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Superordinate and subordinate systems in space 2020

Because man has recognized these many systems, he has made use of them and considered where one can create systems himself. We experience that every day. One system after the other is added, while others are sorted out or are no longer familiar. The best example is the steam locomotive. Has been used for a long time, but then replaced by something more advanced. From simple to complex, man has created every form of system. If you now assume that life and all living beings are among the most complex systems of all, then it is not really surprising that people are able to create very complex systems. Not as an individual but as a group can analyze many systems and build something even larger or more complex from them. If you want to highlight a few systems that have been created, then these are mainly systems that have to transport something over long distances. A variety of systems are based on transportation. It is crucial that an interaction of the energy supplied drives the built system. If you look at an engine, then the fuel from oil is the element that makes the system run. In the case of a quartz watch with a complicated movement, it is ultimately the battery that keeps a system running. The transport of image and data bundled under the heading of information makes it clear how curious and complex a system can be. At the same time, however, it reflects a central role that all living beings grapple with. Namely communication. The network of language from the village was expanded to include a global communication center. So you developed and built a small system and then let it grow bigger and bigger. This is often the case with systems that were invented by human hands. But the size and extent of these structures in the core also shows the universe again. Although it has so far proven to be indescribably large, the universe system is said to have been very small once in a while. Big bang and big bang theory, but there is no proof. And conversely, physicists and scientists say it is expanding. Just as a company sets out to grow, an expansion plan has been written, the universe of space is also in the process of getting bigger and bigger. It is expanding, the universe. Interesting right? In the structures that we recognize and that we make usable as a system, unfortunately it also always attracts people who are looking for the weaknesses of systems. Every system has its weakness. It is the same in real life. Every animal, every fruit and every plant has a weakness and is therefore vulnerable. We humans naturally have the same problem with us. The only advantage that humans have is that they can work through and train their weaknesses in a targeted manner and even in a short time. In the higher systems, the earth as a system cannot speak freely of it. A meteorite a comet, and the system has to combine all forces and repair everything over time. The weakening of the systems has also become a lucrative affair, which one finds weakens and supports the builder of the systems against financial compensation, while a third system has been formed to weaken the system further or to carry financial profit from it. In nature one finds the groups weakening as a process when hunting. It doesn't matter if it is animals that need prey or if it is a hunter who wants to feed a family. They all hunt down. Until the system is naturally exhausted or another component breaks prematurely. Be systematically ahead of the strategy. An antelope only has to fall and injure its foot and it falls prey to the hunter. We are currently experiencing how many systems are collapsing in the world and this also shows that there are still many ahead of us. Whether it is the builder of a system or a user, and the associated dependency fails, is individual on other fonts. As a builder, however, you have to ask yourself what have we done wrong that a system has come to this point. Morally it is of course greed that has caused many breakdowns. In a system where others take more than is necessary, such processes are predictable. A manager of many thousands receives a generous salary. However, his bonus payments go beyond good and bad. In nature one does not see that too much is taken, no animal builds up supplies. Except for a few who live in the rest of the Antarctic. Now you can make use of nature and the systems it contains, but there is no right to change. At least there is no official law that the change is prohibited. But if you look into space and reachable neighbours planets, laws were quickly written to divide up the possible raw materials that could be found there. There is no sole entitlement. With so much unreasonableness where you can see the system of nature as a teacher and at the same time destroy it in these masses as you read and see it is not excusable. Systems are actually good when they are run by good people. But the good spirits and the many oaths that are taken only allow later insights into what swamp everything is in. If you look at the lost kingdoms, lordships, monarchies and whatever else there was that has come and gone in the many thousands of years, then if you can believe the history and the translation, errors in the highest levels were always responsible. If systems are no longer functional at first, destruction is imminent. It used to be the same. Today one would assume that people with all of their systems are making use of others' mistakes. But that did not happen.

