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Blinkist, thats sounds like what ?

Can you have the food or should it be a disco? Must have something to do with light! Well, blink and link and because blinkers are mostly lit, after a few blinks you are in the spotlight .. Well, if that were that easy, the number of subscribers would increase by leaps and bounds.

Doesn't matter, with Blinkist you can rummage through the knowledge of all books in no time. Blinkist is a large catalog of selected books. A small group of employees selects editorially what is good and what could be good. Sometimes you just have to shoot in the blue. What is special and what should be emphasized as a unique selling point, each of the books is prepared in a short version. In 10-20min. can be devoured book by book. This is also the case when the voices of the speakers find a way into the neural network via hearing via my Huawei Freebuds 3. Crystal clear. Over time, you develop sympathy for the speakers. Of course everything is there, young-sounding women and smoky, dark, memorable men are right, but also everywhere are right, however one should describe them. You know the phenomenon of the radio, voice and language as a bridge to people. The sound makes the music. Women in particular find some men particularly hot. The summer was hot, even if it was short. Polarizing voices has already fallen into the golden hands of Hollywood directors. Who does not know it: Sleepless in Seattle. In Germany it was Domian who entertained the audience until late at night. I rarely heard him. The nice thing about Blinkist, you just have to listen. It's so nice, simple and comfortable. Simple is the best. But in Western countries, unfortunately, everything is far from easy. Step by step until the train starts moving properly and everything works online and digitally via express. So afford it and it sounds like it

if one looks optimistically towards the future / flashes. I've been using Blinkist for a few months now. It has added value. You can take a walk, hike, sit on the train, wait for the bus or hang out on the couch with the sun shining on your face. Each scenario lets you experience everyday things differently. Isn't that what we're looking for? Experience something new. Add a little color to everyday life and the familiar. While music is everything to many, blinks are a real option. An audio book often takes many hours, which is as long as half a day's work for most. By the way, you don't just have to listen to Blinks, you can also read them yourself. Doing many hours of the same thing no longer suits many, or is it just sharing and certain target groups? Today's generation is doing much, much more different things than it used to be. Thanks to the many inventions, you can stuff yourself with all kinds of things for a day. Plugging in the positive sense because they are activities that you enjoy doing. The entertainment industry has seen that it is better to pack everything into small pieces that you can pull through in a few hours than if you waste yourself all afternoon and evening with just one medium, e.g. TV. A disadvantage of this generation. We can no longer be occupied with just one thing. Even shortly before the end of a Netflix series, our attention leaves much to be desired. The motto is to get more from several worlds. It's good. Compressed and qualitatively important with many faces in a short time is better than a long play where only the beginning and the end are good. You can save yourself that in between.

By and large, you get a lot for the € 75 a year that comes with a Blinkist subscription. For me it was like that when I registered for free to listen to the daily editorially recommended blink, after a few days I got an email with a discount of 40%. The subscription only cost me around 50 € in the first year. If you consider what a book costs and how long you have to search until you have found a good book, the employees at Blinkist are good agents and support me in the search for interesting literature and that for 50 beeps a year. That is less than 5 € per month. That's okay. However, I doubt that I will stay there for a second year. Not because the books are bad, but because after 1 year you can get through almost all books, at least theoretically. 3500 pieces are in the database. New ones are added every week. Assuming that 10-20% of all books actually meet your taste, i.e. mine. Then 700 books a year would be sucked up quickly. That would be just 2 flashes / books per day. Let's see what will develop by then.

With 100,000 subscriptions, the ruble has to roll and the idea factory has to be kept running. Ex Rigens, linguistically, there is also a large English-language archive. I wouldn't be surprised if Blinkist is soon to expand into other languages. I would, there are a lot of trains in India, the Indians would definitely enjoy this kind of entertainment.

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rinaldo imperiale

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