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The universe, indescribably large because there is no end in sight. Some know nothing about it, don't even know the word. Others see it as an island for philosophizing. Still others spend entire nights stargazing just to capture a clever photo. Still others sit by a fire like our ancestors did and didn't care what was going on about us. There are many versions and stories about it. Light years is the unit used to measure the distance between two points. Every planet of interest found out there so far is just too far away to travel to. Unless you build ships on life and die for space exploration becomes normal. The first crew travels 100 years gets new children etc. on the ship, albeit artificially generated.

Our instruments can see to a depth of 13.819 billion light years. That doesn't mean it ends there.

(1 light year equals 9,460,500,000,000 trillion kilometers). Even traveling at 100 times the speed of light would still take longer than an earthly life. Today's engines and rockets reach just 10% of the single speed of light if the flight is to be manned. Smaller machines such as probes or satellites can travel much faster in space. But everyone is far away from 299TKM/h.


The permanent measuring of the universe

and recording all objects have created new overall images. It is essential to better understand everything that is happening out there. Impressive braids that look like large nets from afar. The structure and function is very similar to the human neural networks in the brain.

Today we know many structures on earth that resemble and reflect the structures of our body from a height of several hundred kilometers. Everything is found again, from the small level high up to the big one. In mathematics this is called a fractal. It seems as if everything were a living organism, only again and again in different scales. Many scientists have agreed with this opinion. Freedom has advanced so far in our spirit that there are no more barriers waiting in front of us. The world is divided into those who are asleep and those who are awake.

That everything is connected would be somehow logical. It is fluent even if the borders are very, very fine. However, the fact that there is matter and empty space in the universe makes the whole thing more complex again. But the universe hasn't broken apart yet. So there's something that ties it all together. O

Although there are many light years between planets, stars, suns, black holes and asteroids. Somehow research and science don't like that. Both need precise answers. After that is sought.


In addition, there are also many areas in the universe that consist of gases. In this intermediate stage, everything has to find itself and grow into something new. The solar system in which we live today is said to have once consisted only of subtle gases. Gradually these substances then formed clumps and so one planet after the other came into being.

If you separate every organism that we know by its size, we have found very large differences today. Man in relation to the ant 1:180. If you now take the size differences between whale and ant, we come to completely different dimensions 1:2000. From the smallest microscopic creatures to the largest known to us are worlds in between. 1: too many millions.

Look at other forms of matter. For example planets, a similar picture emerges. Earth to sun ratio = The sun is about 100x larger than the earth 1:100. Objects have also been found that are 1000 times larger, and larger ones are constantly being found. So there is still an ecosystem at the next higher level. As already mentioned, this can also be found among the fractals.


What does this mean?

That there is a high probability that there are other sizes than those known to us. So far we have had our focus on matter. But what about the things we cannot see and cannot grasp?

Many theories suggest that there must be more.

It's logical, we like logic because logic is plausible. Unfortunately, logic isn't always right. So much that we think is right can shatter in the next moment.


The unknown worlds that work according to other principles and laws. Physics and nature do not exist there. Everything is different there. Free from matter. A system. Life forms made of energy. Uniformly fused into all corners.

Everything we know today lives in a finely and clearly defined ecological system, a kind of territory that has finely adjusted transitions for all species. Whether human, animal, plant or bacteria. Man, for example, has no place in the air. We can't fly. So what should our task be in the air. Discover and determine the adventure. But nothing more. But not to spend a life there. Unless one would genetically tinker with our DNA, that we grow wings and that we can live and function both at high altitudes and in the depths of the ocean without any problems.

The fact is the opposite: too high on the mountain or too deep in the water and our body and mind are pushed to their limits. The side effects are known from extreme athletes from their interviews. But borders are also challenges. Higher Faster Farther, or simply Forever Faster in the name of PUMA.

