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The stimulation of our senses

Aktualisiert: 3. Juli 2021

The stimulation. Not to be confused with simulation. Today our senses are exposed to a multitude of stimuli. One side consists of what we are inevitably exposed to every day. For example rain and sun. But also noise and standing in line has its charms. Everyone can clearly see how it feels on their body. In the case of warmth, the spectrum of stimuli shows satisfaction. When it's cold, it goes the other way. Well, of course, you can't speak for everyone here. Many also like the feeling of simply standing in the rain. Everyone has to discover for themselves what is good and bad for one.

With a 100 year old life there should be enough space.

But stimulating our senses has much more to hide. With stimulation, thousands of billions are made today. Year after year. With the invention of the computer and the rapid advancement of data acquisition, a lot has changed rapidly. The market today no longer looks at what one likes, but can specifically measure how people react. When presenting advertising. By recording on the monitor. Through digital surveys. Of course, also thousands of test persons who are specifically invited to laboratories around the globe. If you look at advertisements on your phone, or just pop-ups with advertisements that pop up when you change pages, an unbelievable amount of data is collected, so fine and yet measurable. The reactions of our eyes and which parts we look at each other for a long time. This is the diamond in the rough. What does a reader, customer, consumer concentrate on for a long time and that in general? This is the fodder for the next campaign. Technically, one has been trying to read the stimulation in the eyes for a long time. Freeze the associated emotion. Completely automatically via software.

With some products it becomes very clear that research has been carried out in the laboratory for a long time. I'm just saying Nutella and McDonald's burgers, to name two. The cheeseburger and the Big Mac with their juicy sauces that demand everything from every palate and senses. The recipes have been so finely tuned that with every second after a bite into the delicacies, the subsequent stimuli and reactions were studied and recorded a million times. The associated stimulation in the body has become predictable. Today we know exactly when the effects are greatest and when the signals are sent out in the body to bite into the burger again or to reach for the next Nutella bread. Unfortunately, at this point you have to say that they are fantastic cooks. But it can only be determined thanks to technology. Without technology we would never have come this far

Today nothing is coincidental or just made out of love. With manipulation at the forefront of all activities, stimulation has become the best friend. Actually, one could also speak of inseparable twins.

So it's up to you whether you understand the language of industry or not. For a long time you have persevered in giving up all the sweets and yet the day comes somewhere that advertising shows up at an inconvenient moment. The moment you get weak and all your principles leave you is the moment for the triumph of a great advertising campaign that you will fall for.

The only really big thing about it is when you don't allow yourself to be distracted, say no and recognize beforehand what the industry is actually trying to convey to you with advertising and a product. The more you understand which methods are used, the easier it becomes. In fact, a kind of game develops out of it. If you have been deceived by the magician, have not seen the trick, you buy the 12 pairs of shoes from the same brand in the same color although you don't need the other 10 either. If you don't do it, you have to pay attention. In technical jargon, one speaks of trigger points. Every advertisement has it. The decoy who hides behind a voucher. The 5% savings on the receipt that you will get on the next purchase within the next 3 days. The new perfume as a sample that makes all the senses look like fire, tested in the laboratory for a special type of man or woman. There are many decoys in marketing. But bringing this type of product to people is limited in time. With increasing knowledge and experience, the curve falls to sell something quickly and easily. But there are the younger generations. Fortunately, the inventor of capitalism is calling. Without consumption there is no more capitalism.

Last but not least, the right of return has been relaxed in many countries so that goods can be returned. Here, too, as always and everywhere in the world, there are the bad sheep who stand above the law and decide against the customer. Then go to your shitty lawyer, one or the other store manager calls out to the customer. Not uncommon. Hey welcome to the twenty-first century according to the Gregorian calendar.

It gives you the products that you like right from the start and that you would do anything for them. The greatest thing would be to be able to own it now. Totally natural. But there are only a few companies with their brands that make it today. But there are really dreams of people who run independently of this circus. For example, a woman who has saved up on a Ferrari for 30 years and then has already lost a good third of its value after a few years. We better come to dream each other.

