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Health Determines a strength in a population

Health determines a strength in a population. With industrialization in the world, where the production of food with chemicals and artificial substances is increasingly being promoted and expanded in the interests of profit and profit maximization, the equilibrium on the global level is finally overturning after 40 years. The rotting of the earth and the rotting of health seem to run parallel. Coincidence? Well, definitely noticeable. We systematically bring entire peoples and cultures to their knees. A race has begun. Of course, connections are recognizable. Little by little, the branches of industry are merging to achieve huge profits and guaranteed sales through the disaster staged by human hands. In the beginning it may have been more of the simplicity and the focus on caring for so many people, the stamp and seal that the side effects have shown over the years is a break with humanity. The duty to protect people at all levels is just a wild fantasy. Before the machinery of the many unhealthy foods was converted to healthy and somewhat more expensive, but a little richer in good consciences, the pharmaceutical industry opened up to the many diseases that need to be treated. The pharmaceutical industry increasingly thanked the food industry. Please continue like this may have been a subliminal message. Our sales are huge. The economy laughs and winks at the treasury. What is that nice? How money and at what price money is flushed into the till does not matter. But it is only half the story and the beautiful cash register and the waterfall from which gold gushed has cracked. The signs that a kingdom has opened the gates to decay. Many countries have simply overlooked, ignored the many promises in the fast-paced market and the many promises made to decide for themselves. You were not present at the important questions, what counted was the word of growth and the supposedly good friends who only want good for you.

All damage that has been caused in connection with the food industry and the subsequent pharmaceutical industry is now affecting our life together and our everyday strength. A piece of false luck. For our future, the industries have ensured that we were weakened in terms of the masses. Although the result is delayed, who can say whether that was not already taken into account and considered back then? And even if they did, no one would want to wear this shoe. Globally, what does this mean? The large populations still have reserves long before the locomotives of the economy stutter. In an economy in which 40 million people work, of which 20 million are chronically ill, it quickly becomes clear what a failed employee will cost as a whole. If one compares Europe, America and China with regard to the phenomenon of the ailing population, it becomes clear once again that China still has a good laugh. China was late in adopting the bad habits of the West. If it were up to reason, China would still be consistently a healthy country in terms of eating habits. But the dark forces of industry have also got their feet there and have been able to find trading partners. So if you look at the forecasts, India, Asia and China are doing well, and it will be a long time before the statistics show these serious changes as we are experiencing in Europe and America. Is this the modern and legal way to weaken a population? Is this modern warfare through a back door that you know could exist, but nobody really wants to believe in it. Populations in otherwise strong economies who suddenly get sick in the crowd still ensure that the economy runs and functions.

Here is an example of the consumption cycle as we experience it: Buying food, noticing a change in health, going to the doctor, the doctor makes his money, the doctor writes a prescription, the pharmaceutical company makes his money. The fact that you pay money into the health insurance justifies the high health insurance contributions. At least it seems so. Employees are also paid by health insurance contributions. After all, people who leave the statutory health insurance have increased in numbers. The Church Tax Office has been following this for ages, but it belongs somewhere else. Is there a connection? Could be. So far, many service providers have earned. Even if it takes a few years until you realize how much the food industry is damaging to the individual and the group, at some point the other economic cycle will also get on the move, which is about getting people fit again. Who can do it on their own, buys running shoes and starts doing sports. The textile industry is happy. 500km running are quickly unwound, 500- 1000 km is the recommendation for the use of running shoes. The industry is very happy about 3 pairs of running shoes made in China each year. Okay Vietnam and Thailand have become increasingly alternative countries in the textile industry due to trade conflicts or supplemented by higher profit margins. Sure, you can also go buy bicycles or register at a gym. The Entrepreneurs are pleased with these sales. But for everyone who can't take the train for sport, what's left? Long walks and the discovery of hiking for yourself are enormous; if you can call a dog your best friend, you will take it with you, and you will be doubly happy. Damage is not to be expected, but b'man needs more patience to see and feel progress. Physically and mentally it is a blessing. By the way, both of these use 40-60% more fat, because you are undergoing a low but long-lasting exposure (BPM 90-125). If that is not possible as a start, only the offer that the health insurances make available remains for the time being. Rehabilitation sports, therapeutic support, massages and gymnastics are on the long-term plan. It costs a lot, but it justifies his invention. They all became new service providers after we created a sedentary population. Don't sit, because you sit by the fire and stare into it and enjoy the crackling of the burning wood. No, we have to sit down because that's how we earn our money. Working while sitting and realizing that you are gradually putting your health at risk. However we turn the carousel in which we all move and to which we are exposed. The result, for all those who say yes, it is then: Welcome to the club, you are solvent citizens. The price of health has been paid for through enjoyment and work. Now you have the way to recover. If it means something to you and you see yourself as affected, I'll be with you. I'm so sorry for you all too. Suffering is what life is all about when you join the Yesayers Club. From a distance at a safe distance from his television set, suffering is much easier to bear anyway. Of course, suffering is more complex, if you come to terms with it, as soon as the Indians accept suffering in their everyday life, then life can be experienced more simply.

