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blablacar will soon show "or never" what means to travel comfortable and spontaneous

This article is about a feature that increases the comfort and variety of travel options. Hopefully Blablacar is now known to everyone. In other countries there are similar driving services but under a different name.


The new function is intended to provide real-time travel data from the location. In practice it can look like this.

You're sitting in a cafe near the train station and you want to go somewhere, you don't have an exact destination yet. So you share your location with the app. Enter in the filter when you want to start at the latest and in which radius you are willing to visit the driver and his stopping point, let's just take 300-1000m here. All drivers who are expected to reach their stop within the next hour at

A) letting passengers get out or B) letting passengers get in are then displayed in the app.

In this way, the app can provide the following information on the map: In 10 minutes. The driver Max from blablacar stops 200m away and continues to Hamburg. in 20 minutes Keeps Melinda 500m away and drives to Cologne etc.


At certain times, a lot of travel destinations can be mapped. The user, you/we/I find this interesting and would like to go to Hamburg. You can now call the driver or send him a message via the app. In the case of the message, he can immediately see my profile.

If he gives the OK over the phone, I report the desire to take it with me in the app. That's all. The journey is logged and you are on the safe side.

This has now become comfortable and spontaneous. Nice !


As usual, you can pay directly to the driver or via the app, just to name two examples.

Target group are people like you and me. Freelancers, Photographers, Adventurers, Digital Nomads. People who have a day off. People who missed their connecting train and are looking for affordable options. The curious, but also commuters to keep their fixed costs low.

The technical infrastructure to put the whole thing into practice is possible, but heavily dependent on the companies that can provide real-time transaction data and share it for this project. Of course, there are several companies here. Mainly navigation services with the support of traffic data.

The fact that Google does it particularly well and is also developer-friendly makes it all easier.


Of course you can also do the programming yourself in a team, but your own model will take a long time before the user can benefit from such a feature.


Travel can thus be tailored even more specifically to the customer.

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