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The Rainforest

Deep in South America is the home of all the ancient animals we ever know they exist.

Diversity unlimited. Researcher go in a jungle come back and found again new species. This happens weekly monthly. Until today nobody know really how many species are there. The Rainforest has a fundamental role in case of the global weather. The more we cut, the more the weather is changeing and the rain and humidity goes other ways. Logic. In that recorded time of destroying rainforest, about 705 acres everyday, the statics grow of high flood. Everywhere. People from Weather and climate science see a correlation.  Of course more happens in that time, but thats a big point. Daily the people are more hungry for more wood. The Responsibility by people to buy less and new furniture is not arrived yet. The Industry the big player they need the wood to survive don't care. Only Money care, and duty to do the job that shows the official contract. People who do not follow can go home. Unemployment people are enough. What can change a story for some years ? For me it`s easy to find a way.  

Big cooperation can do it. What about that.  The whole wood Destroyer in South America especially the rain forest, make temporally a break. About 3650 Days, maybe double the time? 7300 days. From today to tomorrow. Cutting plans from all. Rethinking how we handle problems like that. The People they work in the destroying machine of our cultural legacy, the rainforest, get payed the same money from a third partner, over the whole time. The leading industry that use today wood, get a step into another field. They will produce from that day Furniture from Plastic. We have enough plastic. It's a good and solid resource.Every Year hundreds of big ships transport only plastic from one destination to another. The Process of recycling is still not good enough. If we look deep into the books of statistic maker. In reality walking five minutes by the beach, shows already the catastrophe that we the people has done. For Example IKEA is a global Player, they to address for a story like that would be greatness. People know thinking, what the 100.000 people in South America do in that time, when the machines stand still ? Easy, they get tons of seed to replant all. Manual, or with a machine ? With the right technology a roadmap to build is just a job. Away from wood of the Rainforest into a production of plastic. We can share our home with the trash we did produce everyday. Plastic is very flexible. People from modern Design Studios can make great stuff. Greater then wood, in case of Design. The Development process to create new Furniture Machines by engineers can start. Exist already a lot in the market, but not supersize and for big productions. A series. In case the storage of wood has 1100 days of reserve, its a good time to rebuild all the industries. In the time from tomorrow until 3650 to 5475 days in future it is more space to thing if we ever need again wood from the rainforest. Because a new market with global plastic furniture production can replace the other market. In Case there are share houlder and financial institutes they have already fear how to continue. Intelligent circles, will find intelligent ways. A group of think tanks can do a lot. And its not the Abraham tank i'm talking about. For example some people can buy the new Rain Forest for a high price in future. Everything has a price. This we have learned since pretty women. In a long distance of view, south america could be a producer from own plastic furniture. With good global partner its not to heavy to build a whole enterprise industry in a short time. In case the question is, what is with the employer and all the people they bring every month big bags of money home. There is a way. Leaving all, stopping all, and building new, with a good plan. Sounds like it would be my music. If we count, 3650 days of replant the rainforest, it would mean we win every day 705 acres back. Multiplicated by 3650 days, in theory that is = 2 million 573 thousand 250 acres. Thats big like a own country. Life comes back, and the natural system of this planet has time for adjustment.

The Country owner and the residents will win his face back. They can be proud. In Case United States has the power to deactivate the licence system from google for devices in a day for hundreds of million user, and a pandemic can block the whole world for more then 700 days in a quick time, then this task is like to play a party of Basketball. It's A win win situation for all. My research do not find any sign that somebody can loosing something.

With a little bit text on papyrus a good concept can show, that changing is very easy, and needs to be done. 


Thank You

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