• rinaldo imperiale

The Story of Luxor

The year 2020 is One Week before the official shutdown by the determining countries start.

I had Egypt on my screen for a long time. The Architectural art of the past many thousands of years has fascinated me.

Buildings of the past are usually nothing special. But a couple of scientists and a couple of architects have highlighted the special features of the buildings, palaces and temples in various documentations and interviews. Man is positively magnetically attracted to something when others say that a string of mysteries hangs on these buildings of the ancient pharaohs. A bit like when an adult tells the children no, you are not allowed in there, it's haunted. True to the motto now even more so. Officially, the buildings of the ancient Egyptians are not haunted, but many visitors and travelers report positive and negative energy that emanates from these structures. Meteorologists and geologists say it can also be traced back to the electric magnetic field. Well. So it seems to have been on the lookout for something special when choosing the locations. As far as we know, you can feel the energy fields today, depending on what position you were in at the time, so you naturally got better at it in the course of time. If there were no experts for this, you had to have a special measuring technique that can recognize where electric fields run with this strength. (Content: 114 photos)

Just before landing in Hurghada. The sun with us. In the realm of the pharaohs, with the setting of the sun, a change in the world of gods begins, the scepter of power is temporarily handed over.

After landing, yours truly will enter Holy Land. Did it feel that way too? More on that later.

I save myself telling a lot about flying at this point, but the fact that we can do it is still something special.

The sun set was faster than expected. The airport is not big, but its layout is interesting. Above all marble and gloss show up. Simple design meets durability.

It was not possible to reach Luxor at the same evening. So i had to stay the first night in a good but remote resort hotel. Dinner and a dance in colorful clothes provided entertainment in the evening after a long day. The photo shows the view into the Orient of another world.

At the first big stopover, after driving for a few hours, travelers could stock up some snacks, drinks and souvenirs. When leaving the restaurant, a small group of children gathered, as always, who wanted to win a few gifts from the travelers. Surrounded by a big nothing, seen for many miles, there is still a mountain of happiness on their faces. That's nice. For the moment it conveys that everything is fine. Is it natural happiness or temporary happiness because the travelers are always different and it is always a great experience. You may find answers to this later.

The Tour guide used the moment to explain that from a religious point of view there is a difference between people who appear fully veiled in public and who cover their face except for t