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Nature with your key to an undiscovered Language

On the trail of nature, the hunt for the key to an undiscovered language. The language is called evolution, discovering the gates of change in secret is equivalent to a journey into an unknown dimension. Where exactly this dimension appears to be, when it starts and where it ends remains a mystery. We have never experienced such a high level of understanding of all relationships before. Science with many observations and analyzes is a masterpiece of combination in the field of discovery. "Let`s Discover this Planet" At the same time, more people than ever are concerned with unresolved problems.

With modern and fastest communication technology, we can “teach the latest” to all important people in all your areas with the latest. In search of the unknown source for these many answers and the good ideas that flow to us humans, a new door seems to have opened a crack. True to the motto, we are at a point where it cannot go on. But then it continues! Some know about it from real life, others are only ever told about it, and others know about it from television. Make up your mind for door A) - B) or C). Some approach the matter statistically. Sooner or later someone comes up with the idea, or a small group tinkers until the spark turns to fire. But if one examines the whole thing in more detail and reconstructs the finding of the solution, then it quickly becomes clear that no one can remember for a thousandth of a second what ultimately led to it and where it came from. While some are impressed by their ingenuity, others highlight their ingenuity, others see themselves celebrating on the winner's podium. Everything has its justification, because you can't refute any of it. But there are also the religious among us, they say everything to the gods. As well as those who speak of superordinate powers that represent the powers and effects of gods, but have nothing to do with it in the slightest. The invisible power. Not the “dark power of STAR WARS” Not to forget, everyone out there who says everything we do and what we create and discover has its origin in nature and comes from nature. My idea is in the unknown language of nature, where animals inexplicably understand when you fly south to save your own life and that of the group from freezing and starving. So I think nature has developed a system in the form of a language that gives the animals the right signal at the right time. A kind of collective for every living being in which everything can receive instructions from each other, completely unconsciously, we also call it intuition and instinct. Both are still very opaque processes. Everything is connected to everything, that's how nature created and optimized it. In the beginning, some processes were most likely less efficient and not as coherent as today. You can tell by the biological age of the animals I would like to say. The longer we look back into the history of the animal world, the slower and bigger everyone was. In contrast, the younger a species is, the easier and faster it became. The bird and insect world shows this very clearly. We also find our own development and the dramatic advances that accompany us on the smallest level. Transistor and nano chip technology! The absorption of energy by the individual has decreased. Perhaps this can also be explained by the fact that more and more living things are being created, the food supply is also decreasing. Is it then a coincidence, or does nature know beforehand when a food chain breaks down what it has to provide as a substitute for it. A self-learning thinking system called nature. This principle of language between nature and animals is also intended for us humans. We may have simply forgotten the language and the understanding of it. People used to be smarter than today in many areas. Why was that? Knowledge has been lost. How? Maybe because we have lost contact with ourselves and our own mind. Is there also the secrecy of the pharaohs here? A people who shouldn't write! Do you know that shouldn't be passed on? Complex but with possible truth content.

Intended for us humans to the extent that nature can optimize our progress and development and build it more efficiently. In our constitution and our anatomy, we are anything but efficient in terms of our energy intake. Each of us needs 2000-3000 calories every day. A society that rests and moves less needs significantly less energy! We have just arrived at this threshold, thanks to computers and office jobs, if it weren't for the irrepressible spirit of sweet and tasty things. So we have to deal with the well-intentioned evolution in everyday life with less energy. Enjoyment also means life “Dolce Vita”, right? Meanwhile, animals blindly follow an instinct or intuition without animals seeing a connection to nature as the cause of their actions. Has man created consciousness by at least keeping this option open. The nature of semiconductors in communication. Those who do not know if nature knew better about efficiency. To this day, nature has proven in a process of several hundred million years how much architecture and the smallest changeable processes have to be done in order to keep the Planet power plant running and live. However, we have to keep the complexity apart. So that nature drives our efficiency forward, nature gives us the interface to an idea. Behind an idea, a plan still has to be made. How do you do that? This harbors new space for new stories and fantasies. This moment when we assume that we have invented or discovered an idea is actually a complex process where nature touches us at the right moment. Mfg rinaldo imperiale

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