• rinaldo imperiale

The suffering is spreading like a virus around the blue Planet

Ever since people began to write down events, these writings have been part of our history. No question. It is much more interesting to see which conditions existed in societies, which forms were promoted or which were abolished. Suffering and pain as well as the compassion of the observer of a situation are part of our life. The fact that you can play sorry to beg for money is fortunately only the exception. Suffering has taken on new forms and dimensions. Every day we encounter suffering when we leave the house or apartment. In order not to forget the RV friends, I also mention these. You cannot escape suffering. If you look into the families of the others and listen to conversations in an S-Bahn or at the checkout in a supermarket, it quickly becomes clear that suffering has always been there and has just developed further. In the 1980s the advertising industry began to create an awareness that there is prosperity in the Western world and that suffering is at home in Africa. A campaign like Bread for the World is engraved on many memories. A little boy with big eyes who plays in the dirt and has a bloated stomach because he has nothing to eat. He holds out his hand in the direction of the photographer or cameraman and shows that he is hungry.

There was a time when suffering was only associated with a lack of food. After the wars and the period of reconstruction, Germany, as part of today's West, had to struggle with food shortages for a long time. So to starve meant to suffer. The difference to then was, where there was suffering, a community had formed that held together in difficult times. If there was nothing to eat, you could share your suffering with others. Suffering in a group is much easier, we know that today. It can also make a group stronger. If you look today at this topic around suffering, you see more and more suffering that is carried out alone. People suffer for many reasons. A wedge was driven into society. One no longer helps the other. Bad luck, they say in the vernacular. Reasons and causes are quickly searched for. Capitalism has promoted egoism and destroyed it together. The new togetherness is either bought or is artificially kept on a beautiful and friendly level. The further you have climbed up the mountain of work, the less you have over for this topic. Everyone is looking for development, individuality and is looking for the perfect life, the perfect day, the perfect moment. All sources of suffering are avoided. The first step to build your own perfect world. You cannot blame these people, you have only found a way to get peace in your own life. Fighting and warfare are in people's blood. Especially when you have a strong army behind you. But suffering is contagious and can poison the climate and well-being. I also know that people mock suffering and feel happiness in the process. It's part of the whole. Why it is so remains a mystery. Apparently one cannot fight suffering. From a certain size, suffering takes on its own power. So if one were to approach suffering properly, something would be missing. Suffering is part of history to this day. A lot of money can be made from it. Many institutions, pharmaceutical companies and ultimately also doctors have become part of a machine of suffering. It is good when a doctor has understood how to face his own suffering in a healthy way. Work-life balance and a helping of good training can work wonders. Where there is suffering, problems are not far away. Most people cannot escape suffering, it is like a wave that comes sooner or later. Even when choosing a career Today you can specifically set a course whether you want to do a job with a lot of suffering to your children, or whether you only do your work in circles where suffering is not allowed. But even if you are clever, life will sooner or later find the doors to be sorry. Empathy and compassion are signs that we react in a human way when our drawers, full of facets, like a human being, are correct.

How do you deal with suffering yourself?

Today we can no longer say that suffering is a natural process. Suffering arose because systems were created that allowed suffering. But suffering is not always due to poverty alone. Oppression and injustice lead to different models of suffering. Belief and not belief can also create suffering, this phenomenon is widespread. Suffering is so ingrained that one actually has to speak of some kind of poison. The word virus hits it even more. Anyone who builds a company has to be careful that there is no room for suffering. The quality and the work performance can collapse. So suffering also has its pitfalls in the business world. Will my children later find a partner who will bring good things to the relationship? or is a family member more likely to bring suffering into a house? Should you even ask yourself that, or should you leave everything to chance? Whether there are any coincidences is another question !

Since suffering is omnipresent, suffering will naturally find a way to undo the good. If one wants to give suffering a character, it must have been created by evil. If you now add the state on the blue planet of all actual values ​​of suffering, it quickly becomes clear that the good is not what has to say here. Statistics for the next few decades will show an increase in suffering. It is reassuring, however, that humans have found a way to combat the whole thing. It's called indifference. A quality that has developed to defy the present. Much of the subject of suffering is of course controversial as long as it only affects the others.

