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The simple view of the blue Planet that revolves around the Sun...

Totally unreal, isn't it? So much is easier if you know nothing about the background, its functions and the relationships. It is only later that you will see how nice it can be to travel the world with little knowledge. The children who go to a forest to play only know that there is a forest to play in. A booth on the ground or on the tree. Pile up a dam by the stream. It's so easy. As an adult, you carry different knowledge and other thoughts into a forest. Yes, how you can perceive a forest when you are an adult is really not comparable to that of a child. Unless you are grown up but somehow you could keep the part of being a child. On the other hand, if you have dealt extensively with nature, the literature and the sciences, a forest can never be boring again. So to put it simply, it can be wonderful. In between there are also people who just walk through a forest with the dog at their side to process or forget everyday problems. In a magazine it was taken up once to go through the forest healthy and done. They are also those who do not have much to do with nature, like to move around in it, but do not necessarily want to know anything about nature and the pipapo. The simple life how beautiful it can be. I always think of the stupid farmer, the hillbilly. Back then they really didn't notice much. Often on the outskirts. Cut off from the life that is going on in a city. But with the day of networking, ignorant farmers became people like you and me. Normalos. Of course there are still those who proudly and stubbornly turn their backs on progress, but in 1 or 2 generations that will also be history. The new generations are littered with the many advantages behind it. Who looks at the downside, the side associated with disadvantages and criticism. It's a bit like the side effects of medicine or the small print in contracts. These peasants truly live in another time. You managed to keep a piece of the past in a modern society. Knowledge through reading is not just food, but also a step towards better understanding the global context. Who created where in which era, in which decade crucial knowledge so that the planet and the interested could be raised to a new level. There weren't that many. In fact, there are always only a few per century.

But the knowledge is limited, you can quickly reach all the limits of the present day in very universal subject areas. Then what do you do? Hope that new knowledge will be created in a few days! Sit down and write a book yourself? Looking deep into the glass ball and counting on finding a door that opens a door into the world of timeless and unlimited fantasies? So much of it would be possible. The old knowledge is still the simple knowledge. A good foundation in which you cannot lose yourself so quickly. If you look at the many theories that appear in any specialist journal today, it is often nothing half and nothing whole. It looks inflated, a kind of air number. The only thing that can be achieved with it can and should ignite new topics of conversation. All experts can fall for it and discuss into the night. Okay for a day you can do that. On a stage and in a feature film it would also be appropriate. But where does it go? It only takes people, readers, contributors and users away from basic knowledge. The more you read about it, the more you just see an industry behind it that keeps everything going. Of course, such a view is bitter, but you are rarely alone. The basic building block of knowledge was simply built on. The overwhelming curiosity and the mind just do not want to accept that there is simply no longer known. I've read that before, hopefully you too. It is an anomaly you could say. Just like Pi. There has to be something here and there, a treasure here and there and in the end you have the wizards and magicians who have to come up with something so as not to disappoint the audience. It's a disaster, isn't it?

Only a few false theories from the past are sufficient and the complete knowledge based on them collapses like a house of cards. That naturally presupposes that you let it collapse and help with the wind .. Living the simple stupid without knowing much, or believing that knowing has what. But are you able to separate the basic knowledge, the basics and everything that came after, gently but directly. Then it works. You have to look at the differentiated the professional calls it. Only who can do that. Where can you learn that? And isn't there a risk that sooner or later knowledge will blur and create more chaos than order? New knowledge is really a book with seven seals. A bit like when a stranger rings your doorbell. One must always take into account who are those who carry the new knowledge into the world. They are really only teachers. Such people are often financed with funding, they are involved in research and have active projects. There are also sponsors behind you. A professor working at a prestigious university would likely have to change jobs quickly if he didn't pull up some logical haunted stories from his sleeve every quarter. How does it look if everyone is only given the same knowledge? So without new “can” stories you would lose funding and sponsors. The chain of knowledge and the well-structured, structured billions of industry behind it want to be nurtured. No matter what it costs. In fact, like “Pi”, it's a never-ending cycle, but I already mentioned that. Decorate something here and there, write something to it and a new story is created. Who goes to a cinema and always pays money for the same show? to put it another way.

Tomorrow the sun comes up again, that is fundamental correct and simple knowledge.

Whoever is enough has already understood a lot.

Kind regards

rinaldo imperiale

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