• rinaldo imperiale

The Net of the damned - a curse or blessing ...

What we cannot see is difficult to research. Everyone is looking for something somewhere and therefore looking for answers. Everyone knows the uncanny connection and has experienced something similar before. You think of your dog and promptly he struts into your room and looks at you. You want to go out and call one of your friends, almost at the same time the same person calls you. How is this called? The network is full of answers. Everyone throws different explanations into the room and believes to be the hero of the strawberry field. Why not. Now if you analyze the process, you quickly come up with the “idea”. It has something to do with the thoughts, the conscious or unconscious, a kind of collective becomes active. An invisible connection between you and your dog seems to come into effect here. Something like telepathy. Telepathy is an old hat, but it's still popular in science fiction films. A kind of remote communication without technology purely based on the neural level.

A bit modern, it should be possible to order a pizza. Would be nice or. That will definitely happen in some future. Whether in this or in another universe.

Especially at close range, this seems to work more often than you think. In animals there are many of these stories on the subject.

Well, it's not about the animals here, but rather about finding an answer on how such events can be explained exactly.

Everything is somehow connected and networked. Most of them understand that the Internet and technical devices have been connected. Lights up too. But there is more. We are made of the same substances that the earth is made of. All minerals and substances that we carry within are also found on Earth. So it would be logical that we have a direct connection to Earth. The only point of contact, apart from the visual one, is usually on the beach, when we are barefoot on the ground or lying on the meadow in light clothing. Immediately memories jump up how good and beautiful that is. In everyday life, however, we have lost this point of contact with rubber soles, carpets and concrete or asphalt. You may know her, there are a handful of 24-hour barefoot runners per 1,000 residents of one place. Just laughs at you, but why are they doing this? Because of health, or because of the feeling of being permanently connected to the earth ?! Both but I guess the second is more important. In practice does something happen when we walk barefoot through nature all day? In any case, we have direct contact with the planet. People who work a lot with plants, flowers and nature are proven to be happier, happier and therefore more often to be judged as healthier. It's not about luck, it's about what's behind it. Sure, of course. Nature's marvel. A machine with all its facets. Few of you are lucky enough to understand.

So, on the one hand, man stands barefoot in a field and in another moment you can see him working on flowers and plants with his hands. So what is obvious? The body reacts to this form of contact. Even if the soil in the ground is just a lump of earth for us, at least apparently, millions of microorganisms are hidden on 1cm². Smallest living thing. These are also everywhere in the water. What do you know about living things today, everything somehow communicates with each other. In a herd of animals that act as a bandage, only a few of them have to feel fear and a part of the herd is infected and recognizes a danger and either a kind of escape or a kind of increased attention follows. Here you can ask yourself what is the transmission path in the herd. It is the combination of bare ground contact via the hooves or paws and the mental connection among the animals in the herd. Well 50/50 or 51/49. So this kind of invisible communication, telepathy. A kind of spiritual connection. Is the consciousness and the subconscious mind networked with each other if there is one. We all know the foreboding and in most cases it is completely insignificant, but there are also cases where events have occurred in families, where family members have felt that something is wrong. It may also be that sensitivity and clarity play a role here. So there is an invisible way of language, modernly known as communication, which we know exists, but officially we cannot explain it. Even science is powerless here because you cannot see and measure it. That is the area of ​​meta-science. Natural sense should tell you, however, that if millions of people report on these experiences, then something must be right, exactly n should be pretty much all of it. Of course you always send the top 10 home with a smile, but from 1,000 or 10,000 reports it gets so big that countries start to set up their own organizations to deal with these events, e.g. B Document phenomena and investigate that in more detail.

To add something to this whole magic about the spooky language between humans and animals or in families, I send a blockbuster after.

