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Charity Foundations and the Successes of the Private Sector:

At the moment I have supported a campaign in which the Boss of Bertelsmann Thomas Rabe is providing 100,000 Euros, not from the corporate cash register, if I understand that correctly. For everyone who is physically active. In the end, an association for street children in Berlin receives this sum in the account. Not bad, right ? Berlin has many hot spots where you have to take a lot of money in your hand to let the sun shine there more often. In the course of this I dealt with the topic of campaigns. The goal of a campaign is to make a difference where help is needed. So the basic idea is positive. In general, one speaks of it, it is tackled where the state of a country has failed. Where a state's coffers are empty. No legal basis or no government mandate has been noted. In large parts, we as participants feel obliged to address these circumstances and to fight them together. We show our stance and can look in the mirror again in the morning and pat ourselves on the shoulder. Ironically, it goes without saying that the thing with the mirror that knocking is proud to be right. Depending on the region, people from the area connect. There is a positive feeling of solidarity. We believe in one thing and do it together. Nice and simple. So far so good. Now I want to turn the facts and throw the question into the room? What needs to change for a country's wellbeing to be regulated by the state? We citizens would immediately be relieved of our burden of standing up for something that should actually be regulated by the state. Out of 100 who make their contribution freely to support a campaign, there is always a peer pressure. My neighbor told me about it and took part in it myself. So the moment arises when you somehow have pressure, now you have to help, otherwise your own image could get damaged, an example can look something like this. This is not new, but campaigns have not always been based on free helpers, right down to the last corner. They serve a multifaceted purpose. First you have to look at the numbers, how much money is actually taken by companies and private individuals to support all campaigns that have been started in the country, but worldwide to provide help. The believers among you would like to read “Charity”, why not!   Unfortunately I don't know the numbers, but I guess there are many tens of billions. Not only entrepreneurs put their strength at the center of heroism, private citizens like you and me are more in demand than ever. It has also become chic. I deliberately omit this page. I am concerned with understanding why the country does not bring its citizens back into the boat with its care? There are no funds, is the big guess? How can you get funds? To do this, I looked at the 4 different control systems in the world and roughly studied them quickly. In essence, all companies simply pay their taxes in Germany. Even those who have relocated their headquarters abroad for tax law benefits. One should contest this law. Especially the listed tech giants have become famous for it and you can smell it proudly across all national borders. I don't want to talk about the precarious conditions that exist in these nations, even though there is so much cash and taxes are shifted and avoided at every corner. There are tax loopholes that are there and are currently legal under German and international law.

Why you leave it that way is on a different paper. So you can't shake it, but you can enact a law that justifies the tax levy because the social conditions of various nations have got into trouble. Instead of always just moving the control lever which then sets you in motion, and in the end less remains. The tax burden is overwhelming, more than portable. In other words, we / you workers and employees have to accept more tax debt / tax burden, because in other places no "important laws are created" in my view. Such laws serve the common good, one shouldn't forget that. With the increase in this income as a source, you would definitely be able to pay for all charity programs in Germany. What does that mean for you out there? You have more time! More time for your own life! In so far as you have your own life. You can pursue and implement your own projects. You live in a country and know the state takes care of what doesn't work. It's that easy. You have more money in your pocket. Okay, there are also campaigns where you don't ask for funds, but you support them with time / energy and donations in kind to achieve a goal. You could possibly put the extra money back into the economic cycle somewhere. Whatever, it is your money, only you know exactly what you would do with it. What happens on the corporate side when a country fully assumes its responsibility towards its citizens. First of all, a company / group saves a lot of money. Employees will no longer have to worry about these campaigns. A company no longer has to underline how well it can use its profits elsewhere. If a company and the products are good, you don't have to upgrade the image. In many departments there is a puff of breath "Oh, too bad, the campaigns were always so varied." Of course, this only applies to those companies that have not hired extra staff who then explicitly deal with it. At the same time, the country then has to hire many new employees so that the imbalance can be corrected. That is good and a positive development. So the entrepreneur saves money and that can mean that he can reasonably offer his products and services more cheaply. Of course that would be an added value for us. The focus of the companies would again be on the core business. Development, productivity and generation of content in best quality. We got used to all of this, but is it right the way it is? We have built a complete infrastructure, a huge network of private and entrepreneurial heroes who do something that shouldn't be. Don't get me wrong, nothing will be taken from your helpers and “GutsMenschen”, you will be given something. It would be fair if the state did this. Sure, if suddenly there are no more galas and the super-rich close their foundations, which obviously serve only the purpose of saving taxes on profits again, then of course that's not nice and also unusual. Whether we show cohesion or not, you don't have to start campaigns for that. There are hundreds of other moments in everyday life by which a community can measure itself. Of course, this presupposes that your life and your variable of your life have put a community at your door. Congratulations on that. Unfortunately, we always tend to look for new confirmations and believe we can find them by participating in campaigns. The pink world with the rainbow glasses has just been strongly digitized. The moment of happiness is a tweet and a like. Much of what was once beautiful and simple is overlooked. On the other hand, there are also people who have dedicated their entire lives to the campaigns, a new force was born from a state weakness. Donating can be a life's work. Initiating things where others find your happiness can also be more than just a hobby. Not to forget the people who actively support all kinds of work. It is the many little moments of gratitude that keep everyone going. Back to the base We all live in various cycles, if one breaks away, something new would arise. Each of us would adapt and discover something new as so often. The feeling would arise in an even better functioning state. The time in which we cannot do anything good for strangers, strangers who are actually fellow citizens, we use more to do good things for friends, acquaintances and the family. The positive energy should arrive there first. mfg rinaldo imperiale

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