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Use the sidelines to understand the virus and its effects

Use the sidelines to understand the topic of the Covid 19 virus. After planet earth only continued to function for more than 365 days under difficult circumstances, here is a summary. The virus is a tool in its origin. A virus intervenes in the processes of the planet. How does the environment deal with it? The environment is all like we live in it. Today we know that the planet with all its earthly and animal inhabitants has been afflicted by viruses several times. All of these viruses have the ability to attack the weak in the chain of living things. Sometimes living beings disappear completely in their way, then the virus has been too strong for this species. This is not to say that all animals ever extinct were infected with a virus. A virus is initially something foreign to our organism. But it rarely means that our body cannot handle it. After just one contact with a virus, the body builds up and creates its immunity to the whole. Our research today allows to study a virus and its function in a short time. This is a milestone when it comes to saving life in all forms. You gain a lot of time and can thus produce active ingredients faster. At the same time, it is possible to curb the distribution channels. In retrospect, we know that many countries made the decision too late to take effective action. Often the decision was made too late. Here one may ask, is the system built up by humans and all of their countries incapable of abruptly shutting down the planet. Practically like a computer. A few clicks and a few phone calls and the planet is put on hold in no time. Today it is said to be a “lock down”. At this point it should be said that this unword will definitely get a title. The man in the cage. Now that we've learned to lock up animals and everything around us, we can all sing a song. We can even have a say now about what it means to live according to rules. Justified with: Only for our best. In 365 days the world was flooded with news, theories, stories, experiences. Not to be forgotten with moments of sun and happiness. Not everyone got the buck. Sure you can deal with a lot of negatives and anger, but it doesn't improve the situation. So there are not only the losers but also many winners. May one write on paper at the beginning it looked like we were all losers and forced to mourn. But slowly and with increasing pace you can see light at the end of the tunnel. A quote that you love to see and hear, especially in difficult times. So has life changed profoundly and a New World has been built around us? Something has happened and the databases that once mapped sovereign analyzes of each individual are showing a big change today. Collecting the data shows the regional and global changes nicely in a graph, a table or a statistic. It's easy to stand on the sidelines and watch the spectacle happen. A coach from one team does nothing else. The difference is that a trainer can intervene and direct with the means available. Change the reality and the process of it. A computer cannot process the same tasks, but depending on the technology and company, a number of scenarios and simulations can be calculated after a short time, where we are, where we are going in a week and what will happen if we do not intervene at sensitive points. A tool with a lot of potential in times when people only react and wait for the next regulations and changes to occur. From a distance, the system resembles an adult game that is controlled and coordinated by data and information. It's tragic and comic at the same time. Now that the industry and the people have been able to prove that you can deal with these situations and that you have chosen to survive it, the moment would be good for a miracle. As a sign in the present for a better tomorrow. It would be really great. For some it is a miracle that we live on a planet that rotates and is greeted by the sun day in and day out. Without the sun, life would be dark, but not impossible. Life would just look different, as we know today. This is what echoes from science. Who would have thought that a virus would one day affect 8 billion people in such a way.

