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the story behind a photo is unique. Every moment captured in a photo cannot be reproduced. Not only that emotion, thoughts and the moving scenery around the subject is unique. No, it's more than that. Is that known? The time, the day, the year, the position of the sun, the season and the constellations of the stars. The position of the solar system in the spinning spiral galaxy where "we" reside. It's the stories of others. They are all part of the moment of a brief present, between past and future. But only if the thesis that everything is now has no substance. No past / no future. Just this now. If you find it exciting, I feel the same way. Check out YouTube or Google Monster for more info if interested.

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that story is one from many

is it really like that, is every story just one of many? Doesn't everyone want to be unique with what they do and with how they are ? 

Of course it should be like that. So is each individual's story really different? Doesn't everyone rather live in a kind of loop that only offers limited possibilities for a unique life for everyone? A box of unique pieces of unique moments that are ahead of everyone. Viewed in terms of life, many events and life moments overlap again and again! Because others have experienced the exact same thing. Displaced in time somewhere on the planet in different cultures and each at a different age, in a different month of life, on a different day, in a different hour, in a different minute. You can do the nanoseconds. exclude. If you look at the moment and freeze the moment with a photo, it becomes clear that what is shown is unique and the backdrop that goes with it. But not the experienced. The experience is a moment that has already been experienced millions of times by others. But there is always someone who does something for the first time. Only one. Just one. Only slightly. Where and at what moment this happened is difficult to say. It would be a separate task to find out. In every century, new moments are added that did not exist before. Progress, ideas, creativity and art are important components. As time and events change, new events automatically arise that you can experience for the first time. To do that, you have to see the whole thing, and then very precisely, precisely.


I am always happy to meet new people, citizens, cultures and one or the other pet. Not to forget those who are neither one nor the other, or want to be. Everyone brings stories. Even the story of silence and saying nothing is one and can be packed into a story.

The camera is often there to capture one or the other moment. Small photo stories not excluded. But the camera is not always used. Sometimes the stories and the circumstance are so compelling that everything else is secondary.

What counts is the moment when the present is shared.

photoshootings from 150 incl. VAT

​at one of 4 possible points in the city. Choose for yourself.

Point 1 + Point 2 + Point 3 + Point 4 Photo volume 10-50 pieces in high-resolution RAW format 50 MP + JPG in fine detail resolution. At least 2 lenses are used / job duration 10-35 min. Memory card with all photos to take away + 20 ( Quirky and weird fashion accessories, if desired for photo shoots, will be provided by me ). Providing a link of all photos of the order available within 24 hours after the end of the order. The link can be sent to an email, or to messenger services like Telegram or Signal. You can access the link for up to 28 days after it has been made available. You can download the photos from there. Payment in advance via app including invoice in your name.

By ordering the photo shoot, you transfer the image rights to me in the form of usage rights and the exploitation rights of the photos that I created as the author. Each photo is legally its own work. This means that the transferred photos from this order can be distributed and marketed on your own channels. The photos can be used on my website as a reference for my work for presentation purposes. The photos can also end up on designs and products that I offer in my shop, partly in original quality or in a heavily modified form. This also applies to as yet unknown future projects. With your consent, I grant you the right to write your name or stage name next to some photos I have chosen. Some of your photos from this order will be archived with me on a long-term basis. Should you wish to have renewed access to your photo shooting experience in the future, this is for a one-off fee of 50 ncluding VAT. possible. The link is valid for a maximum of 28 days. To prevent this from happening, take care of saving after the photo shoot.

If you would like to take advantage of other services, such as photo editing, digital printing of your work on products, or an individual gift solution, then talk to me about it. I am happy if you were satisfied with the shooting. Please recommend me or use my services again. By the way, there are also other creative areas in which cooperation is possible. Have a look around my website.

                                              no cash payment


other shootings we can talk about   here >>>

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