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if people speak in front to citizen, they always try to bring hope and

justice back to daily life. a standard message to win the ears.

anyway, if a idea comes, i have to write it down. bad if there is no pencil and paper close.

the situation I in the market today, is always the same. some companies make a big profit , some can life from that and pay the bills. how can we bring more equal into the market with a idea, with a new service, that can build quick ? listen well, if the machine read , or open your eyes and read. in this example i take a road somewhere in america. they have long roads. so its logic everybody has to take a lot of stops. just for a break, some food or to get new fuel, gasolina , electric. not all cars run with electric, that needs ten years more, that the electric market makes a big jump. and who knows if in that time not a new type of engines will be develop. if somebody would ask me about, i would build all cars with many different types of engines. electric, gas, benzin plus diesel. a foursome story. so the driver can choose and react to the gamers prices who have oil and gas market in hand. it means not that it is not possible to build multiengines, engines just will be smaller, less power, but enough to reach your target. back to the road, to the long road. my digital assistent in bordcomputer of car or from my device supported by ai the artificial intelligence, informed me, that in 50 miles i have to stop for new energy. my artificial intelligence that is builded individual for any customer, friend and user knows me good. better then people from my daily life. programs call it kyc (Know your customer). by voice i speak to ai modell in my car. good , i will take a stop. the new american ai computer network must be connected with all daily cashier systems from any store. ai know which of all the stores on my road have medium money in daily box, or 40% under a typical business day on a weekend.

the store and gasolina station 50 miles away that runs bad on a saturday can now with my new service, bring more equal into it. if the ai modell is programmed well and can interact good by voice with me, ai can tell me one of threes stores, with low income for today. so i choose this. i make my fuel stop there and buy some food like many other times. maybe the road is 2 miles longer to reach the store, but i will follow the idea, that all shops will have similar daily income. on that way i support the system and the service from the creator. maybe my stop change the daily income from median 40% to 39%. so that the service run more, it needs daily 10 or 20 driver more, that all gasolina and store owner see changes, and light. the question is not when this service will be available, the question is who will build that first. we want to do it together, so keep run and contact me. because be the first is a big advantage, anytime and anywere. so what can be next ? a big company takes that idea and build it direct to save the rights. because we need not much to do it. a interface that sends the daily numbers from stores in real time to all cars and the data of range from any car, as well the customized profile from any driver. not to forget a provider, operator that sends and transport the data from a to b and back to c. do we will build and own and new company ? the risk is low and we can create a new working group, new people, new table and own rules. maybe later a big fish comes and buy the hole service. with or without worker. because if the program runs, any worker in any program office can support and update the service and command line with uptodate datas , they are necessary. back to the fuel stop, i finished the stop, and start engine, back to road. in the same time, ai will surprise me. ai knows i like places with a wide spreed overview, a example. ai shows a close destination on a map where this place is. ai sends data to me recommend a break, water and good food. a break between 30 and 60 minutes is not bad. because already make 200 miles. so i follow that idea. ai can consider before choose a gasstation in the next 50 miles. also if no long break is necessary , ai can inform about that. if i have a appointment later in the day, ai can read my calendar, ai will not recommend the overview watch and the gasolina station on that day with less income. but if I have time, and the appointment can be delayed up to 30 minutes, then I can let wait the people, partner. because who know on that day, if i will come back to that point. it is also possible to interact with ai, will i come later to meeting, then inform and send a message to partner. we have people outthere in this world they have only one appointment daily, once a week , once in a month. so no hurry.

as you can see, the right idea must come to the right moment to bring that physincal into this world. to implementate this all is in the market. a close product for the next level. yes , and the question is, will this be a free service or did any gasstations and store owner, a diner  need a extra abonnement from 5 dollar, or double ? i mean yes, because thats the way how everybody today gets the food. if a gasstation or any store with a abonnement see no gain or no benefit, they can kick it. easy and quick. thats what we are into today. we all want short contracts, to be not anymore prisoners from giants they exist and use their own power. no good. after a year our statistic database can represent the benefits for the region. we can continue, change or cut. and on top we can make it bigger. if you can choose to make the next stop between two states, ai can tell you the actual real economy data from the region. so if a month is more weak then other, then take your stop in colorado or in denver. leave your 50 or 100 dollar there. count a decision by 1000 or 10000 driver then we can see the effect. a month is long and the roads are always full.



thanks for watching, and if you need a story like this to create a product like that in your company you can book my service.

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