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space and time independent

Today, working in a fixed place, in an office in a city, is no longer common. Of course, this is the standard model, the boss wants to have all his sheep together.

This may make sense depending on the company and the industry.

Of course, the home office is old hat and you either like it or you don't. In between, those who work at home for 2-3 days are very happy, ultimately you have more time for the family. In the fast-moving and over-timed world, this is often neglected. IBM has long been the pioneer and superstar when it came to the topic "HOME OFFiCE". Yes, some people even take their work with them on vacation if they feel comfortable with it and can tear off a few hours here and there. Loving your work has many benefits. But you always think you can't choose your work. One should be glad to have a job at all, that's what the old folks sound like. Glad that time is over. The elders have left more harm than joy. Even today everyone feels the effects of it on everyday life.

With creative work and project-related work, thanks to the latest technology, lightning-fast and reliable software, the work can be continued at 10 locations around the world at the same time. Video switching over the Internet. Team meetings and briefings on news about the project can be distributed to all employees. The new way to get your employees around a table. Working together worldwide can be so easy.

Have you ever considered giving parts of your workforce more freedom in terms of their workplace and place of work?


Why not just integrate 2-3 workers digitally into your projects? Try it out, your work and the procurement of employees will be more flexible and problems can be solved faster. Not only that, new freelancers can bring new impetus to everyday work and also suggest alternative work techniques.

You want to work with me even though I'm already active in other projects, that doesn't matter. I will also work for you when I'm on the road.


Design, conception, correction, planning, coordination, as well as exchange and meetings can be carried out at any time and independent of location.





For all those who have already worked with me in the past, don't let my active projects stop you from negotiating a collaboration again.

I look forward to it.

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