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The Royal Chamber of the Cheops Pyramid

This room is a mystery to many out there. You can find an infinite number of stories about it. That made me take a closer look at this room. It is particularly noteworthy that there are no characters or hieroglyphs on the walls and floor. To date it is not even clear what this room was built for. Although one speaks of the royal chamber and the queen chamber, the typical graves have looked different so far. But let's start with the emptiness of the room. The emptiness of the room can tell us something in many ways. “An empty space cannot distract us” People who live in an empty space or can stay in it for longer to show that they need little or nothing. Today the word "asceticism" is often used in this context. Having nothing can free people, and in this case, the mind, or possibly even free them. Life used to be less complicated for rulers than that of today's average citizen. If you have nothing or little means that you are not dependent on anything, you will hear statements from clergy and believers from different religions. You immerse yourself in a colorful and wild world, life was no different back then and it still is today. But when entering this room without paintings, writings and hieroglyphs, the mind and the person behind it enters a new sphere. "A cool down room". Did you go there to think? A room of silence, similar to how we know the chapel today! Did you draw energy and did this create space for new visions? Did architects write your building plans there? Was it a treasury? Was secret technology secured there? A projector? A stargate, star gate in Hollywood style? A communicator to connect with other planets, solar systems? Was it a kind of shelter for the highest and most valuable living being at that time? Wait a minute, strictly speaking it was the shelter or the palace for an entire family. According to today's knowledge, three may have lived in it. There were also three chambers, one of which was never finished. It also looks like a dungeon, a very elaborate dungeon, but that can't be excluded? Has anyone been held there? Was the light the enemy and those who lived there could keep themselves safe there during the day! Has the space and the entire pyramid been built so stably because it was assumed that sooner or later a catastrophe would hit the planet? You don't even know if the pyramids were built by people like us? Everything is very vague and widely translated! There is little evidence and tools have not been found. There are also theories about how the ancient Egyptians and the resulting pharaohs came across these structures. So you just had to move in and pretend to be the owner. Strictly speaking, we don't know anything at all, only the mathematically measurable data are actually not contestable. It is precisely these areas with the numbers and the formulas used that allow conclusions to be drawn about which “intelligence” the builders had. Was it just a room to meditate? Were the builders of the pyramids networked with their own around the globe and thus entered certain times do the sacred temples and buildings communicate with each other? So did the “Inca” go to his hut in the evening and the “Pharaoh” to his relaxation room at noon, while in Mexico the “Mayas” climbed the roof of the world at night and then started a lively exchange? Good that imagination and imagination are not limited. Officially everyone spoke a different language! At that time everyone still had picture and symbol languages. Did they speak at all? Could everyone have been in telepathic contact? The answer will only be resolved if there has also been a universal translator for all forms of life who cannot be defined in more detail. There we are again in religion, there they say that it must have been a god. With a new idea, new questions arise at the same time. This is art and vice at the same time when you juggle new dates. There is no one we can ask, traditional knowledge is almost non-existent. Nada. The builders are also said to have done a “good job” when it came to leaving no traces. Was it possible to use this space to experience a spiritual experience? Anyone who has ever dealt with the key data and the masses of the King's Chamber quickly understands that nowhere else has work been done so precisely and in detail. This is of course interesting because it underpins the importance of the room. The function and the meaning a mystery! Let's copy the phase of spatial emptiness and the assumed “asceticism” in Our Century. The following parallels can be found here. Up to a certain age, we are all hunter-gatherers. We pile up garbage on things. This action is materialistically, economically, a success, capitalism is based on consumption. But with increasing age, this development goes backwards. Suddenly it is “cool” to have as little as possible. It's new here in the west. In other countries it is normal to have little. For this, these countries have developed a much stronger spirit. These countries have spent more time understanding their own being better. In harmony with nature. So you can read it. With wealthy people with large houses and lots of land, it is actually the case that these houses often only have the most necessary furniture. Sure you can say it has something to do with the “Chi” of the living room. But somehow the whole thing reminds of the humble way of life of “asceticism”. You give away a lot and get a lot of spiritual experience and knowledge back. Nothing can distract you in empty rooms, as already mentioned above. You can concentrate on the essentials. A tidy desk with the basics can work wonders. There were air shafts in this room, but when you found this room at the time, these air shafts were sealed and closed. Were you already sealed during your lifetime or only after the sealing was ordered for unknown reasons? Breathing was not easy up there, warm and stuffy at over 40m. The air shafts unfortunately had a small kink, so that today we know that they were not used to look at the stars. So what made the builders build this space, in this emptiness of nothing. Try to make an effort yourself and try to find further parallels. It's actually like a big puzzle. But whatever answers or derivations we find in this highly complex building, it would always be “can” and “possibly” answer. In these many centuries, thousands of Egyptologists have succumbed to the madness of research and science. Whole life's works are based on uncovering the secrets of the pharaohs, his buildings and the Egyptians. It's really exciting and fascinating. With so much architecture you need a lot of imagination to look for answers that have not already been mentioned 100 times by others. Several research teams have already carried out a sound measurement in the chambers. It came out that it is so quiet in this room that some people are afraid. Everyone reacts very differently to calm and quiet. When meditating, however, this calmness would be something good and desirable. Today we know that the earth emits various sounds and sounds, natural sounds. Much of it in the low frequency range, unless it's a volcanic eruption. The low frequency is below the human ear. These frequencies are used today by marine mammals for communication. Was the hearing finer> 4500 years ago?

Certain vibrations, on certain frequencies. For example the 8hz (heart) the Schuhmann resonance, it works in the same frequency range as part of our brain. People exposed to the 8 Hz frequency feel better. This is the result of many studies and the individual subjects. The air shafts can therefore have transmitted a kind of bundled frequency into the chambers at certain times, both during the day and at night, at a certain angle to the sun or the night cosmos. It is quite possible that it was also earth's tones. Why the whole thing? The builders and residents of the chambers were able to have an extraordinary experience. The spirit and the Schuhmann resonance vibrate synchronously. In line. As we are all sometimes looking for something, this may have been the same reason! You were looking! What were you looking for then? You can see it is a cat & mouse game without empirical data and knowledge in your pocket. The only hope that remains is that new elements are gradually being discovered. These can include new tangible knowledge. With just a few writings from the past with blueprints or the knowledge of the origin of the secret knowledge, this planet would be freed from having to search further. We all love the secret that lies dormant in secret to be discovered. mfg rinaldo imperiale

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