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Memory technology of tomorrow

the way we will acquire knowledge will change completely. In a futuristic version of a vision written in the future.

Okay back to the roots and back to planet earth.


For many decades there have been many stories, theories and research laboratories dealing with the medium of water. Above all, it is said that water can store information and possibly play a role in the storage market in the future.


Up to here everything is normal and input that everyone can find on the World Wide Web (www). Now let's turn the level a bit further and shift the parameters a bit.


How about “Liquid Knowledge”. in German, liquid drinkable knowledge. In practice, the product could work like this. The contents of a “book” are stored in an unexplored liquid. You drink it during the day or night. The body with all its molecules, cells and power plants absorbs this liquid. After research has understood how a body stores information, one only has to write the code for liquid knowledge in a way that an organism can read it. The effect is clear, whenever you are asked about this book afterwards or should or want to tell about it, then the complete knowledge is available in “you”. So, in this way, your body becomes a Living Encyclopedia. Whenever you are asked for it, in the early stages of research it can also mean that after drinking the knowledge is only available for a manageable period of time. The popular children's shoes from research. So you have to buy “liquid knowledge” again. A business model of superlatives.

Imagine you have to take an Abitur exam or pass a doctoral thesis with a grade of 0.9! What would that mean then? 3 months of hard learning was yesterday. With the right drink you get the knowledge at the best programmable level. Sounds good, but it would also be expensive. Wherever you still borrow audio books today, you can find these little wonder ampoules of knowledge in the supermarket. In Tokyo it would probably be “Liquid Knowledge Machines”. There are more of them on every corner than anywhere else in the world, and beyond. So how about getting your engineer or automotive master craftsman just overnight. That would be strong. If you have a lot of knowledge, possibly in small modules, so that the inventor and the industry can see your wallet more often. We would no longer have to torture our heads and could spend more time with life. A completely inconspicuous process with no side effects at best.

You don't want to read the book for a film, but you want to impress your loved one and quote and recite the most beautiful passages in freestyle mode as if off the cuff. Then you will hopefully know that the future awaits us with such products. You've never been particularly good at cooking, and that's what my shelf stands for! No problem with Liquid Knowledge. A 5-course menu based on the 3-star chef principle would be easy. As you've probably noticed yourself, the possibilities are almost "unlimited". and would now start to bore you.

Of course it shouldn't. Just keep writing the story for you, does it go on at all? Has everything already been said? Please write me a sequel...

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