So we leave the space that was created for us. Was the space really created for us? or have we been adapted to the existing space in which we live today. By adapted I mean we can only be where we are and where our organism is not damaged. As soon as we leave this ecosystem, we need a suit or a space capsule that can withstand the forces in other ecosystems.


You can think about that when you consider how much money is invested to enter rooms that are actually not intended for us by nature. So far, all missions were only planned for a certain period of time.

The conditions for long missions on surrounding planets are not for us. Otherwise you could have built a small settlement on Mars and the Moon long ago.


It is understandable that unmanned flights are made today where living beings are left out. Missions where satellites or space telescopes are sent on endless journeys.


Back to the sizes of the universe and the network that connects everything. Mini creatures > human > ecosystem in which life is possible = earth. The sun brings the necessary energy for all life to exist in day-night mode. All energy metabolic processes are maintained.

In the 9th solar system everything rotates as if by magic. The planets in an elliptical orbit. A repetitive process of precise turns. A computer simulation can show that this process will continue for many millions, hundreds of millions of years. How is that possible ? Everything that moves consumes energy and needs new ones to keep going. Of course, there is the nice word of anomaly for this. Physics doesn't like anomalies. Sometimes things happen that don't fit into the building blocks of physics. For example black holes.

Of course there is an explanation why everything moves and if there weren't one, then we'll just make one up. It's always like that when things have to go a little further. With the imagination you realize that there are no limits. The result is what was thought to be impossible.


We're moving a kilometer today, so we just have to get up and start walking. But we don't notice the many other mechanisms that the body automatically unwinds when walking, so that it converts energy, for example, fat into glucose or carbohydrates into glucose. You can call this microprocessing. The same applies to breathing, even if automatic breathing is increasingly undersupplying our body with air. The miracle of an organism. Unfortunately, in research you can only report on things that you have understood and that are measurable.

Everything else creates space for theories and possibilities. The Next Level

in the way a neural network can communicate on a cosmic level is in the realm of different waves found in the cosmos. Electromagnetic waves or also known as radiation. We already know atomic particles that are constantly in exchange, do they also transmit information? Everything we don't see and grasp is the space that the next higher complex life uses to interact and exchange. The fact is that our eyes can only capture 5% of what is really around us. The machines and measuring devices are also not able to record everything. So it means there is room for a lot that we don't understand and can't explore yet.

However, the official budget for opening new doors there is low or simply not planned. e.g. a room in room principle. Or the overlaying of dimensions. The mere fact that the smallest electrical voltage can be found everywhere in the universe is a mystery.


Interstellar exchanges in the cosmos, information overcomes one galaxy after another. A kind of superhighway of knowledge similar to the Internet.

An invisible transmission for our eyes but not for our spirit. Light could be the bridge of information here. The information from different galaxies migrates from one sun to the other and is stored there naturally in the helium. The question remains open who can read and understand the information of the light? Could it be a machine ? or even create a human! Is it an area where we should do more research? At this point we can pause for thought and take a look at the cultures of the past. The pharaohs with their hieroglyphs should be emphasized there first. There the sun was the center of everything. But even there there are gaps in the translation, or even passages that have been misinterpreted, so that one cannot say exactly what the pharaohs really wanted to say to people in posterity with the many drawings.

Now that you have gained the first insights that the universe is connected to everything in a complex way, new chapters with hundreds of questions open directly. As is well known, where there are questions, research is allowed. It is explosive for heated discussions and stimulates the imagination of old participants.


All people who deal with these issues professionally can now build new paths that explain the understanding of the universe, its structure and its function. Let's get right to it by imagining what it means if the universe is actually one coherent living thing.

So everything is not just energy but living energy? So alive that it can exchange ideas. Will you find a propeller at the beginning of the universe that just keeps everything moving. In a computer image, one would say the universe is one giant cloud. A cloud that is full of data, simply put information. Will we ever be able to use this data found in open space? We are already doing this, even if only unconsciously. The source of the future is found in the cosmos, as ancient ancestors have already theoretically addressed the topic. There is already a patent for this somewhere in the memory of a small company. Even if you could extract complex data structures from the universe in the cloud, it would not mean that this language resembles ours.