If a system breaks, we just take the computer, then we just know how to reinstall the system and we're on the go. If you look outside and compare systems that work and that don't work, you should get rid of one and replace it with a better one. This world is all about profit, fees and costs. Everything that has to do with the topic of money is a major disruptive factor in all systems created by humans. Currencies are the bad thing in all of our systems. The nice thing about money now when you think about it. It's a system you've just added. With the pharaohs and the ancient Egyptians there were no monetary units and no wages. In the cultures and peoples before that, it is assumed today that money and currencies did not exist. At the same time, people were pleased at the time or they were swapped. So even though we have created a system that creates and keeps conflicts in check every day around the world, there is no plan B of that system. But it looks realistic. The people who once had the idea of ​​bringing a system of currency into the world could indeed deal with presenting an option on the subject of currency and money. One could argue that money has been around for too long. Never in history has a man-made system lasted so long. So is it time? or does it just mean that it was not created by humans and consequently it cannot be destroyed. But the fact is that systems in the field of currencies have made progress. The system of cryptocurrencies is so secure that nobody can screw it anymore. This is different with money printing machines.

These ways where systems come and go or are superseded are standard today. Even a book of laws is subject to a kind of set of rules behind which there is a system. Everything builds on one another and system dependencies arise depending on the industry.

The architecture and the sensitive system behind it in a country and in this example in a democracy make it clear. Subordinate and superior!

The person is the lowest in a country above him comes the property manager, city administrator, state administrator and then in Germany you are already at the BUND who regulates everything. One system with many thousands of systems. But since Europe was founded, a superordinate system has been created. If a country is good and submits to EUROPE, it gets money and a pat on the back for cooperation.

Sure, that's a big system, but when we travel into the human system, everything is regulated in the same way there. You're nice, then yours should be nice too. This type of communication is particularly experienced in English-speaking open worlds, open societies. That's nice. So there are countries in which citizens live where the systems that work together are easier and nicer. The problem, with so many laws and duties, has not yet been imposed on the citizen. It would actually be time to create a system in which everyone is obliged to be nice and to support each other if help or a need exists. The system of individuality in which everyone can show how great and special they are would then be history. Isn't it already history? Haven't we just noticed that there is an abundance of copies out there? Who even still makes his thing? If you look into all systems, everyone somehow does the same thing and everyone copies everyone and all possible processes! It is a blatant statement, it is clear, but once you have fallen out of the ordinary and looked outside the box, a whole new picture emerges.

If you place yourself under everything going according to plan, you rise to a higher level etes system everything is going according to plan. But when you have reached the highest point of a mountain, you realize how small a person is, when you consider how many systems are above and below you. I think there are clearly more systems below humans than above us. To achieve this knowledge and to make it available to others worldwide has something. Hopefully one or the other reader will gain something for themselves. Of course, the good has become rare. Statistically, mathematically, a lot more negative people will see this text.

Whereby we are already on the next point. One would think that the evil outweighs the artificially inflated news from all over the world. Do the good guys even watch TV and the news? Good can quickly turn into bad. Which system just had to be fed long enough for the bad and negative to grow like that? The question goes to you? ...

If the system of injustice is used for a long time, it is a good breeding ground. But evil is not just at home there. There are many small stairs necessary to bring everyone to an alliance of evil in the end. If one had to assign this place to a group or a company, then it is the highest advice of the banks. This is what it reads in many articles, yes, the logic opens the way there when you are looking for something. With just a few changes to numbers - screws that know a way up or down - thousands and thousands of systems can be kept in check. As if you start an arithmetic operation at the very top and a giant wave starts moving behind it. Simply everything works via the monetary system as an instrument, regardless of what happens. The only system that would change people's suffering in this regard would be. The day when a large spaceship in the Independence look visits the earth and says:

So dear ones, we are now taking the helm, from today we will show you a system that works without currencies. Money is history and in the near future you will only be able to see it in museums.

There are many more examples, views and perspectives on the subject of systems, but it is just so extensive that I will simply write a new article on the occasion.

Kind regards

rinaldo imperiale