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The Care of our Planet

This article is about care, don't say boring! First listen to what there is to report. Should you go far? or just say bluntly what you should actually recognize immediately!

Care is a big part of today's life. A large tree that has much more branches than you would recognize at first glance. In this list everyone can be found somewhere. Let's start with what we like, our smartphone, the cell phone with the large touchscreen. zak, clean. Car care, bike care, tooth care, body care, garden care, shoe care, skin care, household care, pet care, computer care, moped care, floor care, window care.

Things that are around us and that we use every day, so in a way, we maintain constantly and always. It has already become so natural that we do not deal with it any further. Incredibly many people have a professional relationship where caring tasks are taken on.

But care goes even further, cultivating friendships, cultivating social contacts, caring for relatives. People care. Customer service. Maintenance of goods upon return acceptance. Maintenance of floor areas in department stores. Maintain an infrastructure, from schools - streets, parks. The animals that live in the zoo even get full board 24/7 a week. We maintain works of art and monuments. Maintaining relations with other countries.

So care is more deeply rooted in us than we would like. Cheers to all robots that will take over a certain type of care in the future and thus free us in parts of our lives. So care always means preserving something. A value, a beauty. So that the generations who come after us can still enjoy the Statue of Liberty from New York in 100 years. One of the few monuments in the world that everyone actually knows, not least because it can be seen in many feature films.

As far as clear, good. We'll go up one floor. The perspective of an eagle from a height of 500m on the earth is breathtaking. Everything is in good order. The view is good. By the way, an eagle can recognize its prey up to 1000m, sharp or? The further we ascend, the passenger plane, jet plane, space station ISS and ESA, the more we can see from a distance what a beautiful, well-tended blue planet we live. From a distance it really looks like this.

We spend 1/12 of our daily time with care, so if you add all other aspects, as listed above, our life actually consists of 6/12 filled with care topics.

So our life's work is to take care of things.

So why don't we take care of this planet? Why ?


rinaldo imperiale

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