• rinaldo imperiale

Life in small and large communities

The social with each other. A modern form of highly demanding personal work. Everyone can contribute to whether a boat stays on course or a racing car goes off the track. Much has been learned about human characteristics since writing and data collection. Last but not least, analyzes by experts have contributed to a better understanding of behavior in situations. After a short time, roles are subconsciously assigned to each group. The whole thing becomes clear when small groups live together longer or spend more time together. The family life in which the size of the family grows in the course of a lifetime is again far removed from all communities. At least in theory. Rolls emerged at some point and dug themselves into the ground like a heavy stone. Shaking it is not that easy. But something is happening, the way to freedom to be allowed to be as you want, far from old roles, has been prepared.

So why can some groups work great straight away and others not?

This is due to the quality of each one. The human clockwork, a component that is finely and precisely constructed in terms of mechanics. How good the person really is here only becomes apparent when you meet other people of the same species. It doesn't always work. The exception is in love. Sometimes you fall in love straight away. Two clockworks meet. Hitting the right moment at the right moment is probably very unlikely. The laws of mathematics cannot be easily tricked. As groups get bigger it is even more difficult to predict whether they will get along together. So is it a coincidence like a game of dice. No, in groups, experience and age also play a role. Just because one has studied social subjects, it does not mean that the graduates are or have to be social beings. It just certifies that you have read through the material of the universities and from the books and understood it with the passing of an exam. You don't have to be social after studying a lot of books on the subject. One factor that is often overlooked is the variable and course of an individual's life. With an increasing understanding of social behavior, the risk of wanting to influence behavior and the course in groups increases. Manipulation should not be missing here. A bit like a director acting in the back rows.

Other factors that influence living together are the tasks that are completed alone or by several people at the same time. If a group just sits by the blazing fire and stares into the flame day in and day out, everyone has experienced the same thing, but nothing has been created. Depending on the nature of the fire, however, one has to say that even with a fire in the open air, a minimum of communal organization is required. Humans have not yet managed to fetch the wood from the wild animals. Not yet. But there are also groups where everything is really only controlled and regulated by 2-3 people. About technical German, planning and organizing. 7 others just help themselves to the cake. If you are an entrepreneur and a service provider, the others have paid for the fire in the open air and then nobody has to help. In general, however, one has to say that the more a group does together, the more memories and the feeling of unity are strengthened. Conflicts are minimized through frequent social activities. The good prevails.

On the other hand, there are always conflicts in groups, you have to see who is involved and what the individual triggers or causes were. That alone only says something about the fact that the groups often trigger conflicts but nothing about the fact that these groups have to or should be dissolved. Disputes about nothing will sooner or later become a kind of routine in the most varied of social classes. Role plays arise unconsciously. Groups get used to the circumstance and will not exclude anyone because of it. There is this behavior in the animal world. If the strongest animal in a group has grown old and weak, it is usually driven away with a fight. Rank was imparted through strength and strength. As part of a social community, you don't see much of the individual. But as a remote observer, the many small details quickly become clear. Everything has its place. Every event resolves itself according to today's understanding. There is no lasting and standing process.

The many mechanisms of the individual situation continue to run invisibly. The only question is how do you want to let the situation run out in a targeted manner. The principle of an action takes a reaction has been proven to be a great sword. All participants can actively influence and control the course. The restaurant owner would ask how would you like it? light, hot, well seasoned or so bad that you have to order again. In other words, do we solve it with anger and anger or do we go to the point of the volcano with the harp and intelligence? It can be a long night. As a passionate inventor, it is time to develop and use precrime technology for such tensions.

With the simplest software that analyzes, for example, the pitch of the voice in groups, you can warn the group very quickly using signals in an app. Yes, even the speaker gets such feedback. Everything is measurable today. A modern way of coaching yourself. Be trained in mindfulness. Imagine teachers in class have installed this type of application and receive feedback via the smartwatch depending on the set parameters. Wouldn't it be great? Conflicts and behavior are not a new hat, but an exciting one. Research always sounds very general, but in reality every country and region has its own pitfalls to contend with. Dozens of external factors intervene in an event. Last but not least, the weather, which significantly keeps our senses and our daily well-being in check. It is not clear whether the neutrinos surrounding us also have an influence. But energies do play a role in many ways. Neutrinos are still at a very early stage in research and its effects.