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Who does not know the number pi from school, mathematics and finally from geometry. Drawing a circle on the computer is easy. There are enough programs that can do that. If you do this by hand without tools, the perfect circle is a laborious job, depending on the scale.


Let's push that topic aside. Here I would like to introduce you to the Pi coin. The digital gold rush of Bitcoin and now 6000 (9000 as of June 2022) other coins and tokens is in full swing.

Blockchain plays a key role here.

In the beginning you could collect the many coins with the help of a computer. This is time-consuming and not always possible everywhere in the world. So you have a limited group of users. This is different with the Pi coin. This was the first app/application worldwide with which one could also collect coins on a mobile phone/smartphone with BS/OS Android from Google and iOS from Apple.

All you have to do is open the app once every 24 hours and restart the timer. An internet connection is not necessary after registration. This Pi coin is currently being collected by 25 million people (as of 05/2022 = > 35 million). Ascending trend. As with any of these coins, success depends on the size of the community. 25 million is quite a lot for an application developed by three PHDs at Stanford. At the moment the app "Pi" is in phase two. You can still collect until you are in phase three. This can take another 1-2 years. But there is no exact date for it. The program is now ready for you to set up a wallet. So something is happening in the programming department. The goals of the Pi coin are that you can use it to purchase services and products in the near future. So if entrepreneurs also drop by here on this page, consider for the future whether the Pi coin is an interesting option to win customers.

By the way, it is no longer possible to register yourself there at * Pi *, the phase is already over. If you still want to be there, you must have a referral link from a participant who is already active there.

What better way than to advertise it here. After you are asked in the app who invited you, simply write rinaldo20*

Of course you can also ask acquaintances and friends or meet other already registered Pi users when browsing the Internet, but you have to be invited by one.

There are no forecasts or figures as to whether this coin will ever trade as high as a bitcoin. But fact is. The name is already well chosen, because everyone knows Pi.

However, the already high number of participants in the community speaks for a considerable value.

I am happy if you want to be part of pi and use my invitation to do so. 

UPDATE:  the pi network will soon jumps into the next stage, all into the mainnet. This means the pi coin can counted to a real value. Get a service and pay your gas by gasolina with pi coin.  In some markets you can see already a value for that coin.  ignore it. all speculation.  The pi network is still on go and more and more applications get into.  for example stores in some nations are to find. some services to book and pay with pi coin. after the time of development its good to see how far it is. 

Status: september 2023. - 7/9/2023

The community has now grown to over >50 million. ( Status: july 2023 )

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