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Content determination for the Long Bank

The task that can be faced is the following: Any information that is created in the form of articles, articles, posts, statements on TV has what effect on us, the readers and the viewers? More on that later. How much time, energy and money did it take the authors and producers to create the content? How long will the half-life of created works based on information survive on the market? Does this generate new discussions and conversations over the course of a day?    Does the reader need the same amount of time to use content that is used to produce it? Of course, there is content that takes up little time with us. But when using information, follow-up dialogues or, to put it another way, new topics of conversation arise. An example: The author spends 20 min. For creating an article, the author has a reach of 1000 readers. Now readers and users need to read in about 5 minutes. The creator has produced through the reach of 5000 minutes of reading time. During the day, depending on the profession and person, you tell others about this story that you read from the author. On the reader side, 5 min. By reading + here and there a minute by telling about it. This is how you carry the articles around the world. The length of stay and general employment time add up to 7-8 minutes. In the case of “TOP” topics, discussions can also take place. and are longer. Everything revolves around the same record. But there is also a kind of synchronous course. What distinguishes this work from others in detail? You should take a closer look at that! Sure you can say randomly, but things that are synchronous deviate greatly from the principle of chance. At least in my opinion. Our everyday life is characterized in many areas by the fact that we exchange the information of the day in exchange with others. Not everyone exchanges information about the well-being and events of yesterday. Depending on the situation and content of a story, it can be determined whether the invested energy and time is also the same energy and time that you need to consume. The energy that we invest is used by others, “us” in the same form when we consume it in the same amount. In the variety of topics, there will be certain areas where content creation and utility, time and possibly energy are the same. So this article can tell us what kind of content “creators & users” are looking for. What distinguishes this content from others? Millions of other items have not been produced and used in balance or synchronously! Determining that may not be an easy task, but it points to ... certain issues can “us” readers keep them busy all day long. For the creative industry, this is interesting because you can create content that lasts for a long time.

Harness, distract and entertain. That is exactly the goal and intention of the producers when it comes to building a film. It should captivate us for a long time and set our emotions in motion. Today, all content is designed according to the target group. Not every target group spends the desired time with the content that is produced by the production companies. It is exciting how we can feed the wealthy with content for a long time and ultimately “convey new, interesting knowledge” and at the same time get this target group to buy. By writing an article that we consider to be an entrepreneur as a target group, we hereby intend to use the entrepreneur to incorporate the knowledge into his company. In the best case, an idea presented in the article can lead to a new product that the entrepreneur has learned through the content. So it is enough to steer the entrepreneur in a certain direction so that new bridges are created. Consciously or unconsciously! The entrepreneur can then gather his “managers” and “creative people” and give you a task. A partial goal has therefore been achieved with the article. More than was sometimes planned. So if you want to reach the top people in the world, first of all you have to know which news channels you use. Only then can you go one step further. According to general knowledge, the IP is sufficient: connection to the Internet or the various tracker options. This presupposes that the entrepreneurs do not use blocker products. The bigger a company is, the more important the IT security department is to take precautions in these areas. So it is not always synchronous, the time invested and the time used by the users. Let's take a look at other areas. The game industry e.g. creates a concept for another strategy game, until implementation the main team is busy for 6 to 24 months. Afterwards, the teams shrink and only small software updates are imported for correction. It took longer at GTA, but the reasons for this are not clear to me. Once the game development for a buyable product has been completed, the time counter for gamers begins. Here the energy / time expenditure ratio between producers and users is clearly divided. Not least because the range has become 6 digits and 7 digits. One speaks of the hype that a game can trigger. Not to forget, gaming and everything else "here in the article" is for entertainment. People want to be entertained because not everyone can create their own content. Doesn't want to generate. You can distinguish that again. That being said, it is very convenient to simply enjoy finished products. With old games, the time ratio of developers and users is mega disproportionately shot through the roof. Let's take Mario Brothers, Giana Sisters or Tekken. Classic! Even today, “we” spend hours, weeks and months with you every year. Year in and year out. When creating a painting or a very elaborate drawing that is presented in exhibitions, it becomes clear that the artist spends much more time admiring how the visitor spends viewing the painting in the exhibition. 3 months creative artist spirit to 1-10 min. Viewer time on average. Only with the increase in the number of visitors does the used time increase exponentially to that of the artist. The artist does not see an intention to spend a lot of time with an article or a work of art. Only the reaction is his likeable friend. The difference is also very clear when it comes to creating food from the agricultural sector. Planting a fruit or a piece of vegetables is quick and easy under normal circumstances. The harvest too. Only when the ripening period comes into play does the time and energy relationship between the farmer and “us” the eater break apart. If you look at the planting and harvesting process and compare this with the time it takes to prepare and eat the piece of fruit or vegetables, you will find an almost energetic equality. Products of nature. Normally, transient examples have now been presented here.

But there are also examples such as a piece of furniture, where the invested time and the energy are much lower than the time of its durability. In the case of a piece of furniture, there is the planning, the construction, the drawing, the tree felling, the adaptation of the individual parts and this and that. A few weeks of work are in a piece of furniture by a master hand, not the IKEA squadrons in a treadmill manner. Especially when creating content spiritually, the time and energy invested is often very close on both sides. Sector-dependent and subject-related. But only because we created the technical infrastructure today. The electricity is on, the computer is there and the invisible carrier of the news is the Internet. The time / energy ratio would not be nearly synchronous with the carriage and rider. There is no longer any talk of real time. We also find examples in everyday life in the bureaucracy. Is it about the performance, the time we invest to get a completed form in the town hall. The ratio is not 1/1. We drive into town, go to parking, find the way to the town hall. Here the effort is significantly higher for the individual. The ratio is 10/1 so we need 100 min. to be able to stand at home afterwards to hold the form in hand, with a filling time of 10 min. If you do not take into account the driving and only the waiting time with other citizens in the town hall, the model of course tilts. So the ratio may change to 3/1 if you take 20 min. have to wait. Many areas are therefore very complex when it comes to the time distribution of the effort on both sides. Ultimately, it is also a matter of organization and the architecture behind it. With more attention to detail, more processes can be accelerated. The picture is different when we can fill in and submit everything online and on the computer. A seamless 1/1 process is created here. So what can a resume be? Our entire development is designed in such a way that we can and will create a 1 to 1 ratio in many areas. Real time will be found in an equal ratio on both sides. Benefits and efficiency on the user side are increasing. Personnel costs decrease or new tasks are redistributed. In the next step, the fully automatic process, controlled by software and processors, will soon take over the entire process. But it should be said here that an infrastructure and the corresponding software must first be created. The built asphalt roads first had to be laboriously manufactured so that we can benefit from them today. So the cycle closes here too. So in the long run, the computer created a time advantage for at least one party. Based on the example from the town hall, no employee has to fill out this form and send it out. So if you write programs in the future in which you work with mature and rich artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence in the next form will write all programs yourself. Man and artificial intelligence would trigger a revolution. So what content do we have to build so that we can create a healthy balance? So that people like you and I had the feeling that someone was talking to them, bought something almost unnoticed and saw it during the day, many of us were still busy for a while. As mentioned at the beginning, what effect does content have on us? You can just google that, it is the variety of possible answers that keep me from doing so. If you have ideas or think you have found answers, please feel free to write me. MFG

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