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The YouTube HomeSporting Filter 

For a few days I've been using my TV and YouTube for home sporting.

After about 10 units, I noticed that it is difficult and uncomfortable to find the right videos for your own training duration. Either you resign yourself to interrupting your training or you look at "What means YOUTUBE can use to make it easier for someone like me and everyone else out there.

Here's a way.

A new category or filter called: “HomeSporting”.

This can be set to your expected training duration. Then press search.


In my example I want 30-40min. train.


The new filter only shows me videos with search results that match my training duration. Tadaa. That's all. With " AI " (artificial intelligence) the program learns what I like to see about sports. With increasing training units, the hit rate also increases, so that the recommendations correspond to my taste.


Of course, the "Homesporting" filter can be supplemented with sub-filters. It is also clear that it would be too one-sided to create a category just for sport in which videos are shown after a specified period. Think for yourself where and for what reason new filters would still be "good".


With a small adjustment in the software, the comfort for the user can be increased significantly. YouTube manages to adapt small "details" to us, the "USER". The nice thing about it is that the larger a company is, the more it can benefit from a small update. The leverage effect is enormous

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