In a strong society and in the community that goes with it, there should be no suffering. But too many disruptive factors prevent the desired result. Is it even wanted? or part of the plan to increase that suffering. As we know today, mechanisms are set in motion that can weaken entire stretches of land in countries. That's why the word virus fits so well. If nothing has been done about it for too long, parts of the population are weak. A country is falling apart. The citizens begin to fight over trivialities and trifles. The world is falling apart. Isn't it already long ago and is only sold for beautiful on paper and through the entertainment world? A mirror of suffering in a statistic clearly shows a citizen whether he lives in a good or a badly organized country. Of course you can differentiate between that because some countries are really so poor that one country is not responsible for the circumstance. It's a shame that suffering grew into such a big ball of fire. But where one grieves, the other finds happiness. War and peace. Rich and poor. The OLD Games and the Old Stories. Compare the perpetual motion machine from the eternal two and perhaps the one sitting in between.

The bond also takes place in the spirit. Today man can have many connections. It's up to the individual. Some connections exist unconsciously and feed the memory of our cells with the suffering of others.

To the dog you have a connection to the neighbour's cats, to animals in general. Happiness and joy only become one when you look at them. So an animal can work the miracle and sever the bridge to suffering. Animals can create their very own miracles. But if you don't have these bridges, you get stuck in the cycle of suffering. There is also suffering where there is no cause or reason, but people still suffer. How can that be explained? How would you like to explain it? We are constantly looking for answers to problems.

The neural network spread across the country is full of suffering and infecting everyone. The many networks around us could theoretically support the whole thing if you live in metropolitan areas. You could transport the suffering.

So sometimes you can't help it when the wave of suffering cheekily says hello. It would be the proof that one suffers unconsciously because this is the suffering of the general public.

We are all somehow networked with one another, if only because we belong to a species. Some more, some less. If so, then the answer would be clear, why healthy people suddenly suffer too. The rise in suffering and the quality of it affect everyone. The more you consume suffering, the more you feed the community network of a species. It's scary if it's right. But how could it be tested today? Measuring devices and technology are not yet advanced enough.

There are these beautiful examples where the dog knows when the master and mistress comes home and eagerly waits in front of the door. There is also evidence that pets are churned minutes before the owners get home. It's just meant to show that there's a connection there. In these tests it was shown, for example, that dogs always react this way, even if you came home at very different times. There have also been studies where pet owners came home at the same time for weeks, that wasn't proof, because a dog simply knows roughly the time when you got home, so the expected reaction is predictable and predictable. Undisputed that there is something there. If you multiply and add up all the stories and experiences of all events that have ever been presented, you get a new overall picture. Hello Neuroscience.

If you want, you can collect data yourself, whether a large part of the people suffers only because there is a consciousness that unconsciously feeds us with it. As if a store is full of suffering and then has to be passed on to everyone else, pot by pot. So that the main memory does not explode. It is also said to make the famous barrel overflow. Only that suffering overflows here and troubles others.

You could go one step further and ask yourself to what extent does the suffering we do to animals influence the cycle of our own suffering. It would be an exciting philosophical and witty conversation. If that should happen, please tell me about it.

Where is all the suffering that we consume after it has disappeared through our eyes somewhere in the neural network of the individual?

There used to be fewer people, luck prevailed. Claims were lower. There were hardly any problems because these did not find their way into the population until later. The control system, for example, was a great burden with which the wheel of suffering was set in motion for the first time, albeit unconsciously at the beginning. People had more space and didn't squat in high-rise buildings and multi-family houses where 100 and more lived. Due to the vastness of the countries, you had more green around you and more time to perceive the beauty of nature. Nature can be an island for good. But since suffering prevails today, it is spread across the country. The web of suffering could have the title of a book.

Where will it all end when there is more suffering? What further effects will this have on mine and the lives of others? There are certainly research groups who can write and control simulations on the computer for this too. You just put all the data on top of each other and you increase a factor. Sorry for the factor, it shows the changes in the other values. Incidentally, the stimulation and irritation factor when considering suffering is high.

Of course, you can give the subject of suffering some time, wh