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The Mask that has many Faces

The mask and its meaning in our life. The parallels that are obvious and that must first be discovered in the hidden.

The mask on a masked ball or in an opera. Often only lodges with access for the rich and special, the narrowest circle. The carnival in which we all dressed up and still do so, the childhood dream of robbers and gendarmes, cowboys and astronauts seem so close. In cultures to celebrate festivals, in other peoples masks have a long tradition. Often symbolic of gods, spirits and demons. The rituals focused on summoning or banishing as well as representing the beings. Where sacrifices were made, the whole thing was rounded off with a ceremony, a dance of joy and strong disguise with a mask. Today the mask has become salable. Masking can also be found in the autonomy, among the punks, the rebels. It protects our identity and we can move anonymously. Nevertheless, it is a punishable offense and a fine. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt are powerful representatives of masks. There one showed strength and wealth with masks. But they were also popular with the Indians, but there was also face painting. Unfortunately, more and more people have a second life behind a mask, and in much larger numbers. Lies and grief are parked behind a wall, insofar as empathy = compassion has not died out completely among the affected. Intrigue and the rest of the mischievous that one can imagine has arrived with a mask on. The famous Hannibal Lecter, serial killer, bank robber but also specialists mask themselves for strategic reasons. Hollywood has already incorporated the theme of the mask. The Count of Monte Christo is one of the most famous films. After a long imprisonment, he was finally able to live in freedom. A torture of the mask in one context and in another, for your own protection. Masks have always played an important role in computer games and wrestling stars from America. In comic series, the pioneer is M.A.S.K. Occasionally also found in Star Wars. Currently it is the Mandalorian Cineam film, in the past people often talked about Darth Vader. But also with Predator the Terminator and not to forget the classic "Sie Leben" the mask was the focus. The latter is a very exciting script, although the plot is very simple. In this world, function has priority. Achieving goals is a great good, capitalism leads one to believe that a life is beautiful. From a geographical point of view, of course, strongly dependent on culture. Not everywhere, but that's the strong aftertaste in a world where everyone lives and has to live according to specifications. The mask is also veiling in other countries, this type of mask has stood the test of time. Today the mask is in the focus of a planet in a 9 solar system. It can be interpreted and analyzed in a wide variety of ways. A huge catalog has meanwhile emerged where conspiracies cast a spell over entire societies. Food for the news and writers is abundant. As if the virus just wasn't enough. The media also call for our attention and open up spaces for fantasies in which others infect others with their stories, a snowball that starts rolling, a domino stone that has been hit. If you have a long range and a large network, it is easy to throw wood into the fire. Gullibility and hope, as well as following a majority opinion, pushes many into an unfavorable position. Manipulation as added value to optimize chaos. There is always an intention behind everything. Is it not so? Do you have to think big and look beyond the horizon to recognize new goals? Is the virus now a weapon of nature, or a new form of staging wars? Did you just use the weak position of capitalism to avoid a collapse of the economy? On average there have been and are major events every 10 years that affected everyone. Both on a physical and on a spiritual level. If you introduce a virus, a world in which we have lived up to now can be rebuilt much faster. A new era after the age of industry was sucked out, overstretched and at the limit. Isn't there a great deal of liberation to be seen in the whole. Many no longer have to torment themselves and face the routine of a long life. Only the better-paid system ically important people had to continue to function apart from more cash.

In essence, it should be about the mask, now it happened to me too, the subjection of one plus to other information. In fact, there is a writing technique behind it. To start with a flower and end up with a washing machine to sell. Okay, that's another topic. Rebels, punks, modern cyber punks, cyber terrorists, hackers, and the 12 Monkeys with their sequel to 13 Monkeys are behind it all. It is clear, or do you have better ideas. Even causes behind the virus that are related to technology as a trigger have already been taken up. For example, the many nets that surround us, shooting through our bodies, cells and tissues every day, could be related to this. The result is that our lungs have a hard time working. You are still at the beginning and no sooner has the way been cleared for a changing world than the news with accusations and initiators from all over the world. Black Peter, where is the card with the answer to everything?

So it's about hiding to protect our airways. At this point, those who have blood group zero are less susceptible than others. The exact reason is not clear, but research is under investigation. The whole world was turned into a cage overnight. Everyone has their small efficiency and an allocated space in which they can move. Of course if you have a home. People who live on the street face other problems. It's an elite, a dark power, something that has done such good groundwork that we don't yet know its dimensions. Is it an artificial intelligence with superpowers? You don't read anything more than (KI) / (AI) about anything in the last 12 months. A secret weapon that got out of hand, a fairy tale experiment? The mix of science fiction and political thriller? The next level where power games reach new dimensions. According to a modular system. One would have to ask oneself slowly but surely who are the actors and the profiteers. The actors are unclear or, at best, something can be imagined. Without verified data, it's all speculation. The profiteers are large corporations that have long been talking about an impending change. A Maya tradition heated up the minds again and again in the past. We are on the way to a higher consciousness that will change the whole world and life, so it is described. Was this with the virus the gate that was needed to initiate the event?

Was you aware of the story and then worked out a plan to catapult the world to a new level. Take a look around and try to remember, was life before the pandemic really a social life? or were you more of the opinion in the region where you live, there were hypocrites, fraudsters and only the category of people who already causes stress when an apple lands on his property. Only always a catastrophe caused by floods has regional, with the strong cooperation of the media, led to everyone saying in front of the TV, oh look how everyone can stick together. Especially if you always saw the donation results afterwards. The uphill and downhill curve as well as the stagnation in the middle are a universal formula that can be used well in everyday life. You can see that here today, in your own discipline. At the beginning the motivation is high and then it stagnates, until everyone fails and rebellion and civil war in the worst case scenario are carried out cosmopolitan. Create chaos to create something new. See current world situation. Triggered naturally or staged. A question of time before things change. But it doesn’t work without change and this is borne out by the records and the stories of many thousands of years past. The world and all of its inhabitants have been taken by surprise. An emergency brake or a targeted move. The mask symbolizes a multitude of things that are known to us all. Who really judges us with this New Way of Life? The dark force. A secret operating new breed of mafia. The spiritual out there say it is the gods, the one god who has watched the goings-on of inhumanity long enough. So a plan was written in cooperation with nature to exterminate humanity. The plan knows and everyone is in their place and a goal is not in sight.

If it was entertaining then it was entertainment, was it instructive or inspiring, then each letter was worth printing.

Kind regards

rinaldo imperiale

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