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sensors, gauges and a hill products

the sensor that automatically creates the music as favorites based on your mood when listening to music. But of course it all works the other way around. You listen to music and don't really feel comfortable with the piece. So the sensor marks the piece of music and puts it in the not so great category.

you can then use artificial intelligence and machine learning to search for complete music collections for the individual in the future.

With a correct link to the youtube database, it will be possible to create playlists in a separate area based on the measured mood.

it doesn't sound that difficult, nothing has been researched on the planet like measurement techniques and gauges. Everything is constantly being measured around the clock on the blue planet. Of course, even beyond the planet. It's frightening how precise you can measure today. With the right interface, you can also connect this great sensor to the car radio. A small memory on the meter creates a playlist. The car radio anonymously sends the pieces of music with the measurably highest emotions to the radio station or to a company that is specially created for evaluation. The data obtained can be used to target specific commuters with good music in the morning hours. Isn't it nice to only be able to listen to good music on the way to work. After a few weeks of recording mood pictures, the dataset migrates to the home entertainment of young couples and small families. An attempt is made to create an equal atmosphere in the households. The son, the aunt, the grandmother and the father then take turns listening to the music that everyone likes. Everyone in the household gets a feel for what the other person likes. of course only if all sensors are working properly.

With a central music server, which is then fine-tuned to all residents of the community in the subscription, you only pay for the pieces of music that you officially really like. it's great, isn't it?

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