Everything is somehow networked okay. So what speaks against the fact that negative information and emotions can also be transmitted in a society. Let's take an example: In the evening, 10 million citizens watch the bad news of a catastrophe in which a great number were injured and those will probably have to endure for several days in an emergency. Not too long ago, in Indonesia, several children from a sports club were trapped in a cave, all of them at risk of drowning. The emotions are deep grief, dismay, despair and you want to help somehow. The emotions can spread like a fireball around the planet, and also meet those who have not noticed the event. The innocent are drawn into the spell of the negative. The emotion electrifies and infects the others. This presupposes that the citizens can be empathetic = compassionate. So it is a kind of negative field, an experience that can wander through the ranks of a population. Now what about those who don't watch TV, are somewhere on the road, e.g. B Exercise. or maybe sitting somewhere in a pub drinking something and eating. Those affected suddenly feel something negative, depending on their own interpretation, there is something intuitively in the bush. If this were to be interpreted as mood swings. Yes and No, because a person can interpret every event and every change differently. It is very complex. Science loves this word. Some then say something is wrong. Then people go outside into the fresh air. Others have an association and feel a kind of anxiety or pain where the medicine starts and wrote it down, it can be a panic attack or what is widespread the signs of depression. There is a feeling of fear. In general, mental disorders have seen strong growth in many societies, in fact the numbers have all exploded. But in connection with the catastrophe that is currently going on and 10 million viewers are staring at the television, the origin could be somewhere else. In a networked world. That not only takes place in the animal kingdom may have reached the fear of a group that is in an emergency situation, the visitors of the place. A kind of cry for help on a very mental level. You can object to this, why don't everyone run out and feel these events, insofar as they are global events and affect a large number of people?

Many things can be explained, whether it should be the result of this work.

If they are child prodigies, they are people with special abilities. Did these people notice circuits that are too complex to explain easily?

Of course it is easy to say, okay something is wrong with people, here is a pill and it is good. But many of you, if you look inside yourself, know these events.

Nobody knows exactly what is going on around us when those affected experience something like this. You can expand the whole thing even further and it's not that unusual.

There are earthquakes in the world every few seconds. On average it is easy between 2 and 4 on the Richter scale. But the fact is, if a small earthquake is felt in Hawaii at 3 p.m., it can happen that people on the other side of the earth with a certain disposition, a finely tuned subconscious mind that is connected to the earth, wake up at night. What does a normalo think? Hmm funny why did you wake up now! You turn or stand up briefly and go on sleeping. You don't know why, but there could be a connection. They are events that we can all get carried away with every day without knowing it. As I said at the beginning, everything is connected and networked with everything. Those who don't notice anything either have a strong personal firewall, however it can work, or have such a strong job that permanently paralyzes the areas of empathy and emotion. Ultimately, it also serves to protect yourself so that you can continue to do your job. Of course, gender also plays a role, one is more sensitive than the other. Statistically viewed and documented.

The young woman the Fear, discomfort or a panic attack could help, how? You can see in the news on your smartphone whether there has been an event that triggers collective emotions. Disaster, explosion there are several examples. There is one disadvantage, however, as the news is not always provided in real time. Depending on the size and weight. One can ask why are there only a few people?

You can't really say that because you haven't collected any empirical data. There are insufficient studies where events, connections and reactions from citizens are collected. At least officially.

In this example, you know that a young woman had to go outside. But how many people around the world perceived something similar at the same time is not known. Just like many people who suddenly woke up after an earthquake that took place 10,000 km away. Is there a connection and can you see a connection? I think so. So it would be possible that 1000 young women had the same experience at the same time and had to take a deep breath and go outside. Of course, not all of them had to be in one place, the place plays a subordinate role in this context. In retrospect, it was possibly an event that occurred at the same time and caused this reaction. Some may be aware of it, others may not. Consciousness connected in a collective!

Now you can ask yourself, is there a kind of neuronal leader among these 1000 women? Lead animals can trigger a chain. This happens often in nature. Are these 1000 women connected in a special way without you knowing about them? There is no answer, but there is a possibility that it is. A wave of events can cause synchronous reactions around the planet. Reactions in each individual who has heard something directly from the event or indirectly because he is part of the whole. So on the mental level. The queen in an ants colony is attacked. Everyone knows immediately and comes

A) to help or

B) do what always happens.

Experts often speak of a collective by sharing a lot. So is there a collective where sometimes a door opens and we suddenly have to absorb the emotions of a society, whether we like it or not? If some can do it better, others are unreachable and again

others find it difficult? A fine analysis of the hundreds of mechanisms and processes that take place in our body and mind is required.

It takes many answers. For everyone who was always sure there is a collective, here would be an approach to how and why there is.

But what can that mean for the future. You have to expand the arm of research! It is true that every 20-30 years new insights come into play that then provide completely new approaches.

The next example shows why this type of social networking is good in examples. Many thousands of years ago people, we assume it was people, started building incredible structures of high complexity and precision. And that with the simplest means, tools. Architects are still dizzy today when it comes to building something like this. The problem with that, the cultures all lived in other parts of the planet. All have erected these structures in other