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George Floyd is an American Citizen

George Floyd is an American citizen. He was murdered by an American police officer.

The world of events swept us away and took us into captivity. Terrible events like this manage to turn our everyday lives upside down. So you should be careful how you organize your day and which media you grant access to in your everyday life. On the one hand, we want to show solidarity and express our voice on social networks. If we don't do it, sooner or later people from our social network will point this out to us. Then your network expects a reaction at the latest. “Bullshit” is not freedom. Before you know it, you are infected by this topic, which is used all over the world to meet demands and generate ratings. A dirty business.

We follow a stream of news created by others. Not being in solidarity and staying away from a demonstration would be “uncool”. It has become natural, and hello or hello say good sound. The event that George Floyd took his life spreads much anger and sadness. A fireball of opinions, hate comments and violence-glorifying videos from cleverly cut attacks from the past by American police officers is supposed to shake everyone up and bring everyone to mind. Once again ! A top story grown on the shoulders of an innocent dead. He leaves behind at least one son, but he is not the first son to share this fate. He is one of many. Nevertheless, he speaks strong and courageously in front of a reporter's microphone and wants to tell the world that citizens should take a peaceful path.

It's a paradox of what's going on on the streets in America. Answering a death with destruction is not the solution to the problem. There was no solution 100 times before. But these events happen often in America. Too often. Americans have grown accustomed to wiping out these events with destruction and looting. Of course there are also many demonstrations that are absolutely peaceful. The TV always prefers to show us the drama and the action, thanks to the program directors at this point.

We divide all weapons into 3 categories. 1) The weapons of the citizens 2) The weapons of a country 3) The weapons of the media.

Each of them ensures that a crusade is proclaimed. The act of revenge, communication and defense takes its course. Action follows reaction and the other way round, every reaction is followed by action.

All three elements fight each other in a shuddering way. Take a look at a pyramid. What do you see? There's only room for a stone up there. The dream of a new order will definitely not become anything. The plumb line and the balance are not in balance, one would like to explain mathematically the image of America.

Any process after an incident like this happens almost like a routine product. Citizens are moving out, the start is peaceful, the media and social networks are starting all guns, escalation, houses are burning, people are being injured. Property is destroyed. State weapons are used. State and citizens show resistance. Media spectacle culminates. The state can change personnel and has a longer breath. On the other hand, citizens get tired at some point. The advantage for the state is evident. Violence abated by the citizens. Media start addressing George Floyd's death in interviews with experts. Talk shows take up the topic. Moderated programs all over the world invite guests to point their fingers at the U.S.A. Not to mention the guilt and mistake of the individual policeman. The media machinery knows exactly how to take everything and everyone apart. It is a crime thriller, a psychological thriller. In reality only a bitter reality in a distant country. The counter that millions of people worldwide are exposed to suffering and death every day comes to a virtual standstill. Lined in our heads with highlights such as the death of George Floyd, there is no place left to call up the overall picture before death.

If a software developer had to describe the 3-month process in more detail, it looks as if you were just starting a program.

This is frightening because the routine and the never ending of these senseless murders has led to it.

A program director would now be able to say bluntly that we are between phases 2 and 3. The employees and we viewers therefore still have 5-10 phases that will await us. A cold business when you sit on your horse and have just had to experience the whole thing 100 times. The first 20 were still unpredictable, after which a clear structure emerged. Almost like a script that you can present to the director.


A crucial moment when the United States Attorney's Office could have reverted to what happened after a dead American citizen named "George Floyd" is when the Attorney General immediately announced the arrest of the accused police officer. This can be a turning point. What is bad, however, is that in all murders by police officers against American citizens, a civil uprising with riots always had to arise before a police officer was taken into custody or charged. So you accept that other people are at least injured.


The résumé of this, America always waits until this escalation by the citizens occurs and then to take subsequent steps. At this point it would be correct, as already mentioned above, to immediately fix the police officer. This means A) A law prevents the police officer from being appointed B) The strategy of those responsible has not yet been revised or reviewed.


We only see one of those terrible events here, where the victim was lucky enough to have a watchful passerby nearby, had the courage to intervene and had the courage to save George Floyd's life. Many events bear no evidence of shame because none was there to document it. The only change that will positively influence the development of the American future in this regard is the change and adjustment of laws. Above all, the way George Floyd was killed by the police officer should be prohibited by law. The police must be reminded of your codex and your oath. Maybe every time you start your company car. Every policeman is an American representative of his people. They only serve to protect the population. One would now like to say how good that this was just an exception. But the days are long gone that everything can be talked about here in a harmless and friendly manner. It is not the single policeman who has failed here. It is the team of several police officers who were on site. Anyone could have intervened to save George Floyd's life. George Floyd's death is bad, but like all the other dead, he will be forgotten by time. New events will come. George Floyd will be one more number in one statistic. The only thing that will make him a hero if the Department of Justice is seriously concerned with why these cops are constantly failing, the cops before George Floyd and the cops who will come to George Floyd if nothing changes. Why do these policemen pollute the image of America, which laws do we have to change so that the American people are safer and sleep better again, that trust is better again, that justice is not just a snippet on paper. It is good if one person has to lose his life so that a thousand people can be saved in the future. We live in a time when a constitutional state has frozen. Incapable of action like a company that can no longer pay your bills. A New America means real change in all areas.

It also grabbed me today and was caught by an event that currently 1/6/20 fills the whole world and the news. Today is already day 6 after the event. It is the moments when you can envy people in the country, the peace and quiet. The people who still live their lives freely and without a frame. Good thing it is over when you look out, there is peace here in my region. The view from the window shows reality.








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