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Then problems came and solutions
had to be found

Learning processes followed with observations to rectify everything that wasn't running smoothly

After a successful product, the thought followed, how can we build the next generation

Over time, something broke, so humans developed the ability to build a bridge to replace an original spare part with a copy or a similar-looking part. Nature has often helped here.

Many small stairs were necessary to get to where you are today.

Because raw materials were expensive and scarce, the art of repairing gained a high value

In the beginning the invention was owed to the pure survival spirit, what to do in the cold. What to do when hungry. How to behave when attacked by animals

at some point, the spirit of invention divided into two camps, one building everything bigger and the other making everything smaller

Only at the very end of the inventor's career did capitalism come and the invention served only one purpose. Make lots of money

A small company can with only 10 patents. developed and invented by small teams, covering all costs for the next 10 - 20 years.

Today you just need a product and you have to understand why it broke and you can build an improved version. By replacing the weak parts with stronger ones.

Invention has become more of a modular system. Due to the fact that an incredible amount of data on this topic has accumulated over the centuries.

Once you have understood that there are always large main categories, a construction becomes much clearer..      It then no longer matters what you want to build. Everything is one

The big litter is not 5 puppies but to create something completely new. This is really a special genre. Copying and sequels are significantly easier.

With every new idea from scratch, a completely new branch of industry is built up behind it. This is real fuel.

If you look at the structure of the design, angular and square became round, harmonious, smooth and streamlined, soft and injury-free. Then old school turns into classic and from this you get the retro look. Angular, dangerous and evil is chic again. Strictly speaking, these are all the phases you can go through. All this creates new space to combine everything with each other.

An idea arises in the mind. As usual, our senses work in collaboration finely and precisely towards the goal.

Are ideas really our own contribution? or is an unknown force helping from the outside!


The Proud Ingenuity would never admit that to himself. An artist, on the other hand, is open to this fact.


There are many theories and ideas about this, but some countries tend to invent more than others.


Whatever is right, at the moment there is no tool or instrument with which to measure the whole.

Inspiration can be found where you see cold. Be it of natural origin or in the societies in which we move.

If the clock of life is 100 - hundred years long, how should one use this period of time on this planet? For yourself and what seems important to you?
or do you simply share time to make things in the world better, more easier and more beautiful.
If the world is too big for that, then try to upgrade your environment.


If it's not passion you're not free, if you're not free you're a slave. Stay where you are or change that.

Isn't it strange that inventors, engineers and designers contribute a lot to the creation of something new. But they don't use these things themselves. Even the everyday technical equipment is mostly outdated.

the more spaced out the ideas, the nicer the day. standard is only for everybody

If you don't believe what you see,
than don't do it.

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