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shopping is always in time

and availability even more so. The shorter the waiting times, the better, the logistics are better set up. More and more often you get to read how important real-time data is to be able to provide the best service. Of course, it is not possible to place an order now and receive it just a few minutes later. But there are still ways and doors that we don't have in the service area today. Traveling and commuting is and remains one of the objects worth looking at more closely. If you imagine you have a long flight ahead of you or a long train journey, then we can browse and order, but we cannot yet receive the shipment at the destination of the journey. How about a direct reception at the destination? and what would you have to do for it? Is this kind of business even worth it? What does it cost and which companies are even suitable for this? Good question, next question is a nice saying.

In a world full of interfaces, only a few are missing here. Logistic structures and a few more partnerships and you're good to go. You make your order and want to pick up your purchase at the airport or train station that YOU only made 4 hours before! I


is that possible? Naturally ! In the cities where such a service will be offered, however, you have to have large central warehouses. Either you use existing companies or you build something new. The latter is of course more expensive, but not impossible. The world is big, so far away. Digitally, of course, much smaller.


So how does it work in practice, you see and buy on your journey, in the new service network you say where you will pick up your purchase. In my example, we simply take the Zurich - San Francisco flight. By the way, San Francisco is a sister city of Zurich. At the end of your order process you enter the airport - bus station participating partners in the cities or simply at the rental car rental where you feel at home. After everything is saved, that's all for you as a customer / consumer.

The central warehouse receives the order, processes it and franks it. If the transport service provider DHL, Post is the partner in this region, all orders that are on this route will be delivered in the morning from 9 a.m. Conversely, what does that mean? Anyone who has already arrived at their trip or commuter destination has to look it up.


How about the rental car service? Now here you can expand two models. One is, you arrive at the rental car pick-up station and your order is already in the trunk or on the passenger seat. Sooner or later you will be able to enter this in the order mask. Pick up the car and your purchase is already on board. Model two is, your rental car will be brought to you at the airport or the train station. The latter is of course very interesting for Just in Time People. Of course, given the rapid availability of orders, the locations for pickup options seem limitless.


When it comes to ideas, you don’t want to hear much about costs. Especially not when a service has added value for society.

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