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foto shooting

take a look into what you get for the money . . . 

Abstraktes Weinglas

photography is an experience for the present, for the moment.

offer no.1

For 200 including VAT. and invoice in your name you get a 45 - 60 minute photo shoot. You can take all the photos with you directly, out of the box and unedited. You will receive a memory card from me with RAW photos in high-resolution quality 50 MP + JPG in fine details. The photo experience takes place at a fixed point with a radius of 200m. In this area you can develop yourself or be easily guided. stage yourself. We can work on the techniques and poses and fine tune them until the camera shows you up well. I can bring a pair of fashion accessories with me on request. Be yourself or play the role of someone else. It's your shoot. You paid and it's your time. By the way, the weather doesn't matter. In storms, rain and darkness, your photos just look different. 

If you remember on site that you enjoy the work and that you are in a good workflow, you can buy shooting time packages after consultation with me.

Each 30 min. + 100   Payment in advance, by app or by card.  I have a terminal for that.


For each work carried out there is an invoice in your name including VAT. + a photo of your ID + this serves as proof for my accounting.                                                                     

                                                            NO CASH PAYMENT 

                                                                                       You can pay by card , or app  


offer no.2

For 300 including VAT. You get 90 minutes of pure photography. This means that when we change places or just sit down and think about and discuss a scene together, time stands still. All other goodies from offer no. 1. Also included.

            (you want more on scene, good .  The next 30 min. you get for 100 extra.)

                          Each work gets a own bill with your name and address.



                                                              NO CASH PAYMENT 

                                                                                          You can pay by card , or app


offer no.3

For 800  including VAT. You get everything from offer no. ONE (1) + visiting several hotspots in the city with the e-scooters that are more popular then ever, but getting also more and more enemies, especially for the citizen they walk and do not how to use it. If we also need a TRAM, the BUS or an UBER driver, the tickets are included. If you're hungry, we can go for. A coin toss decides who pays the meal. It's your time and your shoot. However, the photo shoot is limited to a maximum of five (5) hours.

The end will be decided by me. As a highlight for your collection of beautiful moments of the day, there will also be a few photos with a 360-degree special camera.

>>> Are e-scooters / public transport and UBER rides too conservative for you and do you prefer to get from A to B by bike? Well, then the photo shoot will cost you 50 euros less and I will provide you with the bike for the time being. >>>

(Before each use, brakes and lights are checked. Standard)

offer no.4

Welcome to the upper league. Everything is a little more respectful here. Gives customers who value it. After a short chat, we can still decide on a you. One may not believe it, although the you and the you is just a word in the poetry, it changes the experience of the work Directly and thus Pronto.

Do you have a social project? I should accompany your work, you are a service provider or craftsman? Need a photo story to show who you are and what you do? The customer can thus get to know completely new perspectives. While practicing your artistic activity ? Do you want to capture the observer's perspective of your work? You would like to show your company clearly and closely to others for once. There are details and moments in your work processes that you always wanted to capture! Then now is your chance.

Your own ideas of a picture, a scenery and a staging should be shown with my help?

You don't just want industry standard photography?

As a specialist in the field of creative work, you have someone who can do it all. A small basic plan is sufficient. Working from a script is possible in principle. It just takes longer and requires a degree of discipline and knowledge from both sides. Compare it to a movie scene, you see two (2) minutes but the real work takes many hours and sometimes days. Precision and accuracy create perfect results, but the freedom for the models and those involved in the scene is gone.

In the IDEAL case, a workflow is created between you, the camera, and me. Photo projects usually consist of monotonous directing and individual instructions. That should be different in my work. You should also be able to learn something along the way on the way to beautiful photos. Learning by looking and pe a part of it. If you use it later, it wasn't just good recordings that were made. With a cooperation you always buy a piece of memory.

Tell me about your plan, your idea, what you need. You have neither one nor the other. Or just don't feel like dealing with the subject ? Good. It's usually my job too. We can still discuss the image scenes to achieve the desired effect, also with your team, individual employees.

I will give you a part of the photographic works, the work, at the end of the work. Conveniently on an SD memory card. Afterwards, sooner or later, you can mark favorites. Send me the picture numbers as a file, or simply photograph the list and send it to me. Depending on the scope, the photos will then be reworked by me.

Good photos are authentic and no post-processing should be attributed to them. However, if you want to create a special mood, then it is advisable to shift the parameters of the image processing programs. There is no set time frame for projects like this as each job is different. If the customer is satisfied, then so am I.

Have I piqued your interest? Good. I will make you an offer as soon as possible.

If you have already decided in favor of me as your client, we can also talk about the work in advance via video chat or on the phone.

offer no.5

Here there is room for individual offers, which also include accompanying individuals, couples and families with and without pets on excursions and holidays. Let me know why and how long you need and want my presence and my photographic services.

I can then make you an offer. All travel costs as well as expenses and entrance fees will be charged in addition to the offer. (Since these are not foreseeable in advance, I will provide you with copies of proof and on request). Discretion is a matter of course and will be handled especially if you wish. With my expertise across all the areas I have learned, you will not only have beautiful photos, but also exciting and, if necessary, top-class conversations if you like.

Good entertainment can be so important.

offer no.6

We live in turbulent times, it's the year 2022. Of course I'm also involved in social projects. You / you / you can tell me about the story and I will stage it photographically. With preparation and a small script, or spontaneously with the on-board resources that can be found on site. Since social projects have to be documented for me, it is your task to present these documents. The stupid saying you get nothing for free is untrue. You just have to meet the right people at the right time. Developing social projects or supporting them in any way is not only a good sign, it reflects that everyone can do their part and thus give something good back in a good or bad society. The support of such work for which no money is asked is of course also a figurehead for everyone. Some collect medals and trophies and others have a ladder in their biographies that is full of social and volunteer projects. This ladder often not only reads impressively, it has also proven several times that the doors can be opened upwards in this way. Ultimately you have to know for yourself whether you are doing it because it is sincere and you enjoy it or whether it only serves the purpose. Knowing both is not wrong.

offer no.7

Ultimo ratio, we can also do a photo shoot and half of the order costs go to a project, a donation campaign. tell me about it The costs of the order result from the work and are not fixed beforehand.

Variety and diversity starts with the offers that you face every day.

                                          NO CASH PAYMENT

                                                               You can pay with card , or app

To work us a photographer it needs a extra permission, ask me

I can represent that to You.

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