What about this virus, what are the findings? What did you learn? When will there be a new virus again? The earth in chessboard mode. Not made by humans it was said in the beginning. An animal transmitted the virus. It was possible that an infected animal could be eaten or a bite from it. Other articles reported that the virus had been around for a long time, except that people had not been specifically tested for the cause. Then there were direct voices and tests in the laboratory went wrong. In principle, the press and all the news played the whole range of possibilities up and down once. Today you can clearly distinguish whether a virus originated in the laboratory or originated from an animal, there is nothing in between. But is that really true? We live in a time where manipulation has become a top priority in all areas. Day in and day out you are exposed to manipulation. Deepening that would fill books. So wouldn't it be possible to do research long enough and in the end make an artificial virus look like it came from an animal? Good morning Hollywood. The film forge knows better than anyone how to show a piece of the future in the past. The films in which viruses change a planet are in abundance. I've spent a while in Switzerland in the past 365 days. The people in Zurich, known through the ETH University and their love of money, were not affected by the virus. The Swiss movement works even when the times are bad. On the variable in which I moved, there wasn't much to be seen of anger, sadness and pain. Life goes on. There wasn't much talk about the virus in the streets of Zurich. But conspiracy theories kept coming through, capped by a lot of news. This is always a global phenomenon. Small groups manage to influence the masses with a few tweets and short messages. No art, just a day-to-day business. The Swiss are very spiritually inclined, which does not mean that they are gullible. How the citizens of Switzerland dealt with it in their own four walls remains hidden. Only the mice know the truth. Personally, I found it amazing how much people have obeyed the law. They have already made bets that a revolt and impending civil war will soon break out. It wasn't like that. Such global problems do not mean that from now on you know your neighbors better and that everyone has moved a little closer. No, but at some point everyone can say we've all been through the same thing. An experience that you can of course do without. Well who really knows the real reasons for what happened. A higher power unknown to us? God's plan? A New and Modern Form of War? Everything is possible ! Not to forget the simple coincidence that everything that happens belongs to a natural cycle. Plausible, simple and logical is the result that many like and perceive to be correct. Since you have already been to Switzerland, you can also get rid of the profit for two or three lines. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies were once again able to show who is number one when things get tough. The Germans have shown once again how competition works. But also many companies that are listed on the stock exchange were found food for speculators. Many gears mesh when such a state of emergency occurs. It takes a lot of time until the citizen knows that you can earn an incredible amount of money with a virus. The citizen is preoccupied with fear and worry, why should he care about money? It is evident that the long-term labor market has been turned upside down with this virus. The technology corporations linked to it are happy. A video call, a telephone conversation with image transmission has never worked better than today. Many offices and employees around the world were able to use advanced technology for the first time as a result of these circumstances. The efficiency of being able to work from anywhere in the future is a new chapter. The New World Situation offers space to generate new ideas. Creative teams and developers join in where there are problems. The picture of the scales and the many statues show that something is always growing on both sides. Where you only saw disadvantages at the beginning, there are also advantages today. It will probably take some time until it is balanced. After Switzerland flew through the Covid for 19 years in a revealing variant, thanks to a sovereign structure, the overall picture in Cairo and Giza left completely different traces. Together with Giza, Cairo has 20 million inhabitants. Life there is shaped by other problems. One might think that there is no time for the problems of the industrialized nations. When I got there, only a few people were to be seen wearing a mask. But later there were more and more. But above all older people, that's my impression. The MEA countries. Middle East and Africa don't have much over for such viruses. Life is different there. You enter another world, another reality. This planet offers a lot of realities and new ones are constantly being added. The focus is not on consumption but on belief. The arid region around the Nile has not suffered much from the virus. So does forest, rain and the associated moisture play a role? High humidity is a breeding ground for bacteria and everything that wants to survive. Here one speaks of an order of magnitude in the microscope range. Viruses have different requirements, but the climate plays a role. The views and opinions that arose in long and short conversations on this subject were very different. Many spoke of an invention and there would be no virus. But even things like money were often mentioned. A new form of war and power demonstration. Many people out there hold this view, worldwide by the way. The virus may exist, but that such a strong business concept could only be developed from it becomes clear only at second glance. Although the country is very strongly influenced by faith and the everyday life of the Cairoans and Gizeans, a connection to God was never mentioned. God has been left out of the game. The thought that the Higher Power intervenes here or that it is a weapon of nature makes sense. After all, the earth has been exploited and tormented for 100 years. Much suffering has created new suffering. A peak point is not in sight. To set the rudder and the course for it but are available in abundance. The communal life among each other and the life as one would expect could not be maintained. Too many factors intervene so that we can remain peaceful with one another. If you turn the perspective, the state that has occurred is the punishment and the teaching that it cannot go on like this. So the goal is to move closer together or even more isolation in the end. Everyone will be able to take something away for themselves here. Humans are changing, technology has changed us, and financial inequalities have created new nourishment for problems, just as they did in the past. In the course of the discovery of Cairo and Giza with all its faces and facets, strict regulations were introduced there too, such as changing the opening times. Where things are already chaotic, it is difficult to bring about a certain order. Overall, Egypt was able to continue to live as if it were without a virus. Freedom is also very important in Egypt. Only freedom is different there. As already mentioned in another article, each country had to decide for itself which way to go. Other countries did it differently and achieved the same and even better results with fewer restrictions on life and fundamental rights. Science teaches us that only new knowledge keeps us all alive.

rinaldo imperiale