• rinaldo imperiale

Our Communication is a Barrel Organ, the Notes are Made by Others ...

Our communication, how we speak, what we talk about today ... and why some actually like to speak, others a lot and still others are silence in person.

The nice thing about it, the more complex a topic is, the more differentiated is the approach to explain the whole thing simply but beautifully.

First of all I have to disappoint everyone. Up to 90% of all the stuff we croak is not specially created content. Every form of dialogue that we have on a daily basis includes information that we have picked up, seen or heard on radio and TV, so we always just pass everything on somehow. There are enough ways and means.

In between there is a large space in our population from the suffering of the individual citizen. This proportion of people exchanges information by essentially dealing with their own illnesses or with those of others. So both physical = physical and psychological suffering = mind & soul. So the time we spend talking about diseases every day is great. What is wrong with people? There is so much nice and good about the 5 min. could talk at the bus stop or in the supermarket. No, apparently people are caught up in this kind of language to share. You have to find a way through the media to communicate that better. A change in language would be nice.

A third category includes the daily summary of what you did and whether you were hardworking or lazy. Gardening, housework, shopping, watching TV, radio, watching the mail, cooking, then comes the digital area. Internet, news, reading, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram YouTube, streaming, Netflix and Sky. Go for a walk to clean the litter box.

What does that tell us so far? Everything we have learned from other people on such days or what we have told others ourselves is based on heard or carried out activities. So there are repetitions, a loop, as you call it. With the record, the DJ would say, hm ... something is wrong. The director, script writer would call, we can't even write another script for our people out there. Elsewhere on a sign and in the Deep Achievements of 21st Century Knowledge and Wisdom, "We need to exercise mindfulness and be more attentive as we walk the world, surf and ride. Charity and respect is a fairy tale.

The second part contains topics about our suffering life and that of our neighbors. Don't you also know the neighbors that are in every street, they know everything about everyone in the street. He is feared but also loved. You can no longer take off the wrong dress. My tip, as short and superficial as possible. Of course you are free to unpack one of the Grimm brothers' fairy tale books and present one of them to your neighbor. It's just a typical character on the German stage. It is gossiped and tells what the stuff gives, that the life of the other is the focus. You don't know your own. You can find it in various soaps and series. A generation's circumstance created that.

Life in a frame is only beautiful as long as you don't know anything about it. Unfortunately, such citizens have little to do with Love Peace and Harmony. If something similar seems familiar to you and you can hardly bear it, then moving to the country only seems to be able to inspire your life.

My contribution is only about the communication and the content of it, i.e. the entire cycle of information that we all exchange every day. It is not about judgment or prejudice, it is facts that are taken up in everyday life or read elsewhere. So far, everyone who talked has not created any new and own content. The mind of each individual is constantly exchanging information that was already in circulation. The routine talk show, routine is nice, you don't have to do anything, maybe you don't want that either. You can and may always talk and do the same thing. Good. So is that one of the real reasons why monks live in silence and in peace?

The third part addresses the many young people who have made the leap with technology. Here, however, all age groups have found the connection. The curve then gradually decreases for those over 65 years of age. Still.

From here you can clearly see that the spoken language has lost value. In the sense of one speaks less. Everyone is just typing on the devices. Is speaking less a way back to the roots? Up until a few 100 years ago, we hardly had any vocabulary in our heads. The king sent his messengers to announce news in the marketplaces. The farmer ordered the land the woman took care of the children and a good meal. Not much was said, there was not much new that could have been reported! No newspaper, no radio. It was a quiet time.

With the day when people came closer together and formed communities, that is, the first village, the larger city, etc., people lost consciousness of their own interests and to deal with themselves. So it happened that more and more people stood on the stage and performed things or played something.

This phenomenon has resulted in us losing ourselves.

From that day on, more and more news from outside came into the focus of every individual or family. Our own life, who we are, our environment and our surroundings, as well as life with each other and not against each other was lost. Our own thoughts moved away because only information from outside had space in all of our thinkers and doers. Everything that made up our person and our being in a natural way was exchanged in the shortest possible time. That means all talents and skills can be brought back to life. You just have to remember what life used to be like. As an actor you would have to slip into the role of a farmer in the 15th century.

At the same time, the Today stage is the focal point for our daily entertainment. At least for a large part of our population. TV stage - series - politics stage - sport and art puhhhh ... There are hundreds of stages that you can fall into. It's comfortable, we sit and just have to listen and look. Reading books yourself has already become too tedious and monotonous for some.

After the stage experience came to an end and you were at home, you shared the experience the next day at the latest, so the past information blossomed again. That now seems to have completely disappeared from many. The here and now, what is right now.

In the meantime there has been a change of stage. The stage no longer has to be found and visited. No, we managed to integrate a stage into a smartphone-sized product. This is the stage 2.0 "Our smartphone"

The central point of a lifetime.

A middle way would be, we speak less unimportant and protect the mind and save energy. For this we have to learn to increase the quality of the content we deal with. Industry 4.0 was, digital 2.0 is. So upgrading the language is in progress! Whatever you will call it.

By typing in the cell phones and on the keyboards, we shift the spoken language into mental thinking. It is an evolution. A step that will change our mind sustainably. Some even say that we will activate and train other areas in our brain through generations of thinking. Mental fitness and diversity would benefit us. Considering that, according to official information, only 5-6% of our brain is currently used. Then there is still a lot of room for improvement.

If we look at the Asian continent in this context, there is a big difference to the Western cultures. The Asians look inside themselves and know the essence and their mind that for millennia. The completely different religion shaped the peoples differently. The focus was not on the material level but on the spiritual. Man, health, nature, the family, the community. We are slowly realizing that Asian culture can awaken a lot of good things in us. Yoga, meditation, Asian cuisine, TaiChi. In my opinion, everything was very positive. We, however, are still too concerned with negative content. This is your own fault, why do you have to soak up the many negative contents that rain down on us day after day like a sponge? The same messages are heard 10 times a day on the hour. Does it make sense? Why not switch over and do something different? Why not even organize conversations that you have in everyday life? Yes, why not? Is there a lack of ideas? We tend to always blame others and never look down on ourselves. In this case, blaming is appropriate, a giant industry that produces information every day, media, news and TV content really feeds us with a lot of "irrelevant" data. Apart from the many contents that impart knowledge about the country, the country and culture, as well as the many informative documents. So are creative minds missing in other areas? Are the program directors and editors themselves prisoners of the daily program? If this is the reason why television will die out, more and more viewers are turning away from the classic TV program. We humans evolve, everything around us evolves.

If you look into the world of the citizens, you can quickly see that many know how to present themselves and how valuable an external status is. But only very few know themselves, the inner of each one! The values ​​that in principle make up a person are blurred and have moved away.

It is the information.

One can ask, why is that? Ask yourself why is that so? You never had to learn that from the cradle. School and education systems have so far not been designed to focus on people and themselves. So far, the creative spirit has only been placed at the margins of society and has been able to open up new markets. These creative spirits are respon