The industries that have taken our money in baskets for many decades are now in ruins. Who should buy the products in the future when everyone has already gotten sick, doctors as a result of their rates of industrial processed foods, lots of sugar and bad fats. A handshake is used to pass you on from the food companies to the pharmaceutical and medical companies. The cycle of industries has been supported on average for 30 years. Then the body begins to present serious changes. Who are the industries that harm us humans in this way? Can't you put the word torture in your mouth when people need long journeys after such a long journey to get well again?

It's hard, not even a three-day-old toast is that hard. Many countries have been brought under one roof over the decades. One merger after another has made the original corporations that started with the madness more international. Modern debt distribution in a suit and tie. But of course origins can be specified more precisely. If you manage to assign a DNA from a piece of textile to a person after 30 years, then everything else should be cool.

That everyone deserves was one way in a rapidly industrialized century. Now comes the century of resistance, the rebels from MadMax are already in the starting blocks. Of course not, at least not officially. People will face the challenge of mastering the current century with intellectual resistance. Those who say yes become professional disciplined no sayers. No will be the new yes. Just as you turn 40 into the new 30 when you age. Say no to anything that can harm your health. I can already see an army before us that the generation calls itself clean. They're so disgustingly clean again and live such a shitty healthy lifestyle that it only takes a few conversations before you send these people to hell again. Those who know everything better and have devoured mountains of literature and statistics. This is the west, good afternoon. Actually, they're just called eat clean people. They have a high focus on eating healthily, from natural and untreated foods. Fresh, piously cheerful, one might think.

It is precisely this generation whose spirit will face new challenges. Tuesday e industry should dress warmly.

Was it now conscious and the strategy to fatten whole areas and populations unhealthily for so long, so that economic performance collapses? Is it possible to artificially influence the innovative strength of entire countries to the disadvantage of a nation? If you take a closer look and deal with current literature on the subject, there are already many facets that underpin this. People who consume a lot of sugar are often more stressed and easily irritable. Sugar also makes it harder to concentrate. Learning and recognizing connections becomes more difficult. So do you have a generation in the school classes that should actually have forged our future? Now the hot seat at school was filled with a mountain of sweet and fatty meals. To think that getting a fantastic harvest would be insane. It is like that too. The countries lack innovative strength, as read articles from all over the world. Power freaks stayed away. But there is also an elite out there somewhere. An elite that went other ways. All of Europe cannot create these monsters in the media, which wander virally and digitally across the screens in America. The Eat Clean type is actually more creative, the higher the floors, the cleaner life it seems. This is not the case when you pull the subject of sex drugs and rock'n'roll out of the drawer. America is known for the many trends and great inventions that fill our everyday life. Music, entertainment and art has often become so beautiful under foggy conditions. If one derives this insight into the economies of non-liberal countries, then what does that mean? With the many bans, the countries have strictly put the free development of creativity and possible innovation in the way. So the problems are homemade. Now, of course, one can ask who is actually controlling this house? But the fact is, other countries are of course interested in investing funds so that some countries do not become too big and too strong. The German inventive spirit is a monster as you know today, right? Apart from the Swiss with their Ricola! Cultivated populations cannot actually be tamed with enjoyment, food, medicine and the right prohibitions. For so long one was kept from life and the actual natural development. If the potential of entire countries is not fully developed at the same time. True to the motto, only a consciously weakened citizen is a controllable citizen.

Kind regards

rinaldo imperiale