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What about society6 ? and what you support if you buy ,my stuff, my designs,my work . . . 

the society6 shop you can visit from my startpage under the link of gallery is a network of people they like to do work with all kind of art types.

every buy you do there, supports everybody that is registered there.  a bit for me, a bit for every artist and of course a bit for the owner of that company.  yes and do not forget them, they produce the building machines, and them they give the materials to build the things you see anywhere in the stores.  until today the society6 has no real physical shops around the globe.  once there was the idea, when i was visiting study the architecture from zurich, in switzerland. Here in that area society6 shops would be great. a group of some people from art working shared daily and can present some work and have some real examples in the stores. The shops are more then this. you can take a drink, some coffe or some tea, once in a week maybe some cookies and candys for free.  until today , we have not continued to build this real. but investors and people they do not see the money, only the missing service in the market, they can say. thats new. we can do it... we can wear the stamp, to be the first in doing. 

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