the big game leading industry, crossover all areas.

Of course to be a refugee, means, they all already have a way behind.  But where are big problems, in the same time there are opportunities to build new ways. New Roads. New Bridges.   Maybe the wave of refugees was just a real good start point to build citys into the ocean, and somewhere closer to the coast.  A NEW Generation of hunted and escaped people can life on the see.  One eye call it fantastic. The other shows more the sign of, where the train with that ships will go into . 


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