It is possibly a New Language that cannot be read and understood by US. So one would have to start all over again and study a New Kind of Cosmic Language. It could become the counterpart of mathematics.

Man needed his time before he discovered mathematics for himself. However, whether mathematics was discovered or created in the mind is still unclear.


What role do we play here on earth in a solar system when there is still life below us and above us. Is the life above us still organic or has life already evolved in such a way that it has detached itself from the body and the aging organism? Living on the energy plane would be a good deal in the long run. On a scale of 0-10 for efficiency, this would be a 10+.


These different life forms then exist in parallel in different dimensions. There have long been indications that we live in a world that has more than just 3 dimensions to offer. In some theories, for example string theory, many dimensions are necessary so that the theory can work and thus has passed, they speak of 10 DIMENSIONS. In a networked universe flooded with information, it would not be surprising if here and there a scientist picks up / discovers ideas and theories that have long existed in other galaxies with other life. In another galaxy with a solar system similar to this one, it would be possible to have populations that are a million years older. Does it mean at the same time that they are also 1 million years ahead of us. Let's just call it architecture and technology here, because these two topics can turn a planet completely upside down. Depends on how life evolved there. If life as it develops is generally a process that also follows similar laws in other solar systems, then yes. If not, you can get incentives from the movie Avatar, in James Cameron's masterpiece. Hopefully you have an idea of what the world looks like and how it could work there. However, if there is more to happiness than living things like us humans creating things, then that can also mean no. Theoretically, it is possible that other earths also exist out there and that living beings will always remain Neanderthals. In theory.

In superior solar systems there would be everything, our industry can only slowly prove progress here like in a grinding mill. Especially when innovation is deliberately slowed down. We're a long way from an open world, although we've made a significant leap in the last 100 years.


The life forms with their different structure in their kind know each other

definitely not. As with these size differences. They all exist independently of each other and whether they influence the different life forms is initially unknown. With complex systems like the structure of the universe, one can assume that if something is added or dropped somewhere, there is a way for everything to catch up and cause it to be repaired or changed. In one word: perfect. A star goes, a black hole comes along. Surroundings are changed by these events. This is how lives have moved from A to B on the smallest scale. But also the propagation of young particles can have contributed to an explosion of planets, stars. Life forms on earth come and go, it is clear that a self-changing process is starting here and that all ecosystems linked to it are subject to lasting but also negative changes. If you take the fish out of the ocean, many other things that depend on the cycle of the fish change. If people only walk tomorrow, everything will recover faster, even people. If you deprive the plants of the light that comes through the sun, there are not only dark days but also fewer plants. These examples grace a long chain of interdependent things.

Anyone who speaks of independence and freedom must not forget these things.

On the other hand, if people start planting trees in regions and irrigating regions that have survived without rain, then it looks to us as if these regions are being brought to life. In reality, however, we are only changing the ecosystems that already exist. If you were to create artificial forests in the Sahara and other deserts, it might look nice at first, but above a certain size, the surrounding ecosystem will also change, with consequences for other surrounding regions. There is a lot of life in the desert but it has adapted to the ecosystem. After all, these processes are understood today and things can be controlled and readjusted in a targeted manner. The human being with these abilities is perfect for always keeping the planet earth in balance. Pure calculation and the immediate flexibility to intervene are key tasks here to quickly establish the balance. Here is contained our real calling. Keeping the planet in balance, even if you are at the limit. Like lemmings that wandered across the screen.


A living universe, wouldn't that be nice - wouldn't it? 8 billion people + a living universe yet to be understood. Is it just creepy and far from what people can imagine today. That's the nice thing about science, it's a circus with a huge ring where something new is constantly happening. For some the home, for others a playground with unlimited possibilities.

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