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The Routine is a Way with many Lines and Streets ...

Once you are aware of the routine, you can no longer escape it. It has become part of each of us and our day. But routine is not alien to us, we can find it all over the planet. Take a look at the course of the planets in our solar system. Every day and every year, every revolution of the 9 planets are lined up in a sequence of movements on your careers. Everything in perfect routine. Ultimately, this higher order has also cast a spell on earthly planetary life. Basic routines such as hunting, eating and sleeping are among the greatest examples of our existence. Three orders from which man cannot escape. We have to follow this routine and adapt. So is routine also part of a higher order? At least people have made use of this higher order to create one routine after another. Routine shows some kind of structure. We humans love structures, at least most of them just need it to be able to live and survive. But with the creation of New Routine, such as B an A4 sheet should always be punched in the folder, you have managed to get control over human processes and procedures. We encounter routine in many life situations. Once a good plan has been written to solve tasks, it is now routine. The higher order, which regulates everything but is not visible, seems to be able to develop fully on earth. A real phenomenon. What is behind all this routine? You can find a lot of literature about this. But it is not enough to search for routine, but where did routine originate and where and at what point and for what hidden purpose was routine created?

Routine is based on tasks that have been created in society so that a clear process is created. If everything runs routinely because everyone adheres to everything, a kind of a perfect plan is created. The state could also be considered as harmonious. Everything can be continued in one. Even a small stumble in the routine can slow things down. You come into a room, meet with others to continue writing a story. The problem, no one in the room has a pen and you had the routine of always having it with you. From the moment the group is aware of it, the whole process, the routine, changes. One has to go and get the pen. You come to a bank and want to withdraw money, but you don't have an ID document with you. The routine is already gone for both sides. The same can be observed in road traffic, it is not for nothing that the news is full of minor accidents, property damage, etc. Only one participant in a moving car can paralyze an entire intersection for many hours. Just because the driver was not experienced. Although he has stood at this intersection 100 times and everything has always gone well.

Routine is also an interlude in humans and animals. If you have a bird house, you will quickly notice that different bird species always return to the feeding point at fixed times. You can read about that, you don't have to keep a close eye on your bird house. So there is a natural higher order that routinely enables the animals to eat at 6 p.m. If you look at the clock you will see that the birds are not always accurate to the second. So you can rule out that there is no atomic clock involved in this precise routine. Apparently plus-minus 1-2 minutes are also there in the context of nature. Western punctuality does not matter in the animal world. This kind of routine is also known from your own pets. The dog or cat only need to get the food a couple of times at 5:00 p.m. and in the next 2-3 weeks they will always get restless at 5:05 p.m. if there is nothing to feed. It's kind of awesome. Without obvious tools, pets recognize these processes, save them and internalize them as a routine. Which ultimately turns into an attitude of expectation. But what does that mean for us animal owners? We have to conform to this routine and adapt if we don't want to keep the animals waiting. Just free of routines you have one sitting in the boat the next moment. So many repetitive events in a day or in a week cause a certain routine to develop and level off. Depending on your responsibility, you cannot escape this routine. Unless you enjoy routine and processes. The whiz, or troublemaker, would be a candidate for this position. Such a real natural storm, too, would quickly be able to stir up and bring to a standstill all the everyday processes of a city and the community living in it. And one Community on paper does not mean that everyone behaves as in a community.

Routine can be brought out of balance by at least two factors, by man himself or by the forces of nature. The third and new constant is the technology to which we entrust our day-to-day routine processes with great enthusiasm. Very essential, once you have recognized how much routine and standard surrounds us, it becomes clear that this is a global network on the planet. So routine is an omnipresent law. A process that connects and includes almost everyone. However, this routine regularity first had to be created. Not from people like you and me, but from people you can't see and who have pushed the whole thing thousands of years ago. While processes have been coming and going in space for billions of years, the routine has been reflected there for a longer time than with us.

It seems as if the universal cosmic routine first had to rub off on us humans and animals. From free moves or from a higher higher power that we cannot yet explain in more detail. Looking back at what has been observed in space, an order can be seen. So you already orientated yourself there and copied it. It is no longer a coincidence that we have started here on Earth to copy orders that end in routine and apply them in our societies. Routine does not mean being able to live and act as freely as free will would like. Even an artist has to submit to a certain higher order, a certain routine. Acting according to routine and ensuring that everything runs smoothly means that everyone has learned a lot and takes a lot into account. The value of routine is underestimated. Who out there cares what is actually behind a routine.

Kind regards

rinaldo imperiale

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