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the private charge, be connected and go network via app

What is it about? Being able to charge e-scooters, e-bikes, power banks and other portable devices across the country!

The problem is that e-scooters and e-bikes only have a fixed range of 10 - 80 km. So if you want to be out and about for several days alone or in a small group, or just want to cover a longer distance, you are limited in this respect. You can charge at gas stations, with a bit of luck you can also get electricity in a fast food restaurant, but only if the operator allows it. Then it all stops. The solar cells are not nearly as strong to charge such large and strong battery storage. So you are restricted in the way you can move freely, who wants to be restricted? With a complex planning you can possibly achieve many goals, but you have to move on the paths where you can actually load today!

This is exactly the reason why many do not travel further. You stay within the efficiency that the battery allows. One travels ONEWAY and then returns by train. The others only drive a circular route that the battery lasts. With a length of 1000 km and a width of 800 km, Germany has much more to offer.


So what is a solution? Programming an app, of course, that makes it possible to build a network in a short time where citizens and fellow citizens help each other, move something together. Because everyone benefits from that.


You register with your ID / ID card and create a profile. If you live on a farm, have a cafe, rent or own property, you can provide other electricity. Of course, this also applies to everyone else who wants to provide electricity, no matter which way. Mobile vehicles are also an option. Motorhome theme. Small companies and restaurants can thus attract additional visitors. Give and take.


The starting signal was given with the first 100 private charging stations.


What does the site look like at the beginning? To put it simply, you simply put out a cable drum or welcome the person or the small excursion group personally. For the people who have space, it would also be conceivable to provide a small seating area. With a bit of wood and craftsmanship, you can cobble something together.

And then ? Today I am the subject and tester of this new network and come surfing with my e-scooter. Things really are like surfboards on wheels. You can't get from A to B much more lazily and still experience a nice breeze of wind. My e-scooter still shows 15 km remaining distance. I stop and look around the " PRiVATE CHARGE " app to see where the nearest charger is. I can find a few nearby. When reading through the provider, I can see whether the store is available and whether the fellow citizen has left other details in his profile. Experienced users can also find the experiences of others.


Not only do I see the power factor and the help that you can give each other, but also the small talk or getting to know these new and adventurous people who are driving electrified vehicles. A first contact can also become a new contact in a social network. You create a moment, a memory, an experience. You can also see how the provider is tuned. If you want to talk, just ring the bell. Wants to be left alone or is repairing the lawn mower. Who knows if the grill is on, if there is a piece of cake left over or if you are just drinking a glass of beer together. The national drink. Closely followed by coffee and water. Most devices need a few hours until the battery is actually recharged. Incidentally, external fast chargers are already available for almost all e-devices with batteries. Where you are at the next point.


What do you do in the time?

It cannot be ruled out that one with the

"People to People Energy Network" can also help with a repair. The older ones among us will think of something to keep the hungry power seekers busy. Apart from that, there is always work that needs to be done by more than one person.

You can also bridge the time simply by waiting. There is a lot of maintenance in Germany. For some it's dead time, for others moments of peace and yet others use creative diversity to make dead time lively. Reading, writing there is so much you can do to fill the time with waiting. Those who have understood nature can also simply enjoy it, and if they haven't already done so comprehensively, then continue to do so. The numbers also show that more and more people live alone and find it good, but here and there a little sociable togetherness lets the soul dangle. The phenomenon of the single life and befree generation has already spread across many continents. In Europe, despite the prosperity of the WEST, to an enormous extent.

There are many scenarios and it will take a while before such a network is fully established. Whereby a while always depends on the impact. The citizen controls the speed of expansion by participating. You can see that with many others who had made a start. But the individual investment to achieve the goal is small. By the way, this is a great model for success. Creating something new with the power of the swarm, in this case the citizens, with minimal effort. Register and put out the cable drum, that's all. Almost like fishing, you just have to throw it into the water.


So before I just go to the site to get electricity, I use the app to register with the other. He gets a push notification on his smartphone. So the hopefully friendly and enthusiastic fellow citizen, neighbor, person knows that someone will soon come to use the service. It is nothing else. Just from citizen to citizen.


With an additional adapter inside the building, the daily amount of electricity can be limited to 2, 5 or 10 kw, so it can be coped with. Everyone can decide for themselves. If you have solar cells on the roof, it would not cost the provider anything.

A long time ago it was customary to jump start someone else when the car battery didn't want to. I hope you can find yourself in a situation like this. That's how it balances out, that's how it should be. With business acumen, towing services were created, service companies that placed the first wedge between the car-loving world. From then on, citizens stopped less to give start-up assistance. A door has been opened for EGO - Power.


After refueling, you can of course leave your impression of the charging station “citizens for citizens” in the app. Take a photo or a selfie, even if selfies are annoying to many people. This creates trust and allows you to see what you are getting. That goes for both sides, of course. At the very end, the electricity provider can get a tip or he can point out beforehand that drawing electricity has to be paid for. That's perfectly legitimate. Sometimes good things can come from a meeting like this. That should be the goal. A battered society like this deserves more than what you read and get mediated. Numbers and statistics underline the whole thing.


In the ideal case, you will later have a network density of 10 - 20 km. So you can calculate that not so many private charging points have to be created. I see potential everywhere. The coastal areas are beautiful. It is possible that the first brave ones should set out there and do pioneering work. Then it becomes automatic. It's just a question of time.


As always, if we want to build it together, go ahead. Building a new boat has many advantages.




If you are otherwise looking for creative working machines. Well, you can book that work.

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