If one would like to paraphrase the stimulation of the stimuli gently, it is a question of seduction, one is not forced to buy something, no one is seduced to do so. With the trigger campaigns from super marketing departments. It's like being in a theater, you're so carried away. Only that you don't have to buy anything at the end of a performance.

It's not magic, it's predictable and depends on the type. But not all stimuli created by companies for us have this bad image. Not at all - people love to be seduced by products from the outside world. To be enchanted by a Netflix series with a mystical background after a stressful day at work is not without it. I'll list a few. The TV series that tie us to the armchair and couch with tension. I've even seen dogs that are addicted to madness. The ringtone for 49 cents that makes us pick up the phone with a smile. Our favorite perfume that is offered once every 10 years at half price. Usually whenever the sales figures are bad. The milk. The milk does it. On the packaging there is a healthy cow in a herd, behind it a farmer with his tractor and with a bit of luck the Alps that show some snow so that you can already think about your next vacation. It tastes different with a photo like this. Subliminal advertising has been attracting and moving into focus for a long time. The little boy who stops with his bike and steals a child's bolt from the box from his grandpa. A mother and a grandfather are subconsciously conveyed to buy the boy a pack, the boy in the advertisement was also so happy. But showing several products from different manufacturers in one advertisement is trendy. For example the computer that you buy at Media Markt and then load into the trunk of a Volkswagen. One of those modern trunks where you only have to put your foot under the bumper because a sensor is waiting for you there. A sequel to a cinema film that drew huge audiences to the cinemas in 2018. After part 3 you then say and hear was not as good as the previous ones. You know everything is true. But you go on to the sequel anyway. In fact, there are the optimists in a group who then say, well, the next one will definitely be better. Great guys for the industry. The work involved in a film and how many employees were involved from start to finish is hardly or not at all expressed here. That's good, because it reflects the typical consumer. This is exactly what industry must always achieve. Whatever it's about. Producers and consumers rarely shake hands, but they are dependent on each other.

Stimulation galore. The computer game in which you can go 350 km / h and even through the city. Learn to fly a helicopter. Build a city and become your own architect. All wishes can come true. No wonder people have started to adore computers. All wishes are fulfilled if you are a solvent customer. Haste had to spend money, otherwise the economy will not do well. bla bla bla. A lot of money makes you unhappy, so go out and spend money. Do not burn is written in the brochure. You really have reached all areas of which 20 years ago not even a data set was available that you could use it to appeal to people's senses in the future and also deliver a suitable product.

Stimulation means that our senses are addressed. We have all seen the rise of industrial food production. Our senses and our receptors have changed as a result. We only know the chemical and artificial food with added sugar. It is not bad because this is how stimulation is implemented. We love stimuli and stimulation. Sugar is one of the best leaders in stimulation and bringing stimuli to life. Once the blood vessels are full, the activity in our neurotransmitters increases and our emotion swing goes on a roller coaster. Unfortunately much too short.

The problem that one often experiences. Go to a store and buy natural foods. Of course in the sense of untreated through various processes in the processing of food. The food tastes like nothing. This is nature. Several months or years can pass and the food always tastes too weak or too simple. But that's just how simple and natural foods are. The cycle of artificially added substances through the clever laboratories also has consequences for our natural flow of living and eating. We get hungry more often and then have chronic excess calories flying around our bodies. What does that tell us? You gain weight sooner or later. This in turn sets other processes in motion, such as becoming lazy and sluggish. This will result in new cycles for even more consumption. If you sit around more at home, you watch more TV and discover lots of great things that can stimulate our senses. Oh, that's not nice. But does the flow of stimulation stop? ! So what ? ! Then you woke up.

No, then you will hopefully realize how many stimuli and stimuli are of natural origin and arise from entertainment and consumption.

If you delete everything that comes from third-party manufacturers, there is still a long list. Just a natural one.

How and by what means the machinery of stimulation works today, I will present here at times in a processed story.


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