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If you are looking for answers, you have to start a journey 2020

If you are looking for answers, you have to start a journey. But already there the paths separate. Is the physical journey meant or the virtual one through the World Wide web? Both are of course correct. Some of us are craving puzzles. You know that from before. What used to mean today Today there are people out there who love to puzzle. I once had one in my hand, it was the famous “Michelangelo fresco” The masterpiece where two beings are half floating close to each other and stretch out their hands to each other. It was originally packed and had around 12,000 puzzle pieces. So big that you can fill an entire wall. The original painting can be seen in the Sistine Chapel. I then bought it. At the flea market, the price seemed to me more than fair. You often buy things you don't really need. It is human nature. Today you know it's not nature. After looking at it in peace, I quickly noticed. It's going to be a life's work if you're not careful. So I rejected the plan and let it go. But how much passion is there in people that you can sacrifice so many years of a life for a puzzle? It has to be a lot. At some point I simply resold it. The new owner was very happy about it. It was not important to me what and how he came up with this unusual hobby of building puzzles. In retrospect, his story might have been interesting.

But if you look out into the world with curious eyes and open eyes, you quickly realize that the whole world actually has a lot to do with puzzles. Not in the classic sense, but in the historical sense e.g. Reconstruction of epochs, timelines that spanned many centuries and millennia. Even an old broken vase becomes a real puzzle. People puzzle more than you are actually aware of. Do you like to watch thrillers? There are bound to be many fans of the genres of the crime series and films out there. Who was the killer now, you always said it must have been the gardener, or the loved one. That's the nice thing here and there you start to work your way into the depths of a film. Everyone can suddenly play and be a detective. For the famous Sherlock Holmes or the Monk, it is rather not enough. Here is an event, there is a sword, there is an overturned planter. The tension is already rising and someone in the second row crackles with his hand in the chip bag. No signs of burglary to be seen. Suspicious, how did they get into the house? It's that quick and you dive into the element and puzzle in the truest sense of the word.

It is strong when you are on the way and new events lead to unknown problems. So new solutions are needed. But can these also be implemented? How captivating such a chain of developments can be. In all respects we are enchanted by the possibility to watch everyday and “activities” as a puzzle. The furniture maker who, with a bit of luck, cobbles everything together. At the beginning you always hear that there is only one chair, you don't need any instructions for it, you can do it without a plan. Back then he was good at Lego, his pretext could be. Yes, quite a few experts have made a mistake in the litter box. The easiest tasks can quickly cost a valuable free afternoon. If you take a look over in the free kitchens. What is there to see, almost only ready meals. That too, but doesn't cooking have any kind of puzzles ?! Yes, it has. You take the ingredients and piece by piece you throw the ingredients, little by little into a saucepan. In the end you have a finished whole. Many small parts make up a whole. Like the puzzle. Historically, the puzzle has become modern again. Global networking has resulted in a large division of labor. Take the computer or a car. It is manufactured part by part at 20 locations in different plants. In the end, everything is collected in one location to build a whole. The principle is the same for computers. Studies that in the end should provide us with statistics and an overall picture on a topic or a question also work that way. A thousand people have to deliver in order to create a usable whole. If the worm is only at one point, the project cannot be completed. Simply put, a part of the puzzle is missing.

Ultimately, every person is also a small piece of the puzzle in the circles and tracks on which they move, each supplemented by his doing and acting on all the processes and procedures linked to it. The missing parts can be easily replaced by copies in the ultra-modern technological era. So everything is replaceable. With the replicas around the puzzle too

complete a good eye is required to recognize the original and replica. Especially when you are 2m away.

Where you are already looking for something, you also know the phenomenon that an important puzzle piece or component is always missing so that it continues seamlessly.

No?! Then your life is an exemplary variable.

You can dive into many areas and install the element puzzle, but at some point it gets boring and that's always bad.

