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Is art a wall bed


One day I visited the city of Vienna. So big and packed with vibrant, changing art. There while exploring, probing, wandering, something struck me. 

Many of the old buildings, some Gothic, which are also churches, are often simply built in the middle of residential neighborhoods. If one drives once around it, one sees you, the old houses with history of Vienna. To build like this is rather untypical. Mostly gothic buildings or churches stand free and are built higher or strongly demarcated, or in such a way, that only stores and shopping mile are to be seen surrounding. The citizens and abutters steige Are built far and wide. The wall bed. The house wall bed. Who does not want to spend the night freely under the sky near these old buildings. They tell their own story through the architecture. I go to a wall of an old house and look at the church built in gothic style.  Meadows, flowers, trees and a few benches form inviting the whole picture. Looking closer, I see someone huddled against the wall of the gothic church with a sleeping bag looking object. It is windy, the trees shake strongly.

But it looks more like a construction type aisle, where it is always or more often windy. The house wall bed that you can simply fold down. Such a thing does not exist yet. Why not ? The curbs are wide enough to allow others to spend a night there.  I look at the whole thing. Imagine how it would be if several cities had already had this kind of house wall beds today. It fits in well with the whole. These places are not abandoned and dirty. How would it probably find the house owners, if in a city like Vienna , which only so before art sprays and literally explodes, explodes after colors and discovery. It's probably like the coin. Two sides, one likes it, the other just not. 


It has to be a solid steel construction. The frame the rack. Preferably recycled material so that the house wall bed on foreign house walls also corresponds to the time. There is enough scrap. Or better a frame made of wood. Wood is so beautifully natural. But how long would it last ? Some mountain huts stand with constant repairs and good care several hundred years there. Good there.  Both are easy to work with. The steel and the wood. Anyway, it will be a mix of materials.

House wall beds should be functional and do not have to win any awards. But this is art. It has to stand out from all the normal things we encounter every day. 


It should be modern. The people who use such a house wall bed should enjoy it, enjoy the way it was designed and thought up. So let's start. 

The house wall bed has an integrated waterproof and firm mattress, as well as a blanket. The material must withstand something. One can use a very stable truck tarpaulin.  Bicycle bags are often built from it. These can last 20 years or more. At one corner is a container for small change. Bills would fly away. Who gives today also already bills. On the container is a friendly motivating good morning sentence.  This is not only to cheer up the sleeping and spread optimism for another time. No, also the giver, the neighbor, the citizen, the traveler should have something from it. At head height there is a drawer for food and gifts. Everyone can pull it and put something in it. The ceiling is a rolled ceiling. This is connected to the house wall bed. The frame. No one can steal it. In the morning of the next day comes the city that always cleans. It wakes the sleeper, by decree and law. The law has yet to be written. On the wall is a big board with information for the resting, for the sleeping. There you can find everything that is necessary. And much more. The city employee fulfills its mission and wakes up the person.

The person. The dog limps behind. The man closes the house wall bed and at the same time locks it for the whole day. During the day you should be in motion and not just lying down.  Otherwise you will have to be somewhere else by the evening. He calls after the man, "We always have a cup of coffee or tea for you. Everything is well and truly organized. The man continues walking. Under the hood and the parker he has probably heard nothing more. 


The bed is locked. Is cleaned after sicht and disinfected with high pressure. Takes a minute, two minutes. If one speaks still with humans, then it can become also times three minutes. The lock construction is supposed to be special. In the evening it unlocks itself. So that the employees have to appear there only once a day. 

Is there such a thing? An app based lock yes, but without an app ? You can ask around and make a phone call.  Lock experts are happy if they can also advise times. Who knows, maybe this will also be a design of its own. A lock with a timer.


On the information board are all municipal organized and registered companies and associations that offer service and support. The usual things that people need in these cosmopolitan cities. Those that sparkle with glamor and glitz. But woe betide you if you turn the corner and look into the courtyard of these cities.


Wall bed, is that art


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