• rinaldo imperiale

Why Vegetables and Fruits are really Healthy

Well, you must have noticed that you are looking for healthy food like a captain, then there is always vegetables at the top, even before fruit.

Most of all the reader will find the following information. A lot of vitamins, a lot of minerals - a high proportion of fiber, the latter quickly fill you up and keep you full for a long time. In addition, vegetables and fruits are low in fat. With a few exceptions for the types of fruit. What is it mostly made up of water? The main element that strengthens and keeps us strong, water!

So far everything is normal. Are these really all the reasons why vegetables and fruits should be so healthy?

Now let’s put the sun first. For most of us, the sun is the “best” ever. Small children enjoy life as soon as the sun shines. Some adults lose the pleasure and joy of sunbathing in the course of their lives. Somewhere in between is the generation for whom everything is better and easier as soon as the sun shines. Have you found yourself where, nice! That's the way it should be. The direct warmth is simply pleasant, but here too there is the feel-good climate, the Habitable Zone, just a little too warm and the irritability increases for many, the performance drops and the good mood is gone. From the point of view of the medical profession, the sunbeam and the energy that enters it on our body sustainably ensures a lot of positive reactions in our body (organism). One can attribute it to the increasing production of vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D is really involved in a lot of processes. Well-being is a top priority and a good mood. What else ? Okay you get a sunburn if you are not careful.

What exactly is the sun and why does it have this power to help all living beings and nature to grow and to get everything moving?

Energy> Sun> Light! The sun consists of energy in the form of helium. So while the sun is about to consume your energy, the warm rays of the sun hit our planet in the form of light. That's all. In the animal world, observers have been meticulous for a long time that the sleeping world comes to life with the rising sun. In the west of the world it is mainly the different songbirds that you can hear in the morning. Short insertion: “For the pharaohs in ancient Egypt the sun was the highest and strongest element. Maybe miracles too. According to today's official translation, even one of the Supreme Gods. They had many gods. Where some cultures and religions are happy with you, others came and preferred to have hundreds if not thousands. The sun seems to actively influence our internal clock in every respect. Some say no, it is the light, the brightness alone lets us wake up and start the day. Everyone probably learned differently.

Nature and plants use the sun's rays for photosynthesis, photosynthesis is a masterpiece of nature. The energy> sun> light penetrates the structures of plants. There is a kind of communication between the plant and the sunbeam. This type of communication triggers a reaction in the plant. A metabolic process is started. Various nutrients energy sources that the plant extracts from the soil are converted in photosynthesis. The light wave of the sun and the energy of the sun hit a green leaf. The larger a leaf is, the more sun is captured per leaf. That increases growth. A similar thing happens with a sun sail or a solar cell. The larger the area, the more heat energy from the incoming sun rays is converted into electricity. So you always change one type of energy into another. In between you need a converter, Today there are many types of converters thanks to the wealth of inventions. Inventors and engineers are often close. Large companies that deal with energy can rely on a large pool of components. We can deduce from this that nature has once again had a lasting impact on our understanding of energy use in terms of growth and metabolism. Nature has its own converter.

What does all of this have to do with vegetables and fruits as mentioned at the beginning?

The question that was asked in the room, are only the verifiable measurable ingredients and nutritional information responsible for the fact that vegetables and fruits do us so much good and are praised everywhere in the sky? Yes and no, yes and no.

From start to finish, the sun is the main source of energy for the growth of vegetables and fruits during the ripening process. The sun splits, transforms and stores new energy in the plant. During my short research I could not find any information on whether the

Solar energy in the form of light even where a footprint leaves in the vegetables or in the fruit. It has long been known that everything in the bowl is best. Is the sunlight so strong that part of it is saved? So do we always consume some of the sun's energy when eating? So our body reacts so well when eating vegetables and fruits because parts of the sun are stored in it. At least such a small trace! It seems logical and sounds good too. This factor has only been published anywhere so far.

That means A) It was not examined! What you can actually rule out.

B) It is not measurable with today's technology, or the process is currently not yet comprehensible. C) The plants, vegetables and fruit only use the sun to convert, but the sun wave - light - energy itself does not store any of this in the fruit. Unlikely, because if our skin gets long sun, you can see it too. D) Because you cannot measure it, it would be metaphysics, an area in which Germany is very poorly positioned. What you can't see is not invested in money! We make an exception when it comes to religion and building churches / temples. Likewise with dark energy and dark matter. Physicists always say yes, but there must still be a particle in the infinite vastness of the universe. In the past, when it came to religion and science, the spirits set out and everyone went in a different direction. Today, thanks to increasing tolerance, the combination of religion and science brings something for both, but not everyone but many.

The conclusion, if we already eat so much vegetables and fruit, you should also consider what role actually the solar energy used that permanently shines on it. Sun-ripened vegetables and fruits have added value for our health.

So if you walk past a shop in the future and the products are advertised as follows: “You don't just buy a piece of vegetables and a piece of fruit, you always get a piece of sun in our range of goods. “Then something happened.

You know it yourself, which of the many children could ever make friends with vegetables and fruit at an early age? Okay with fruit, strawberries are the big heroes for everyone. With vegetables, however, many are always completely different. So to all parents just try to tell your children, there is always some sun in the piece of vegetables and you know how good you feel in the sun! It is worth a try for sure. It would be worth it to record the reaction with a smartphone alone.

Kind Regards