Who likes boredom in a world that has been built up in 100 years, where around the clock it is guaranteed that entertainment and excitement will be offered 365 days and ¼ a year. At a fixed price or by subscription. Entertainment and entertainment. It has become so good that we forget everything and hurry from one conversation to the next. Entertainment distracts. Finally clear your head, that's how it feels. Life can be so exhausting, 8 hours in the office, the fan is running, in the background you can hear the wind whistling between the posters and producing its own sound. So are we still able to spend our day free? Yes, you just have to break the mold and build your own everyday life outside of it. Take an example from the salmon in nature. The first step in an unknown freedom. But not everyone is lucky, entertainment determines life. By that I don't mean Aunt Trude who comes over for coffee or tea with a piece of cake every day and tells the stories of the day and those of the neighborhood. That would still be real entertainment. So entertainment is and remains the medium with which we sweeten your evening. New thoughts emerge, with music, we let emotions arise. Yes, magicians work in these industries. Only that in the end no rabbit emerges from the black top hat.

As hard as advertising gets out of the tension of a film, the new topic will continue to do so now.

It is history and it is based on the traditions of the old and orphans. If you don't want to deal with Mystic and the global connections of our ancestors from the past 10000 years, you will simply come back another time. There is always something to report and to tell. In a way, a healthy worldview is also due to how you puzzle. Who and what to give weight and what you'd rather drop through the sieve. If that is too abstract, you can send me your healthy world view.

In certain parts of the world you can find large drawings on the floor, fans of you know the Nasca Lines. They suggest that the ancient tribes and thus our ancestors saw something in heaven. Flying objects appear here and there in paintings. There are also many small handmade sculptures that look like small flying objects, archaeologists found them during excavations and you can see them today in various museums around the world and who of course wants to be amazed. In the paintings you appear as a flying disc or just as a fireball. There are really a lot of sightings in the air that go as far as the present.

Organizations have been established in many countries so people can go to a place to report. Even NASA astronauts and fighter jet pilots see a lot in the sky. But that shouldn't be the core of the next lines.

My only concern is that sightings have been made for thousands of years that something was flying in the sky. That became figurative with a painting, the engraving in the rock and stone, as well as the drawing on the underground that the corresponding century had to offer. Paper came very late.

Now a piece of the puzzle is added. I see a connection here to the “Roswell” crash from 1947 in July. It's just about answering the question of what exactly crashed there.

If you don't know the story, summarize it in two sentences. Something has fallen from the sky. The first to be at the site and holding parts of the run-down aircraft in their hands made the following statement: “It was a shiny material that when you bent or folded it went back to its original shape on its own.” This statement also supports my puzzle part. Of course it's spongy to build on something like that, but it's about details.

Anyone who overlooks the small details can quickly be lured into the wrong track. At its core this is also logical, so we tend to believe it or to rate it as real. After Navy employees were at the crash site and the local staff asked the press again for a statement, the original statement was canceled and the complete crash site was blocked off with a restricted area, everything that was there ag was transported in vans, pickups and other vehicles and into today's

Area 51 brought. This base is in the state of Nevada, the country where a nation has managed to "make dreams come true", followed by the motto: "Anyone can do it". The most modern test flights are made there today. The following day, there was only one message that a weather balloon had crashed. Everyone knows weather balloons, they fly high and take measurements in the air. With this story, Roswell became famous and is today a mecca for freaks and fans who find such stories fascinating. The mayor and the city administration built behind it have been able to generate incredible income since this story. Not to forget the tourism industry through the many pilgrimages. It is the little spin on a phone number or invoice that figuratively plunges information upside down into chaos.

Raw materials and materials that go back into shape on their own were unknown at the time and are still difficult to reproduce today, if at all. I can't think of anything except water. The architects of today would have their problems copying the old buildings and temples from that time. There are many examples, so I mention the pyramids of Giza, which everyone knows.

I don't want to go into that in any more detail, it's just about the object, what it was and where it came from.

Let's take a look at today's drive technologies, by which I mean the combustion engine that runs on petrol, before that there was steam and heat in the locomotives, but also the rocket drives that brought people to the moon. All types of drives are not intended for long journeys or decades.

Above all, because you always have to add new energy. So we get into space with it and then a realistic perspective ends, how and where the journey could go. Anyone familiar with the distances in the universe knows the speed of light, which is currently: 299,792,458 meters per second. This corresponds to 299,792 km per second. As far as we know, it would take 12.6 years at this speed, e.g. to Orion, for one direction, of course. The problem is that the drive that is currently available to us 13/7/20 is just 30000 km / h fast, which means you only get 8.33 km per second. You are welcome to calculate how long such a trip woul