• rinaldo imperiale

World Bank and IMF are pulling the plug

and people with the red bell a deadlocked economic system. The banks and countries must develop one of several plans that will keep the future of all countries on the same path.

Once a huge inflation is underway, the rider is half off the saddle.

Here is a solution. A basic salary for everyone without a job. There will be camels later, seriously, if the bosses of SiEMENS already comment on this in public, then that matters. In my story of another way forward, all residents of the blue planet have a basic salary. After a revolution in the organization of the management of orders, every citizen can register to participate in projects and work orders. Regional self-administration in blocks. From the blockchain of a coin to a block of work that is split up on site. Every job is cheaper because you no longer have to pay full wages to everyone who works on the project. It's almost like the daily wage principle, which I personally think is good.

In return, orders take longer and the quality may not be as expected at the beginning or in the first few years.

The movements did not run smoothly at the beginning of your story either. Sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower. This will level off with a little time. This is the experience after watching chaos for a long time. After chaos, as if by magic, there is an automatic order in all of the visible events.

In practice it could be. There are administrative offices in every street that cover all the skills of the residents. Today everyone can do more than just one thing. Life as it is today even promotes the ability to do several things. With detailed instructions from YouTube, entire cars or assemblies can now be dismantled and turned back into one piece. Well, time and caution is required. But a three-year apprenticeship is completely outdated. You can also see it with the students, where a bachelor's program or the master’s degree was developed due to pressure due to a shortage of skilled workers. Speed ​​learning in less time. Today they are said to be basic courses.

The way in which a well-organized self-management of repairs and orders is implemented is a bit reminiscent of the Amish people. If you don't have a picture in front of your eyes, just google it (Amish community).

After all skills of each individual have been recorded, the manager can see which orders can be assigned to the individual streets. The neighborhood help follows a self-organized approach. Like that, but not like that. The teams can be put together depending on the concerns.

Pure consumption will no longer be the focus of society. There are already today and long tendencies towards less possession is more. But the focus here is also on the shortage of raw materials and the heated discussions about the durability or useful life of objects. If you produce everything in industrial quality for every citizen, you have no problems for a very long time. Of course, this has an effect on the sales figures. With advancing automation and the leaps in robot development, this can probably be coped with, because more and more jobs will be lost there too. So a basic salary would be welcome there.

Large resources are bundled with the existing citizens who receive a basic salary. Great goals can be achieved in this way. Nothing stands in the way of starting large projects in other countries. What does that mean exactly? The real problems in the world, in the region, around the corner can be solved so much easier, more targeted and faster. If you look at the system as it is now, it was designed in such a way that it only creates more problems in the long term. At the same time, everything is so finely coordinated that you can't just take out a snippet without having to correct 1000 other things afterwards. Fatal error in the construction. Every day one spends millions of hours in the administration where one papyrus moves to another in a folder. Clearly that is the reality, the question in this context! Is it right that half of the people on the planet are employed? The importance of papyrus should not be questioned.

What picture would result if this part were completely automated through digitization. QR code, apps, video meetings instead of personal appearances and everything that can be replaced with software, largely eliminates the administration. If the 3D animated consultant gets her own face in the administration, at a service center and works on a sophisticated technology that allows appointments and forms to be carried out completely without physical organic assistance, then this would be a milestone in the world of work. While only two employees sit at the counter in a large city to attend residents personally received, 50 calls are received at the same time in the 3D call center and all requests are processed. Even significantly cheaper than real robots. Whereby these robots that you see at events and already distribute drinks are also chic and contemporary. Change means change. Change is part of evolution and therefore part of history.

Didn't all the gears in this huge grinder really get stuck? Like a jeep that just doesn't move in the deepest jungle. The four-wheel drive turns and the engine makes a hell of a noise, but it doesn't move forward. The only thing that is guaranteed is wear and tear, because everyone is firmly seated in the saddle to fulfill their duty and presence.

Right now you can see how easy it can be to rebuild something, you can build on that and strive for much bolder changes. Many countries got lost with the old systems. A labyrinth has its pitfalls. Especially if you have only adapted it from others. Well, an in-house creation is rarely compatible, but it is more efficient and cheaper. If you look at nature, you will find exactly this there again. Efficiency through adaptation.

If you were to show a simulation today where we are going and how long it would take if everything stays the same or if you start a simulation in which you create everything from scratch, then the latter would of course be the winner. For a very simple reason, if you say goodbye to an old faulty architecture, you have the option of starting directly in a new system.

Today's findings can be implemented one-to-one. Industry has already reached 4.0 and it is not far to 5.0. Windows 10 flickers across the screens on the computer, and more and more MacOS systems, Linux and ChromeOS are still sideline.

It becomes very clear in the chip architecture. Intel with an old technology and next to it the ARM technology, which takes a new and more efficient way.

It is precisely these examples that should initiate the dawn of a new world of work.

Experts have certainly had smoky heads here, well, the more options there should be.

To set a starting point, it could look like this. Each street can submit plans and assignments. These are for the community, but can also be of use in their own right. In every street, all apartments and houses are being upgraded and converted to independence. Electricity from the roof. Own wells, filter systems and water treatment on site. Repairs and renovations in the streets are done by ourselves. New construction projects. Garbage. Composting. Forest work. Workshops for all concerns.

Carpentry, mechanics workshop for automobiles or two-wheelers. Electronics workshops.

Large projects, on the other hand, could be designed independently of the country. Where there is drought and land has already been lost due to heat, you could provide new forests and defy desalination plants through a huge network of seawater. North Africa was once completely green and full of life. Where today 100 planes with passengers are on the way to start a journey, in my model the same number of flights are used for projects. Month after month, in the exchange service, everyone can help to achieve the goals. A worldwide base salary would probably also be a good basis to stop the catastrophic deforestation. Even if poverty is a tiresome issue, it is the root of all evil.

If you take a look at the whole of today and add up the forecasts of the experts, then people will diverge even further in the medium and long term. Is that what you want? or do you have to plan a new way here? A middle way? With a 2.0 Universal Plan, you could bring the residents in the streets back on a common path. What brings people together today more than when we achieve something together? Quite simply when you achieve something together, that welds people together. It's simple, it sounds simple, but only in theory. In practice one faces other problems.

There are of course only small tasks and examples that show what the residents can do with a basic income when there is nothing to be done. But if you switch to the sector of creativity, research, development, then you expand the area of ​​opportunities enormously. If you let 1000 bees work on a problem or 100000 then 100000 will deliver completely new results. It should make it clear that new labor market models with a basic income lead to completely new societies. Imagine that the main problems from several areas can be distributed to everyone via online video. This is how things are tinkered and done. New working groups in the streets or across the globe do the work. Even rotating jobs that wander around the planet are conceivable. Anyone with a basic income and certain requirements can therefore make their apartment available to others who also come to work for a month. The exchange principle of living space has existed for a long time, but not in this context.

What does that mean in terms of time and costs. First you see the cost of a basic income, but the research sector is accelerating. In numbers: Where you still have to research and tinker for 10 years today, this makes whole leaps possible. So 10 years become 2-5 years. If you convert that to the whole of the current century, then a lot more happens in less time. Sure right?